Yorkshire Air Ambulance Bags the 2017 Air Ambulance Service Award

Yorkshire Air Ambulance has bagged a prestigious award at the Health Business Award, held in London. The air ambulance was declared the winner of the 2017 Air Ambulance Service award. The national-level awards are aimed at recognizing and celebrating significant contributions made by different organizations and individuals whose work pertains to the NHS.

Successful Event Held in London

The awards were given out at a star-studded event held at the Grange Hotel in London. They were presented by Dr. Phil Hammond, who is a broadcaster, journalist, and physician. As mentioned earlier, the Health Business Award helps provide recognition while celebrating the contributions made by organizations and individuals working with the NHS.

Impressive Contributions Resulted in Yorkshire Winning the Air Ambulance Service Award

Considering the contributions made by Yorkshire Air Ambulance, it’s no surprise that they bagged the coveted award. The air ambulance serves five million people living in the Yorkshire area and carried out in excess of 1,250 missions each year.

To carry out their life-saving air ambulance service, the charity has to raise £12,000 each day, which means they need at least £1.4 million in a year to continue running their service.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance has managed to bring two new helicopters into full service during the past 12 months. The new helicopters are state-of-the-art Airbus H145 helicopters and they’ve each been equipped with advanced medical equipment to assist their crew in saving lives.

The air ambulance is constantly improving the quality of service they provide. Towards the end of 2017, they were given permission to carry out their operations at night. This enabled them to help save more lives. They have also started carrying blood on board so they can carry out emergency blood transfusions whenever necessary to help save lives.

Air Ambulances in the UK Celebrate National Air Ambulance Week

The Association of Air Ambulances (AAA) celebrated National Air Ambulance Week between 11th September and 17th September. In addition to this, the AAA also celebrated the 30th anniversary of medical helicopter services in the U.K. The first ever air ambulance helicopter began its operations in April 1987 in Cornwall.

Massive Improvements in Quality of Service During 30 Years

Since the first air ambulance helicopter started flying in the U.K. 30 years ago, several developments have been made to improve the quality of service provided. These life-saving services have made investments to expand their operations, upgrade to bigger aircrafts, extend their hours of operations, and enhance their medical capabilities.

Some of these improvements include carrying blood for emergency blood transfusions and using night vision technology to fly at night. During 2016, these air ambulances operated 39 helicopters and raised £162 million. They were able to fly an average of 20,500 flights every year.

Events Organized to Celebrate NAAW by Air Ambulances

Local charities, along with the air ambulance charities, organized several events and initiatives to celebrate National Air Ambulance Week 2017. The goal is to raise awareness about the valuable service provided by these emergency helicopter services and to generate funds that will help them in their operations.

They executed a social media campaign known as “Pie in the Sky”. For this initiative, members of the public had to post a video on social media where they’re taking a pie in the face. In the video, they also have to pledge a donation and then nominate three other people to take the same initiative.

As part of the NAAW celebrations, four air ambulance charities based in London and the eastern parts of England came together to raise awareness. Their efforts helped in raising awareness about the pre-hospital care they provide to patients in need.

Cornwall Air Ambulance Raises £30,000 through Celebrity Lunch Celebrating 30 Years of Medical Flight Service

This year, Cornwall Air Ambulance celebrates 30 years of medical flight service. It is the oldest air ambulance to be in service in the U.K. The air ambulance charity had an anniversary event back in April, which was attended by former patients and employees. Now Cornwall Air Ambulance has organized a celebrity lunch, which helped them raise more funds for their operations.

A Successful Lunch Attended by Celebrities

To celebrate the air ambulance charity’s 30th year of operations, John Casson, a resident of Cornwall, decided to host a fundraising lunch on 14 June. To attract interest to the event, he invited journalist and talk show host Sir Michael Parkinson.

This helped attract lots of interest to the event and all tickets were soon sold out. The event was attended by 60 guests, who enjoyed a champagne reception and a three-course lunch. During the lunch, they also had an auction to help raise funds for the medical flight service. Sir Michael also had a fun question-and-answer session as other guests enjoyed their lunch.

All in all, the event managed to raise £33,000, which will help fund the operations of Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Medical Flight Service Expresses Gratitude to Sir Michael

James Oxley with Cornwall Air Ambulance expressed the air ambulance’s gratitude to both John Casson and Sir Michael Parkinson, who each made valuable contributions for supporting their service. Every year, they carry out 700 missions during which they provide urgent and critical medical care to those in need.

And since they’re a charity, they have to rely on the generosity of others to maintain their operations. The fundraising lunch helped meet some of the financial needs of the air ambulance. With the funds raised at the event, they will be able to save more lives.

First Flight Expands Its Air Ambulance Service Operations in San Angelo, Texas

First Flight has expanded its air ambulance service operations by opening a new base at the San Angelo Regional Airport in Texas. This base will support the air ambulance’s operations in the west and central regions of Texas. This facility will help the air ambulance company in providing their support to hospitals in smaller communities.

