AeroCare Air Ambulance Service Introduces Pre-Plan Service to Save Time on for Organ Transplant Patients

A new “Pre-Plan Service” has been introduced by AeroCare Worldwide Air Ambulance for organ transplant patients. This new addition to their air ambulance service will provide organ transplant patients with fast flights to organ transplant facilities that are out of their home state. Patients will have to pre-register with AeroCare, which will maintain a record of the patient in its database.

Pre-plan Air Ambulance Service to Save Time

AeroCare decided to introduce the Pre-Plan Service because there’s no knowing when organs will be available. And when they are, patients have to rush to the transplant facility within a short timeframe. So the service is intended to save time in these instances and ensure the organ recipient gets to the facility on time.

Patients won’t have to waste time searching for a provider to transport them to the facility at the last minute. AeroCare already stores everything from the flight information to insurance details, so there’s plenty of time saved in coordination. When the call for an organ transplant comes, this pre-plan air ambulance service will ensure that the patient’s flight is already coordinated.

How it Works

When an organ becomes available for transplant and the patient receives a call, they immediately contact AeroCare and mention their enrollment in the Pre-Plan. That’s when AeroCare activates the plan and arranges for an air ambulance to take off as soon as the patient arrives at the airport. AeroCare’s Learjet will quickly transport them to the location of the transplant facility, where an emergency vehicle will be waiting to transport the patient to the hospital.

By introducing this plan, AeroCare intends to help organ transplant patients save time in arranging and coordinating an air ambulance to transport them to an out-of-state transplant facility.

Thieves Break Into Medical Flight Headquarters in Lincolnshire

The headquarters of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance was the target of burglars in the early mornings of February 16. Charity workers at the headquarters condemned the actions of the thieves, who smashed a window in an attempt to enter the office building. The incident took place at around 4:20 AM in Bracebridge Heath, where the medical flight offices were located.

Burglars Fled After Alarm Went Off

From what can be observed, the burglars seem to have fled after hearing the alarms, which went off when they broke the window. Aside from the broken window, there are no further damages to the property. But according to Sally Crawford, the charity’s Deputy Chief Executive, the money spent on repairs should have gone towards saving lives.

For each mission, the medical flight charity has to spend around £2,100 and their aircraft completes an average of three missions in one day. The annual cost of operations and maintenance is around 2.1 million, which the charity has to raise from scratch in order to keep saving lives. So they need to see to it that every penny goes towards their operations.

Discounted Repairs of Medical Flight Headquarters

The charity managed to have the windows fixed at a discounted price. While the actual cost would have been £250, the repairs were done for £70 because they’re a charity. Crawford expressed her concern over people wanting to rob a charity organization. She also further expressed her disappointment towards having to spend valuable money from the public on repairs rather than what it’s meant for.

The assumption is that it was an opportunity attack, since the charity does not keep their money on the site. Crawford said that it’s disappointing how people would choose to break into an office that provides real life-saving services.

Medical Flight Service Celebrates Its 10th Year of Service

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance is celebrating its 10th year of starting its air ambulance operations. During this period, the medical flight service carried out more than 7000 missions, saving patients from life-threatening situations. The charity will be celebrating its tenth anniversary by unveiling a new logo and extending its services to ground-based operations.

New Look for HIWAA

The medical flight service has also decided to reinvent its look by unveiling a new logo to coincide with their tenth anniversary celebrations. The new logo for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance reflects the update in their services, since their air ambulance is now available all day and night throughout the year.

With the update of their service, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance is among the first air ambulance operators to provide their services at night. This new look will reflect on the air ambulance and on their new vehicle dedicated for crucial care. Their critical care team vehicle will begin its operations this week.

According to Alex Lochrane, the charity’s CEO, they wanted their brand identity to keep up with the developments in their service. They wanted to update the original logo so that their new look reflects the charity’s commitment to providing high-quality pre-hospital care and transport throughout the year.

HIWAA to Add New Ground Operations besides Its Medical Flight Service

In addition to their medical transport service via air ambulance, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance will also begin providing ground ambulance service to mark its 10th year of service. The charity is dedicated to providing the highest level of medical care outside of a hospital while transporting patients to dedicated medical facilities. Lochrane also expressed his gratitude to the community, which has enabled them to continue their services in the region.

Global Guardian, LLC Makes New Air Ambulance Service Acquisition

Global Guardian, a provider of duty-of-care solutions has recently acquired Air Ambulance Card, LLC. Air Ambulance Card is a firm based in Birmingham, Alabama that operates an air medical evacuation program. They also offer a program in which members receive a no-cost air ambulance service and medical repatriation services. Unlike with insurance, Air Ambulance Card members do not have to pay for deductibles or submit their claims forms.

Air Ambulance Card and Its Air Ambulance Service

Air Ambulance Card provides a 24-hour service through which members can arrange for medical transportation via air ambulance. The firm helps them coordinate every aspect of their medical transport service, right from the transportation to coordination of patients’ medical records between hospitals and doctors. They also provide patients’ families and loved ones with ongoing updates about the status of their arrangement. To become a member, individuals need not meet any specific medical requirement or be free of pre-existing conditions.

