Midlands Air Ambulance Receives £4,000 to Fund Their Air Ambulance Transport Missions

National Forest Adventure Farm, a popular tourist attraction, has raised thousands of pounds for Midlands Air Ambulance. Workers at the farm have organized several fundraising events to collect more than £4,000 to support the charity’s air ambulance transport missions.

Several Fundraising Events Organized

The farm workers organized several events to help raise funds for the air ambulance charity. In August 2017, guests at the farm were invited to a charity twilight maize maze event, from which they were able to raise £2,425. The event saw over 400 guests, who actively participated in navigating their way around a maize maze of 10 acres. The maize was designed with a pirate theme and took place at dusk.

In addition to the funds raised from this event, there were several other fundraising events that helped raise the amount donated. Some of the funds were collected through collection tins.

Funds to Support Future Air Ambulance Transport Mission

Tom Robinson, director of the National Forest Adventure Farm recently visited the Midlands base in Tatenhill to present the cheque. Paramedics Laura Rogers and Ian Lock were the paramedics who received the cheque on behalf of the charity.

Robinson has expressed their delight to have been able to raise funds for an important charity that’s vital for the community. For 2018, he stated that they have plans to focus their fundraising efforts towards helping the Burton Hospitals Charity, which is their chosen charity for the year.

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity’s fundraising manager, Katie West expressed the charity’s gratitude towards the National Forest Adventure Farm for having raised money to support their air ambulance transport missions. The funds donated by the farm would have a significant positive impact on their operations as they need to spend £2,500 on average for each mission.

Wales Air Ambulance Service in Line to Win Charity Awards 2017

Wales Air Ambulance is among the shortlist to win the Charity Awards 2017. The air ambulance service made it to the shortlist because of its efforts in providing quick and advanced medical care to those in need. The Charity Awards made an announcement for their shortlist on 10 May.

About the Charity Awards

The Charity Awards is the longest-running and most renowned award in the charity industry. This year’s judges for the award are an independent panel comprising of leaders in the industry. These leaders have demonstrated outstanding practice in charity, which other organizations should be learning from.

Wales Air Ambulance Service is in line to receive the Charity Awards in the Healthcare and Medical Research category. It is also the only Wales-focused charity to have been shortlisted for the award. There are 10 categories overall. In addition to this, the event will give out the Daniel Phelan Award for Outstanding Achievement and the Overall Award for Excellence.

The winners of the 10 categories and the recipients for the two other awards will be announced on 8 June at the Tower of London grounds. BBC presenter Louise Michin will host the event.

About Wales Air Ambulance Service

Back in 2015, Wales Air Ambulance partnered with NHS Wales to launch a Flying Medics program, securing critical care practitioners and consultants on board their aircraft. As a result of this project, the air ambulance has been able to provide patients with advanced medical treatments.

In the first year of launching this program, the air ambulance administered 150 emergency anesthetics and carried out 47 blood transfusions. Wales Air Ambulance has since been making progress with their in-flight medical service. They even equipped one of their helicopters with an advanced baby incubator to enhance their post-natal patient care.

Shropshire Mum Raises £1,000 for Air Ambulance Service that Saved Toddler

Four years ago, Mya Thomas experienced a living nightmare witnessing her toddler being knocked over by a car. A crew from the Midlands Air Ambulance Service came to the rescue of her daughter Morgan, who was less than one year old at the time. To show her gratitude, Mya has now presented the service with a cheque for £1,000 that she had raised especially for them.

About the Accident and how the Air Ambulance Service Helped

When the accident occurred, it was just four days before Morgan’s first birthday. It incident took place in Oak Meadow, Bishop’s Castle where the family had been living at the time. It is believed that the toddler was dragged under the car since there were burns on her chest and shoulder. She required 42 stitches on the back of her head after undergoing a skin graft operation.

Luckily for the toddler, the Midlands Air Ambulance crew reached the destination quickly and transported her to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The prompt response of the air ambulance team and the quick action taken by the emergency staff helped her get the necessary medical services on time.

How Mya Raised the Funds

In order to thank the air ambulance service that quickly and safely transported her daughter to the hospital, Mya Thomas decided to give something back. Over the past few months, she held several fundraisers including a charity bingo night at CasCA, where about 60 people showed up. This helped her raise the £1,000, which she handed over to the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.

