New Air Ambulance Service in Wyoming

We’ve constantly brought you updates on the air ambulance industry development over the years. One thing that has been increasingly apparent in the recent times is that air ambulance companies throughout the United States have been expanding their business in this highly competitive industry. In keeping with the industry trend, REACH air ambulance has now expanded its service to Wyoming through its King Air B200 aircraft. It is expected that by the end of this month, the air ambulance company would have a base in Cody, Wyoming and shortly thereafter another base in Greybull, Wyoming.

The New Air Ambulance Service will Help Reach Rural Areas

It’s no secret that rural United States has difficulty getting adequate healthcare on time. The President of REACH revealed that the main aim of expanding to Wyoming is to reach the rural areas surrounding the Bighorn Basin. The air ambulance company would be stationing a chopper in Cody and an airplane in Greybull. The company plans to add additional support when needed through its Colorado and Montana bases. The VP of the company revealed that they were delighted to serve the rural areas in their continued efforts to make healthcare accessible throughout Western United States.

Preparation is in Full Swing in the Air Ambulance Bases

The medical director of Cody base, Dr. David Fairbanks, would also be the medical director of the air ambulance company for the region. The efforts are on to train a medical team currently. This team would be in action once the current training process is over. The team would comprise of nurses and paramedics with a combined experience of well over a decade in critical care. Dr. Fairbanks would also be a flight team member, which means he would fly with the team when need arises. The air ambulance company is a part of AirMedCare membership program.

Williams’ Air Ambulance Service Appeals for Leisurely Goods

East Anglian Air Ambulance Service, which Prince Williams is a part of, has appealed to the general public of the United Kingdom to donate large television sets, refrigerators, freezers, and other gadgets for the crew. These leisurely goods will be used in the new operations base that cost the charity over 250,000 British pounds. The two-storied facility will house Prince Williams’ crew too.

The Appeal was made on Facebook page of East Anglian Air Ambulance Service. It said “EAAA needs your help” and went on to list items that it needed. Appeal was made to donate microwaves, 55-inch TVs, dishwasher, under-counter fridge as well as freezer and any other white item that citizens are willing to part with.

Williams Could Easily Help the Air Ambulance Service

There’s no doubt that the many villas, palaces, and other royal accommodation that the Prince’s family owns have TVs and other equipments that have not been used for long and have little utility. However, this has not compelled East Anglian Air Ambulance Service to request Prince Williams to part with some of these equipments. It has been a tradition with this charitable air ambulance service to appeal to the public when it needs funds or equipments such as these and it has kept with the practice in this instance too.

The Air Ambulance Service has Asked for Material Donations Before

About 3 months ago, East Anglian Air Ambulance Service had appealed to the public to donate them a fridge for their Norwich base as the existing fridge was broken. It’s natural for people to expect that the air ambulance service treats the “Prince” in a special manner. However, sources say that there is no such privilege given to Williams. In fact, he is described as a down-to-earth person. Of course, the security provided to him is very high and rightly so.

European Medical Flights Can Now be Certified by CAMTS

Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) has spread its wings into Europe where it will be known as CAMTS EU. The organization will be offering accreditation to medical flights in the region according to the European Aviation Safety Agency norms or any other relevant regulations. The non-profit organization is still in the process of forming procedures and policies at the current time. The first official board meeting of CAMTS US will only take place later in the year or early next year. The medical flights can then reap the full benefits of CAMTS certification.

CAMTS has Already Accredited European Medical Flights

CAMTS EU may not make its presence felt in Europe right away but it must be noted that the organization has already accredited a few international medical flights. To be precise CAMTS has certified 9 medical flights in total, 3 of which are based out of the United Kingdom.

The Roadmap for Accreditation of Medical Flights

As a start, CAMTS EU would be relying on CAMTS Tenth Edition accreditation standards which came into being in the year 2015. However, this should pose no problems. Eileen Frazer who is the current executive director of CAMTS revealed that The Tenth Edition has been designed to accommodate international medical flights. She further revealed that relevant modifications would be made based on the local regulations. She said, ultimately, the standards internationally would be the same. The organization would take the best from all the prevailing standards across the world.