Global Guardian and the Acquisition

Global Guardian is based in McLean, Virginia. Their security and duty-of-care services expand globally. They provide services such as personnel tracking, medical support, executive protection,        travel intelligence, and emergency response. They also provide a range of risk mitigation services, which helps organizations in protecting their staff and business operations across the globe.

The acquisition of Air Ambulance Card by Global Guardian means that the two firms will be merging their capabilities. As a result, they will further improve the quality and level of service they provide to those with medical transport needs. Global Guardian will enable Air Ambulance Card to continue providing exceptional air ambulance service and medical transport coordination. And the company will be able to help patients with emergency medical evacuation and transport them to hospitals in the U.S. and Canada.

Car Enthusiast Leaves £500,000 Ferrari to East Anglican Air Ambulance Service

Richard Allen, a car enthusiast has left a 1964 Ferrari 330GT worth £500,000 to the East Anglican Air Ambulance Service. The funds received from the sale of the car will help fund a new hangar for the service’s helicopter. Allen, who died last November at age 78 decided to leave the car to the air ambulance charity in his will as a way to say “Thank You” for saving his friend’s life.

More about Richard

Originally from Suffolk, Richard Allen had been a car dealer and owned the Allen’s Ford chain of dealership. It was during the late 1970s that he bought his first Ferrari and has since grown to love the make so much so that he even became a chairman of the Ferrari Owners’ Club at one point. He regularly competed at the club’s racing series driving his Ferrari 328.

Before his death, many of his cars were auctioned off for the benefit of various charities. The car he now donated to the East Anglican Air Ambulance Service was his most prized Ferrari. He had bought it back in the 1990s in Italy and became closely attached to it. Instead of driving it on the road, he chose to have it displayed at various Ferrari events in the country.

Car to be Sold for Benefit of Air Ambulance Service

Richard Allen decided to leave the car to the East Anglican Air Ambulance in his will. The air ambulance charity will be selling the Ferrari donated by Allen through H&H Classics auctioneers. The auction will take place at the Imperial War Museum, located at Duxford Cambs. Proceeds from the sale will be put towards building a new hangar for the charity’s helicopter. It will also help them in carrying out more life-saving services.

Bill to Prevent Huge Medical Flight Bills Gets the Go-Ahead

Over the past few weeks, lawmakers in Montana had been discussing a bill that would prevent medical flight patients from getting huge air ambulance bills. On February 3, the Senate committee decided to advance the bill, which would ensure that patients would no longer receive massive charges from air ambulance providers who aren’t within their insurance network.

Unanimous Approval of the Bill

The committee unanimously gave their approval to the amendment and set it to the full Senate. According to this legislation, the air ambulance provider and the insurance company will have to come up with an agreement if there’s any dispute regarding the cost and coverage of services even if the provider isn’t within the company’s network. The patients will only have to pay charges on deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance, thus preventing thousands of dollars in air ambulance fees.

Bill Outlines Process for Determining Fair Cost of Medical Flight

The Senate Bill 44 also outlines the process of determining the fair market value of services rendered by air ambulance providers. An independent reviewer will be responsible for analyzing the extent of training and the composition of the air ambulance crew. The reviewer will also take into account other factors like the usual charge for a medical flight and the usual acceptable amount paid for such services in the state.

Patients who had received exorbitant air ambulance charges testified in a legislature hearing, after which the bill was put on hold until the affected parties came to an agreement amongst themselves. The main complaint for for-profit air ambulance providers was that insurance companies do not cover their costs. For the insurance companies, failure to discuss costs by air ambulance providers was a big issue as they faced a problem fixing a reasonable reimbursement rate.

Capital Air Ambulance to Extend Its Medical Flight Service Globally

The UK-based medical flight service company, Capital Air Ambulance has made an announcement about their intention to provide their services globally. The company will now be able to provide medical and repatriation services globally with the help of their recently-acquired Learjet 45. Capital Air Ambulance acquired the new fixed-wing air ambulance from Rigsby Group’s aeromedical division.

Aircraft to Perform International Missions Immediately

According to Capital Air Ambulance, the aircraft has successfully completed a mission to India and one to the UAE. It will be able to carry out international missions right away. In addition to this new aircraft, the company would also need more manpower to carry out the additional duties resulting from this expansion of service. For this, they now have 40% more staff members than they did in mid-2016 and should be able to provide better medical flight service globally.

Capital Air Ambulance Equipped to Provide International Medical Flight Service

Capital Air Ambulance’s manager, Lisa Humphries has stated that the addition of the Learjet 45 to their air ambulance fleet has helped them achieve a huge milestone. The new aircraft provides them with the ability to expand their reach globally, which is significant for achieving their expansion goals. The acquisition of the new fixed-wing aircraft is in line with the company’s strategy for expansion.