About First Flight and Their New Base

First Flight is a fully-licensed air ambulance company that provides round-the-clock medical transport with fixed-wing air ambulance aircrafts. Their service extends to both emergency and non-emergency patients.

The company has leased a 7,000-square-foot space at San Angelo Regional Airport for the company’s hangar and offices. The hangar will house the company’s King Air C-90 aircraft. First Flight started their San Angelo operations on May 15 with an aim to positively impact the community.

Staff Accommodations for Better Air Ambulance Service

Each First Flight aircraft has a crew comprising of pilots and highly-trainer paramedics and nurses. To ensure better efficiency of their San Angelo operations, the company will be setting up living quarters for the staff just outside the airport grounds. So crew members can quickly and easily reach the base in case of an emergency.

First Flight will have a crew on standby at all hours of the day. This will ensure that the helicopter takes flight within just 15 minutes of getting a call or a patient arriving. With speedy liftoff, the aircraft will be able to transport the patient for specialized care without losing time.

First Flight currently has four paramedics to man their operations in San Angelo. They intend to hire up to 12 employees this year to ensure better air ambulance service. This new base will help the air ambulance company in transporting patients in smaller communities to high-end medical facilities.

Medical Flight Staff Honored with Award for Saving Man’s Life

Two air ambulance staff members have been recognized with a prestigious award after they helped save the life of a man who suffered a cardiac arrest. Dr. Ali Husain, an air ambulance doctor, and Jenny Conway, a critical care paramedic for a medical flight were presented with the Excellence in Community award from the West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Award to Recognize the Staff’s Role in Saving Cardiac Arrest Patient

The Excellence in Community award was given to the two staff members to recognize their clinical skills as well as all round team work. It was in recognition to their efforts in saving the life of a man in his 40s, who had collapsed at a rugby club in Coventry. The man had been suffering a cardiac arrest. With the crew’s quick-thinking and life-saving action, the man was able to make a good recovery.

The Excellent in Community award is just one of the several excellence awards given out by West Midlands Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust. The air ambulance’s Director of Operations, Richard Clayton, has expressed how proud they are of the medical flight team that received the award.

Medical flight Team’s Access to Critical Care Equipment Helps in Saving Lives

The air ambulance team has been able to provide critical pre-hospital care to patients on-board their aircraft. The doctors and paramedics have access to drugs and equipment to be used for critical care and are normally only available at the hospital emergency. This highly-trained team was able to make use of the necessary equipment to help save the man’s life.

The charity does not receive government funding and survives mainly on donations from the generous public. They have to raise an additional £200,000 every year to ensure that their operations run smoothly.

Annual Music Festival to Back Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service

The annual Towersey music festival this year will be backing the Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service. The festival will feature performances by famous artists including Newton Faulkner and KT Tunstall. The life-saving service in Thames Valley will be getting a shining endorsement from the festival, which will take place for three days in Thame.

Festival to Feature 100+ Acts

This year’s Towersey music festival will be held in the Thame Showground for a period of three days – from August 25 till August 28. There will be a dozen stages, which will feature more than 100 acts throughout these three days. In addition to performances my music artists, the festival will also have street theatres, gourmet street food, workshops for all ages, films, comedy, and other events.

According to the director of the Towersey Festival, Joe Heap, they will be continuing their support for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service. This support is mainly due to the life-saving service provided by the air ambulance across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire. Heap made this statement during his visit to the Thames Valley Air Ambulance base in RAF Benson.

About the Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service

Thames Valley Air Ambulance has also expressed their gratitude towards the Towersey Festival organizers for their support. The charity’s Senior Fundraising Manager, Ruth Dunkin, has stated that they have exciting plans they will be revealing soon. The Towersey Festival hopes to raise some funds to help fund the air ambulance’s operations.

The Thames Valley Air Ambulance team provides life-saving support to patients in the region. On an average, their helicopters respond to three incidents per day. The elite crew can perform various life-saving procedures such as treating major traumas, open heart surgery, and inducing coma. Their helicopters are equipped with high-end equipment like defibrillators and chest compressors.

Medical Flight Service Celebrates Its 10th Year of Service

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance is celebrating its 10th year of starting its air ambulance operations. During this period, the medical flight service carried out more than 7000 missions, saving patients from life-threatening situations. The charity will be celebrating its tenth anniversary by unveiling a new logo and extending its services to ground-based operations.

New Look for HIWAA

The medical flight service has also decided to reinvent its look by unveiling a new logo to coincide with their tenth anniversary celebrations. The new logo for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance reflects the update in their services, since their air ambulance is now available all day and night throughout the year.

With the update of their service, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance is among the first air ambulance operators to provide their services at night. This new look will reflect on the air ambulance and on their new vehicle dedicated for crucial care. Their critical care team vehicle will begin its operations this week.

According to Alex Lochrane, the charity’s CEO, they wanted their brand identity to keep up with the developments in their service. They wanted to update the original logo so that their new look reflects the charity’s commitment to providing high-quality pre-hospital care and transport throughout the year.

