Three People Killed in an Air Ambulance Service Plane Crash in Texas

Three people have been killed after an air ambulance service plane crashed in Texas. The crash took place around 12:30 AM on April 30. According to the state’s Department of Public Safety, the crash site is located between Interstate 40 highway and Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. There were no survivors in the crash.

No Patients Aboard Crashed Air Ambulance Service Plane

The air ambulance operator, Rico Aviation has issued a statement to confirm that all three who were killed in the crash were crew members. However, they are yet to release the identities of the three crew members. It’s not yet known whether there were any other people on board the plane. Their statement also expressed their grief over the loss of their team members. Rico Aviation has notified the families of respective crew members.

Investigations to Determine Cause of Crash

The single-engine plane crashed soon after takeoff due to undetermined reasons. Although the Amarillo Police Department is yet to release an official statement as of writing this report, it’s expected that the National Transportation Safety Board will immediately start their investigations. The probe will hopefully determine the cause of the crash that killed three air ambulance service crew members.

According to a statement made by Lynn Lunsford of the Federal Aviation Administration, the air ambulance was heading for Clovis in New Mexico. Lunsford also stated that the plane was a single-engine Pilatus PC-12, which was manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft, a Swiss manufacturer.

Despite there being no official cause of crash determined, local reports have speculated that inclement weather may have played a role. Around the time of the crash, areas surrounding the airport experienced wind speed of around 50 miles per hour. This could have resulted in the crash of the air ambulance plane.

Air Ambulance Flight Crashes in Nevada; Four Killed

An air ambulance flight transporting a heart patient to a hospital in Utah has crashed. The aircraft exploded in northern Nevada in a car park, rendering all four passengers dead. Among the four dead, three were crew members and one was the patient. The air ambulance was operated by American Medflight, which is currently cooperating with investigators about the crash.

Details of the Passengers

The four passengers of the crashed air ambulance were Yuji Irie, the pilot; Jake Sheppard and Tiffany Urresti, the medical staff members; and Edward Clohesey, the patient. John Burrel, president of American Medflight expressed his sympathies for the families of the victims and stated that the company is mourning the loss of their crew members and patient.

Urresti, one of the medical staff members who died in the crash, was a volunteer firefighter and had been working for American Medflight for only two months. She was a former ER nurse who had been dreaming of becoming a nurse for an air ambulance flight. The patient, Edward Clohesey had been experiencing chest pains and his heartbeat became rapid, after which his doctor decided to send him to a specialty hospital in Utah.

Details of the Air Ambulance Flight Crash

The aircraft was a twin-engine plane, which was believed to have experienced mechanical problems after take-off. It began to lose altitude and then crashed into the car park of a mining company. Eye witnesses to the crash said that some of the vehicles caught fire, after which a few rounds of ammunition went off.

This is likely because it is hunting season and some of the cars might have been carrying ammunition. There is not much left of the aircraft after the flames had been extinguished. American Medflight is cooperating with the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board, who are investigating the crash.

Air Ambulance Transport Crash-Lands in Delhi with Zero Casualties

An air ambulance carrying seven passengers crash-landed in an open field in Delhi, India on 24th May. The passengers included three crew members, a patient suffering from a neurological stroke, and three patients’ attendants. All were rushed to a nearby hospital by first responders with the help of local residents. The air ambulance transport was on its way to Delhi from Patna when it encountered a technical problem that resulted in the need to crash-land.

Details of the Crash

The Beech King Air C-90A was flying over the village of Najafgarh Kair, which is around 10 km from the airport when it experienced an engine failure. Surender Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police in South-West Delhi reported that all passengers were safe. According to witness reports, the plane was descending rapidly and crash-landed in a nearby field. The tires had broken off and the plane skidded for at least 200 meters before it finally stopped.

The air ambulance transport was on its way to transport 42-year-old Virender Rai, a patient suffering from a neurological stroke, to Gurgaon’s Medanta Medicity. The rest of the passengers included Rai’s son and daughter, an in-flight doctor, a pilot, a co-pilot, and a technician. They were all rushed to the nearby Rao Tula Ram Memorial Hospital. A spokesperson for Medanta Medicity also reported that the patient has now been brought in to the hospital and is being looked after by neurologists and experts in critical care in the intensive care wing.