Capital Air Ambulance now carries out its services with five aircrafts in active service. They operate out of two bases in the U.K. Their staff comprises of more than 100 highly-trained medical professionals such as paramedics and doctors. The air ambulance company is also the only operator in Britain to be Eurami-accredited. The company is currently in a position to provide high-quality yet cost-effective aero-medical service within the U.K and to the rest of the world.

Bill to Prevent Huge Bills by Air Ambulances on Hold

A bill aimed at preventing air ambulances from burdening patients with huge bills is currently on hold, while alternatives are being sought. Legislative leaders and governor’s officials in Montana are meeting with different parties to discuss the issue and come up with a better solution.

Discussion between Officials and Affected Parties

On January 25, several officials – including the state’s budget director and Republican and Democrat representatives – met with a consultant that represents a coalition of air ambulance providers. The officials had previously met with hospital officials and insurance companies regarding the bill.

Senator Gordon Vance, who sponsored the bill, has stated that these meetings are a chance for the three affected parties to work out an agreement between them. If they can’t come up with a solution, however, the senator also stated that he would be going forward with his bill.

Vance’s bill will require insurance companies and air ambulances to negotiate payments for services. This would apply even in cases where the air ambulance provider isn’t within the insurer’s network. And patients will only need to pay deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance.

Huge Bills by Air Ambulances a Common Occurrence

There have been hundreds of cases in which an air ambulance provider overcharges a patient for its services. In some cases, the excessive bill is because insurance companies only pay a certain amount covered under the patient’s insurance. And the patient is left having to pay for the rest. In other cases, insurance companies refuse to pay the bill when the air ambulance provider isn’t within their network.

On January 10 several former air ambulance patients had testified in a public legislature hearing about their experience with exorbitant air ambulance charges. Representatives from insurance companies had opposed to the bill stating that it would only continue to protect the air ambulance providers.

Midlands Celebrates 25 Years of Lifesaving Medical Flight Work

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity has been celebrating 25 years of their lifesaving work throughout the last 12 months. For their celebrations, the charity decided to launch a year-long campaign to raise funds for their operations. The Lye-based organization’s “Air25” campaign has been its most publicly supported charity campaign to date. All the funds raised will go into supporting their medical flight missions.

Charity Events Help Raise Funds for Midlands

The “Air25” campaign included a host of fundraising events such as a birthday garden party, which took place at Hagley Hall and had the Countess of Wessex attending. All of the events during their 25th anniversary year campaign saw more than 42,000 participating. Midlands managed to raise £250,000 in the campaign and will be able to execute 100 medical flight missions using these funds.

Midlands also made a public appeal to their former crews and patients, which helped in making the campaign a success. Some former members of the original “Air5” air ambulance even got in touch to tell their stories and support the charity’s 25th anniversary campaign. The air ambulance charity took the opportunity to highlight their 25 years of lifesaving work across the Midlands. They raised awareness amongst the public about how the charity has impacted people’s lives during those 25 years of operations.

Help from Medical Flight’s Corporate Partners

For their “Air25” corporate partners, Midlands Air Ambulance Charity worked with Midland Expressway. The company supported the charity in their fundraising efforts to help them raise enough funds for carrying out 100 air ambulance missions.

Despite “Air25” being a great success, it served as a reminder for its corporate partner of the need for on-going fundraising to fund the charity’s operations. During their year-long “Air25” campaign, Midlands Air Ambulance carried out missions for more than 2,000 people with each mission costing them £2,500.

Jennings Motor Group Helps Air Ambulance Service with £135,000

Motor dealer group Jennings awarded £135,000 to the Great North Air Ambulance Service. The funds were raised by the staff at Jennings to support their chosen charity for 2016. During the presentation of these funds, the motor group also announced that the GNAAS will be their chosen charity for 2017 as well.

Staff Voted for GNAAS

Every year, Jennings Motor Group chooses a charity to support for the year. In order to decide on which charity to support, staff helps in deciding by voting for their favorite charity. Members of their staff participated in an online vote, during which a majority voted to support the Great North Air Ambulance Service for one more year.

GNAAS’s chief executive Grahame Pickering expressed his gratitude towards the staff of Jennings Motor Group for choosing to help their charity for the second year. He stated that the firm is one of their biggest corporate supporters, so another 12 months of support from them could immensely boost their fundraising efforts.

Jennings Donated Brand New Car to the Air Ambulance Service

GNAAS managed to improve their fundraising efforts in 2016 due to the fact that Jennings Motor Group donated a brand new Kia Rio to the charity. This car was used in the charity’s raffle, which helped raise £12,000 to fund the air ambulance operations.

Jennings Motor Group also raised funds through other means such as bake-offs, coffee mornings, and raffles. The staff participated in a number of physical outdoor activities to help raise funds for the air ambulance charity.

The firm’s managing director Nas Khan expressed his delight at the results of their efforts in 2016 and also stated that they look forward to helping the charity for the second year. Khan has even been awarded an Order of the British Empire as a result of his service to charity.