It must be noted that CAMTS is a stand-alone non-profit organization that offers accreditation to medical flights in the United States. The certification is entirely voluntary. It is offered to both rotary-wing and fixed-wing medical flights throughout the country. Just like CAMTS, CAMTS EU too would have the representatives from each of its members in the board of directors.

US Air Ambulance Company Sued by HIV-infected Employee

An employee of a US Air Ambulance Company based out of St. Louis area has sued his employer for wrongly targeting him due to his HIV-positive health status. The employee of the US Air Ambulance Company has stated that he was initially a paramedic but his job responsibilities were changed and he was confined to the dispatch center owing to his illness.

The US Air Ambulance company in question is Air Evac Lifeteam. Its employee Clinton Moore who is HIV positive, in his lawsuit, has claimed that his reassignment was based on “outdated beliefs, misconceptions as well as irrational fears.”

The Allegation Against the US Air Ambulance Company

In the lawsuit he filed in the St. Louis court, Clinton Moore has alleged that the action by his employer violates three acts:

  • The Missouri Human Rights Act
  • The Rehabilitation Act of 1973
  • Americans with Disabilities Act

The lawsuit details that Moore was employed with the US air ambulance company since 2008; however, he found out about his illness in 2013 and went on a medical leave for aggressive treatment. This is when his employer realized about his illness and took the action with regards to his employment.

The Employer’s Argument

Air Evac Lifeteam came out and stated that its actions were in compliance with the government regulations and also to keep the patients safe. The US air ambulance company stated that it had requested Moore to take part in a medical review process as recommended by CDC (Centers for Disease Control); however, he had refused to oblige, compelling the company to change his work responsibilities.

The HIV Medicine Association on its part opined that the CDC regulations themselves were outdated and needed revision to keep up with the current times.

The US air ambulance company said that it actually upgraded his position enabling him to earn more and also keep his medical insurance.

TriState Air Ambulance Services Acquired by Air Methods

Air Methods which is the largest company when it comes to air ambulance services in the United States is all set to get even bigger. It has recently acquired Tristate Air Ambulance Services. Tristate CareFlight is being sold for a whopping $224.5 million. The company is based in Bullhead City, Arizona, while Air Methods is based in Englewood, Colarado. Of course, the reach of Air Methods’ medical flight services is unparalleled in the United States.

Air Methods has over 300 bases throughout the country and serves 48 states in the country. The deal will make Tristate Air Ambulance Services a fully owned subsidiary of Air Methods, which means the company will still retain its name.

A Little About Tristate Air Ambulance Services

Tristate Air Ambulance Services was founded in the year 2002. It has been catering to patients based in four states – Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. Having been in the industry for so long, the air ambulance company has quite a few aircrafts, personnel and a great customer base.

The Officials of Both Air Ambulance Services were Optimistic

The founder and managing member of Tristate Air Ambulance Services, Dr. Blak Stamper expressed his pleasure about the deal. He said that the company was glad as they would now be able to reach a wider customer base and in turn serve more people. The CEO of Air Methods, Aaron Todd was equally optimistic about the whole thing and opined that the deal would “integrate the best practices” of both the air ambulance companies.

The whole deal has been financed by Air Methods’ credit facility. The deal is slated to be completed within the next month or two owing to legal and regulatory norms. It must be noted that United Rotorcraft Division of Air Methods is involved in manufacture and design of aircrafts too. It also offers aircraft maintenance services.

Angel Medical Flight gets NAAMTA Accreditation

Quality accreditations have been a way of telling the world that quality matters in the air ambulance industry. Angel Medical Flight has now moved in this direction by getting the accreditation by National Accreditation Alliance Medical Transport Applications or NAAMTA. The quality certification body has an extensive process through which it verifies several aspects pertaining to safety and quality of the medical flight operations. Angel Medical Flight is certainly going to be proud of its achievement in coming good on this test. Angel Medical Flight will now be a member of the NAAMTA alliance. The organization is an independent body that safety-certifies medical flights in the United States.