Midlands Air Ambulance is a charity organization that funds and operates three air ambulance aircrafts that service the region. For each mission, the charity has to spend £2,500 and requires more than £7million every year for operating the service. All the funds are received through donations from the public and some charity-supporting businesses.

Shoppers Raise £2,700 for Medical Air Transport Service

Shoppers in Turnbridge Wells have raised £2,700 through a raffle to support the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance. The price was a brand new Mini Cooper convertible. Staff and volunteers at Marks & Spencer in Turnbridge Wells had been selling tickets for the draw, the proceeds for which will be contributed towards the operational costs of the medical air transport service.

About the Fundraising Effort for the Medical Air Transport Service

The Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance charity has held several fundraisers over the years to support their operations. Last year, they held a raffle to celebrate their Silver Jubilee and ended up raising an excess of £210,000. This is enough funds to support 84 lifesaving missions.

This time, the campaign has been supported by Barretts of Canterbury, a family-run motor dealership based out of Kent. Each ticket for the raffle costs £5 and can be bought online at raffle.me.uk. The draw will be held on March 31st, 2017; which will be perfect as the convertible Mini Cooper is just right for the warmer summer months.

About the Grand Prize

The brand new Caribbean Aqua 1.5 Mini Cooper costs approximately £19,000 with a three-door feature. It boasts of a tire pressure monitoring functionality and a Thatcham 1 alarm system. It also has a ISOFIX child seat system with front fog lights, DAB digital radio, and on-board computer. The Bluetooth hands-free function comes with USB audio. The vehicle also has parking distance sensors and reversing camera.

The Marks & Spencer staff had chosen the Ken, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance charity as their Charity of the Year for 2015/2016. They had helped them raise more than £5,000. James Cook, the Lottery Manager of the medical air transport service has express his gratitude towards the department store for allowing them to come back for another year.

GB Athlete Helen Russell to Help Raise Money for Air Ambulance Services

To add to the list of fundraising efforts for air ambulance services, GB athlete Helen Russell has decided to participate in the Ultimate Ventoux Challenge. In this cycling challenge, the world champion athlete will attempt to climb the famed Mount Ventoux in France. She will be using three different routes and attempt to complete the climb three times in just one day.

More about the Ultimate Ventoux Challenge

Riders in the Ultimate Ventoux Challenge will have to endure 4,400 metres of climbing throughout a 137k route. Also known as the Giant of Provence, Mount Ventoux is 1,912m high and consists of long stretches of road. The unpredictable weather conditions make the challenge even tougher as temperatures can go as high as 40°C with record wind speeds of 200 mph.

If she successfully completes the challenge, Russell will be granted entry to the Club de Cingles du Mont Ventoux, an exclusive club recognizing the achievement of successful riders in the challenge. The 40-year-old athlete from Evesham, Worcestershire is inviting other local cyclists to join her in this challenge, which will take place between June 24 and June 26.

Russell’s effort to help air ambulance services

Helen Russell has won several national, European, and world championships in both triathlon and duathlon. Last year, she rode the Tour de France route a day ahead of professional riders and managed to raise £20,000 for leukaemia research.

By taking part in one of the toughest cycling challenges, the athlete hopes to raise funds for Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance. The money raised from this effort will also go to the Children’s Air Ambulance, the sister charity of the former service.

Both air ambulance services use Coventry airport as their base and the local service averages three missions in a day. The Children’s Air Ambulance specializes in transporting babies and children to specialty centres across the nation. Russell’s effort will see to it that these services get the funding they deserve. You can find out more about the Ultimate Ventoux Challenge here.

Air Medical Transport Fund-raising Ideas from the UK

The air medical transport industry in United Kingdom is very unique in its own right. The industry has, over the years, managed to successfully provide complete coverage through charity funded medical air transport services. This is something that countries like the United States must seriously take a look into. But the bigger question is, “how is the country raising funds so successfully through public participation?” The answer lies in the unique ways through which people proactively raise funds. Here we discuss a few fund-raising ideas from the United Kingdom.

International Air Ambulance Week 2016

This event encourages spreading awareness about charity-funded air ambulance services. The event encourages radio stations to participate in a contest aimed at this. There are even free prizes given away. The registration is free and completely transparent. The International Air Ambulance Week is in its third year now.