Investigations Underway for Air Ambulance Transport Crash

The final investigation into the crash would be conducted under the Ministry of Civil Aviation by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB). According to Mahesh Sharma, the Minister of State for Civil Aviation, officials from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation have visited the crash site to conduct a probe. Run by Alchemist Airways in Chennai, the air ambulance craft had been purchased in 1989.

Four Die in Alabama after US Air Ambulance Helicopter Crashes

In another tragic air ambulance crash, four people including the patient have died in Alabama. The aircraft, a Eurocopter AS350, went down minutes after taking off and crashed into a heavily wooded area. It was operated by Haynes, an Alabama-based US air ambulance company.

Crash Killed All Passengers On-board

The victims of the crash have been identified as Chad Hammond, the pilot; Stacey Cernadas, the flight nurse; Jason Snipes, the flight medic; and Zach Stickland, who was the patient. According to James Brown, the Deputy Director of Coffee County Emergency Management Agency, Strickland had been involved in a car accident on March 26th. He had been knocked out and had broken his leg.

Brown stated that the air ambulance picked up the patient from the car crash site and crashed almost immediately after take-off. He mentioned that the crash occurred within three minutes after the helicopter took off. The aircraft was found just about four miles from the pick-up site. The helicopter was headed for a hospital in Montgomery and was reported missing on March 27th at around 12:17AM. The crash was discovered only after about seven hours. The exact cause of the tragedy is still not completely clear.

Investigations on US Air Ambulance Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board will be investigating the incident and should be issuing preliminary reports soon. A Federal Aviation Administration agent was also found attending the scene.

Searchers had to make use of bulldozers to uncover the crash site with heavy rain and fog making their job much more difficult. These climatic conditions prevented them from using a search aircraft to look for the crash.

The US air ambulance was based at the Troy Regional Medical Center, which has issued a statement mourning the lost lives. This tragic incident marked the second helicopter crash in under a week in the south-east Alabama area.

Yet Another Airambulance Crash: Three Dead, One Survives

Close on the heels of an airambulance crash a few days ago, there has been another airambulance tragedy, this time in Arizona. The unfortunate airambulance belonged to Native Air 5, which is a part of Air Methods Corporation. The crash claimed the lives of David Schneider, the 51-year-old pilot and Chad Frary, the 38-year-old flight nurse. Derek Boehm, the 38-year-old flight paramedic, however, miraculously survived the fatal crash. The airambulance was on its way to Globe after having taken off from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. The crash occurred on December 15th, a particularly cold and moonless night.

The Airambulance Crash Site

Rescuers found Derek Boehm severely injured and in pain. He was reported to be partly covered in snow and drenched in chopper fuel that had oozed out of the crash. The rescuers reported that the survivor was also in a lot of mental agony having lost his colleagues in the unfortunate airambulance mishap.

It was reported that one of the crew members, apart from Derek, was alive after the crash and Derek had tried to rescue the crew member, but to no avail. The area of crash was approximately 20 miles from Apache Junction to the east. The chopper had crashed into the Superstition Mountains, which was covered in snow. The temperatures were below 20 at the time. The wreckage was found about 2-1/2 hours after the incident. The survivor was rescued at around 10 p.m. and the crash had occurred at approximately 6 p.m.

Finding the Survivor of Airambulance Crash

From the look of the airambulance crash site, it was initially felt that there would be no survivors. However, the rescuers who had their night goggles on, soon found a flash light being pointed at them. Although initially they felt it was a false signal, they soon found out that it was being waved at them and immediately descended down to rescue the sole survivor. The bodies of the deceased were evacuated the following morning.

Medical Flight in Canada Almost Ends in a Crash

It was only a few days ago that one of United States’ medical flight ended in a tragedy. Now, it has emerged that the medical flight “glitch” that occurred in Tofino, Canada, last month had all the possibilities of having similar fate. It is believed that there were no adverse weather conditions, although it was night and the mission was carried out sometime after about 1 a.m. It was a Sikorsky S76C that belonged to Helijet medical flight company.

What Actually Went Wrong with the Medical Flight?