A Little About NAAMTA Medical Flight Accreditation

The organization has the distinction of being the only accreditation body that has an ISO 9001:2008 certification. NAAMTA is a leader in its realm and its certification is recognized United States Department of Defence. It focuses mainly on ongoing improvement, patient care, and transportation safety during the accreditation process.

What Does the Accreditation Mean for Angel Medical Flight?

Of course, it shows that Angel Medical Flight is committed to quality of service and care of patients. It also makes it easy for possible customers / patients to choose Angle Medical Flight due to the certification.

It must be noted that the standard of medical care in the United States is among the highest in the world. So, when an air ambulance company is accredited by a US organization, it is naturally recognized all over the world. For a company that serves patients beyond the US borders, it is a great advertising tool, and Angel Medical Flight might use this tool in the days to come.

Angel Medical Flight boasts a sizeable fleet of Learjet. It is also believed to have an extensive network spanning insurance providers in different states. The accreditation is certainly going to help Angel Medical Flight in the highly competitive air ambulance industry.

Have the Big Air Ambulance Companies Reached their Growth Limits?

Some of the air ambulance companies in the United States have grown at break-neck rates in the past 10 decades. Many analysts are now questioning whether the giant air ambulance companies have reached their maximum growth potential. For instance, the share prices of Air Methods have fallen over 37% in the last 12 months, although the profits have steadily risen.

Most experts attribute the fall in share prices to the constant negative press that large air ambulance companies have been getting. The problem has been the overcharging for services in some instances. Through public disclosures, it has been seen that Air Methods’ billing has shot up from an average of $13,198 to $40,766 from the year 2007 to 2014 while the net income in the same period has jumped from 27.5 million to 99.4 million. Other companies like AMGH, AMRG and PHI too have seen whopping jumps in their profits.

Air Ambulance Companies have been Increasingly Involved in Litigations

Another reason behind the opinion that the growth might slow down soon is the increasing number of litigations that air ambulance companies have been involved in. Most private player are free to charge huge amounts as air ambulance fees as there is no regulation that stops these air ambulance companies from fixing their own prices. In some cases, the only way to recover money has been to file law suits against the very same people’s lives that have been saved by the air ambulance companies. However, this strategy is backfiring as many state governments are now trying to intervene and set price barriers.

States are Trying to Regulate Air Ambulance Companies

North Dakota had earlier in the year passed a regulation that would compel air ambulance companies to be placed in priority call list. This means that health care providers would have to call the services of air ambulance companies from a list provided by the state. The list has been prepared taking the charges levied by these companies into consideration. Other states too are mulling similar legislations. If this becomes a norm, large air ambulance companies that own several choppers and charge high rates will see a dip in business.

A Little about the Recently Held Air Medical Transport Conference

The recently held Air Medical Transport Conference from October 19 to October 21 in Long Beach, California, was quite a success. The event was hosted by the Association of Air Medical Services along with other related industry bodies, which included:

The event was held at the Long Beach Convention Center and showcased a tradeshow with over 150 companies participating. The exhibition saw both ground and air critical care products.

The Highlights of Air Medical Transport Conference

The entire event was highly educational and awe-inspiring. The fly-in of the air medical transport vehicles itself was a treat. The parking lot of the Convention Center saw a different kind of traffic arriving from air.

The Convention Center later saw the arrival of California Army National Guard HH-60L that was specially customized for air medical transport. On Sunday, October 18, “Memorial Lights” was held paying tribute to those brave men and women who lost their lives on the line of duty as air medical transport crew members. A benefit concert for MedEvac Foundation was also held on this day. October 19, Monday, saw the grand Annual Community Awards Banquet.

Phoenix Air, which is famed to be the only air medical transport provider to have transported Ebola patients from African countries, was on display during the event. There were also several interactive sessions involving beneficiaries of air medical transport and also industry leaders.

Air Medical Transport Conference also Saw the Annual SIMS Competition

The SIMS competition overseen by Association of Air Medical Services was ongoing throughout the event. The final was held on October 20. The competition was an opportunity for the industry leaders to showcase their ultramodern equipment and rescue capabilities.

Overall, the Air Medical Transport Conference this year was a grand success.