HIWAA to Add New Ground Operations besides Its Medical Flight Service

In addition to their medical transport service via air ambulance, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance will also begin providing ground ambulance service to mark its 10th year of service. The charity is dedicated to providing the highest level of medical care outside of a hospital while transporting patients to dedicated medical facilities. Lochrane also expressed his gratitude to the community, which has enabled them to continue their services in the region.

Praises from the Queen of England for Medical Flight Crew at East Anglican Air Ambulance

In her annual Christmas message, the Queen of England has personally praised the dedication of the staff and medical flight crew at East Anglican Air Ambulance. The speech was a way for Her Majesty to pay tribute to people who inspire the nation. And she took care to highlight the work done by the air ambulance charity’s Cambridge-based crew.

A visit from the Queen

Earlier in 2016, the Queen of England paid a visit to the East Anglican Air Ambulance base located at Cambridge Airport. The purpose of the visit was for the Queen to inaugurate the air ambulance charity’s new base. During the visit, Her Majesty was accompanied by her husband, Prince Philip. And they were taken on a tour around the new headquarters by Her Majesty’s grandson, Prince William, who has been a pilot for the East Anglican Air Ambulance for more than a year.

Queen Thanks Medical Flight Crew in Televised Message

The Queen’s Christmas message was broadcast to the whole nation on Christmas. She took the time to talk about her visit to the air ambulance base. Her Majesty mentioned how she was moved by the hard work and dedication of the highly-skilled medical flight crew – comprising of doctors, paramedics and pilots. She even talked about how these dedicated people get called out five times a day on average, providing valuable life-saving services to those in need.

While she talked about the work of the East Anglican Air Ambulance, footage of her visit was shown. Her Majesty stated that we cannot solve global problems on our own but we can make a positive impact through collective effort. She also took the time to praise people who win sporting medals and those who impress through quiet dedication.

Winners Announced for Association of Air Ambulances Awards

The Association of Air Ambulances honored notable members, clinicians, and aviators at its annual awards ceremony. The ceremony was held on 14th November at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London. It saw more than 250 people showing up to witness the awards being handed out. During the awards ceremony, 11 awards were handed out to both individuals and teams who made a noteworthy contribution in the world of air ambulance operations.

HIOWAA Receives Air Ambulance Campaign Award

The renowned award ceremony was hosted by Sophie Long, who is a reporter and presenter for BBC News and Rav Wildling, Helicopter Heroes presenter. And they presented the Air Ambulance Campaign Award to Hampshire and Isle of Wright Air Ambulance for their “999 Be a Hero” campaign.

The campaign received an Association of Air Ambulances award because it was geared towards educating young individuals about responding in an emergency. The campaign, designed for children between the ages of 5 and 11, helped in showcasing the importance of air ambulance operations and other emergency services.

Other Air Ambulances and Medical Caregivers Honored at the Ceremony

In addition to the Air Ambulance Campaign Award, other awards handed out were Innovation of the Year, bagged by Devon Air Ambulance. Several individuals were honored during the ceremony with Dr. Mark Wilson from London Air Ambulance being named Doctor of the Year. The Paramedic of the Year was Erica Ley with Essex and Herts Air Ambulance.

Pilot of the Year was Steven Norris, who works for the East Anglican Air Ambulance. The association even handed out a Lifetime Achievement award, which went to Alastair Wilson, who works as a medical director for the East Anglican Air Ambulance. The award was given to him due to the outstanding contributions he has made for UK HEMS charities.

Business Leaders in Alberta Raise Money for STARS Air Ambulance Service

CEOs from five companies in Alberta were part of the Rescue in the Rockies fundraising campaign for STARS. The annual campaign was started in 2011 to raise money for Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service, otherwise known as STARS. Since it began, Rescue in the Rockies has raised almost $3.8million for the air ambulance service. This year, the business leaders who participated in the campaign managed to raise more than $387,000.

Details of This Year’s Rescue in the Rockies

As part of the campaign, the influential leaders were dropped off at a remote location in the mountains in Kananaskis Country. Here, they had to overcome a series of challenges including a survival challenge and a medical challenge. They could only use their cell phones to reach out to friends and colleagues in order to collect donations.

The participants in the CEO Rescue were: Grant Beck, president and CEO of Graham Construction; Grainger Nimmo and Allison Grafton, co-owners of Rockwood Homes; Janet Riopel, president and CEO of Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, and Marcos Lopez, president and CEO of Solium Capital. The goal was to raise $100,000 each before a STARS air ambulance came to “rescue” them. Although they had hoped to raise a total of $500,000, the business leaders ended up raising more than $387,000 for the air ambulance service.

What this Means for the Air Ambulance Service

With the help of the funds collected through this campaign, STARS will be able to fund several operations and save the lives of critically injured or ill patients. STARS is a provider of specialized emergency transportation and care with a dedicated team of experts to care for patients. It operates out of bases located in Calgary, Winnipeg, Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Regina.