It was reported that there were some “excursions” below 600 feet and rapid descent at the rate of a whopping 250 feet within a very short duration, which can be fatal. The medical flight had two paramedics and two pilots onboard. After a short time in the air, the medical flight was found losing control; however, it soon recovered and headed to the Tofino Airport, where it reportedly had a “rough” landing.

Although the investigation pertaining to the event is still on, initial reports suggest that the medical flight had dropped at a speed of anywhere between 36-44 km per hour. Instead of landing on the usual illuminated part of the airport during the night, the medical flight had landed in a different spot, in a rather turbulent landing.

The paramedics reported that they were tossed around inside the medical flight and were quite shaken by the incident, although they’ve now resumed work.

The Technical Details of the Medical Fight Mishap

For reasons that are not yet clear, the rotor speed had dropped suddenly, putting the medical flight in a spin. It was reported that the emergency power was then applied, which allowed the medical flight to recover. However, the entire incident caused the flight stabilization system to malfunction. The pilots were reportedly fired after the incident, although there is no confirmation on this.

The medical flight was scheduled to shift a stroke patient which was deferred to the next morning, without any eventuality.

California Air Ambulance Crash Kills Crew of Four

Patient emergencies can force air ambulance crews to sometimes fly in bad weather conditions. Although there has been no confirmation, bad weather condition seems to have been the cause for the recent air ambulance crash in California. It is reported that the weather was rather wet and soggy when the patient, who was critical, was taken for a 20-minute flight via air ambulance. However, the flight was shortlived and the air ambulance crashed 10 minutes into the flight. All four crew members including the pilot, patient, paramedic and a nurse did not survive the crash.

The Fateful Moments of the Air Ambulance Crash

Kathryn Ann Brown was the 40-year-old patient who is believed to have been in a critical condition. She had to make the air ambulance flight from Porterville airport to San Joaquin Community Hospital in Bakersfield, California. However, the air ambulance crashed in a private property near McFarland. The identity of the pilot has still not been made public.

The other two crew members were paramedic, Kyle Juarez who was 37 years old and critical care nurse, Marco Lopez who was 42 years old. It is believed that both were filling in for their workmates who wanted to take off to attend a Christmas party. The air ambulance belonged to SkyLife.

Honoring the Air Ambulance Martyrs

Marco and Kyle were brought to their home for the final time on December 15th. Many people of the community lined up by the road with candles to honor them. There was a huge group of colleagues, friends and community members who were also part of it.

Todd Valeri who is the president of American Air Ambulance termed Marco and Kyle as “heros” who laid their lives down for the sake of others. He also said that they were instrumental in saving “hundreds” of people in their life-saving profession.

Medical Flight Crash off Senegal Kills 7

It was only a few weeks ago that we witnessed a deadly medical flight crash that snuffed the life of the five- member crew, when the aircraft went down in the Tygerberg Nature Reserve, in the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. This time it was a medical flight in Senegal in West Africa. The medical flight was carrying 7 people, all of whom lost their lives in the crash.


The Crew of the Unfortunate Medical Flight

The medical flight was carrying a French lady, whose identify has not been released. She was accompanied by 6 other people including two crew members from Algeria, a man from Congo, two nurses and a doctor from Senegal. The medical flight was headed towards Dakar from Burkina Faso. The aircraft had gone off the radar at 7 in the evening. The medical flight was 111 kilometers from the capital of Senegal.

Why did the Medical Flight Crash?

The medical flight belonged to a company from Senegal and was a twin-engine HS125 aircraft. It had crossed its path with a Boeing aircraft. Initially, it was suggested that the two aircrafts might have come in contact with each other midair. However, there was no confirmation about this report. The civil aviation authority, on its part, though, has not accepted or denied this theory, saying that the matter is being investigated. The Boeing belongs to Ceiba International Airlines and was originally headed to the capital of Cotonou but the route was later changed to Malabo.

There were also other reports that the medical flight had run out of fuel midair. This theory was reported by the country’s Futures Medias, which is a news group. The local media, however, went with the midair collision theory. Whatever the cause of the medical flight crash, the incident brings to light poor coordination of the aviation authorities. Only further investigation will reveal the real cause of the crash.