Raise 100 British Pounds in 24 hrs for Air Medical Transport

This is yet another innovative approach. The event takes place on March 5, 2016 and people are invited to raise a minimum of 100 British pounds within 24 hours. The onus is on individuals to participate and do their bid for the society that they live in. The event is organized by Essex Air Ambulance.

Spring Pageant to Raise Money for Air Ambulance Charity

This beauty pageant will be held on April 24th of this year. It is open to boys aged between 7-10 years and girls aged between 4-17 years. The funds raised from the event will go to North East Air Ambulance Service. The organizer, Natasha Beaston, was inspired to hold the pageant after her sister and a cousin were saved by the local air ambulance service.

Beneficiaries of Air Ambulance Services Run to Raise Money

There could be no better way of giving back to charity-based air medical transport organizations than helping raise money. That’s precisely what patients who used the Wiltshire Air Ambulance service are doing. They would be running a marathon on March 13th to raise funds for the organization.

It is quite touching to see that the citizens of UK are participating wholeheartedly to keep their communities healthy by contributing to free air ambulance services, something that the whole world could emulate.

A Little about the Recently Held Air Medical Transport Conference

The recently held Air Medical Transport Conference from October 19 to October 21 in Long Beach, California, was quite a success. The event was hosted by the Association of Air Medical Services along with other related industry bodies, which included:

The event was held at the Long Beach Convention Center and showcased a tradeshow with over 150 companies participating. The exhibition saw both ground and air critical care products.

The Highlights of Air Medical Transport Conference

The entire event was highly educational and awe-inspiring. The fly-in of the air medical transport vehicles itself was a treat. The parking lot of the Convention Center saw a different kind of traffic arriving from air.

The Convention Center later saw the arrival of California Army National Guard HH-60L that was specially customized for air medical transport. On Sunday, October 18, “Memorial Lights” was held paying tribute to those brave men and women who lost their lives on the line of duty as air medical transport crew members. A benefit concert for MedEvac Foundation was also held on this day. October 19, Monday, saw the grand Annual Community Awards Banquet.

Phoenix Air, which is famed to be the only air medical transport provider to have transported Ebola patients from African countries, was on display during the event. There were also several interactive sessions involving beneficiaries of air medical transport and also industry leaders.

Air Medical Transport Conference also Saw the Annual SIMS Competition

The SIMS competition overseen by Association of Air Medical Services was ongoing throughout the event. The final was held on October 20. The competition was an opportunity for the industry leaders to showcase their ultramodern equipment and rescue capabilities.

Overall, the Air Medical Transport Conference this year was a grand success.

STARS Air Ambulance Conducts “Rescue Missions” for Charity

Every year, STARS Air Ambulance conducts a fund-raising event where prominent members of business community are left stranded in an island and “rescued” only once they raise enough money for STARS Air Ambulance. This year, seven prominent personalities were left stranded in an island in Manitoba. In all, the event raised over half a million dollars. The charity event is now in its third successful year.

The Participants in the Air Ambulance Charity Event this Year

The participants this year were:

  • VP of Chabot Enterprises Ltd Nicole Chabot
  • Chairperson of Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce, Jessica Dumas
  • Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber, Rod Hill
  • President of Len Dubois Inc, Jason Dubois
  • Farm Management Instructor Colin Penner
  • VP of MacDon, Gene Fraser
  • Steinbach Mayor, Chris Goertzen

This year, the participants set their own fund- raising goals. The idea is to make calls for donations through their contacts. They stay stranded until the pre-decided sum is reached.

Charity forms a Major Part of STARS Air Ambulance

STARS air ambulance is partly funded by the Manitoba government and the rest of the funds required are raised through charity. This year, the air ambulance company has conducted about 371 rescue missions compared to previous year’s 177 missions.

STARS air ambulance only responds to critical emergencies involving life-threatening health conditions or injuries. The air ambulance company operates from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

It maintains a 24-hour emergency medical communications center and caters to requests through industry partners or emergency responders. Every year, the air ambulance organization holds several awareness-raising and fun-raising campaigns throughout Western Canada. The current one has been one such event. It has been in service since the year 1985. The organization has over 450 volunteers throughout the country. It even comes up with lotteries to raise funds in order to stay afloat and help people.