Cornwall Air Ambulance Service Awarded with New Quality Standard

Cornwall Air Ambulance Service has received the prestigious Investing in Volunteers award, a quality standard recognizing the work it’s doing with volunteers. The first Cornwall-based organization to receive this national award is Coastline Housing, Cornwall Air Ambulance being the second. In order to qualify for the award, the charity had to prove its excellence in every aspect of its work with volunteers.

Volunteers Play a Vital Role in the Operations of Cornwall Air Ambulance

According to the air ambulance’s volunteer manager, Jackie Eastwood, the organization refers to their volunteers as their ground crew. This title is well-deserved as the volunteers play a vital role in ensuring that the air ambulance is operational. They enable the air ambulance service to complete 700 life-saving missions every year.

Eastwood also referred to the air ambulance’s volunteers as “the heartbeat” of their charity. She expressed her delight in being recognized for providing these volunteers with an environment where they can thrive.

Different Roles Undertaken by Volunteers at the Air Ambulance Service

Volunteers at Cornwall Air Ambulance play a wide variety of crucial roles. Some of them work in charity shops across the country, ensuring that the charity receives the funding it requires to remain operational. Some volunteers are in charge of collecting money jars and counting them, contributing to the proper funding of the charity.

The charity’s volunteers are also in charge of giving presentations that educate community organizations and schools about the life-saving work carried out by the air ambulance. Some volunteers help in staffing events, while others handle the administrative work at the charity’s headquarters. Even the trustees of the charity are volunteers.

Cornwall Air Ambulance is always on the lookout for people to fill up their volunteer positions. They are currently looking for volunteers for HQ reception, events volunteer, charity shop assistants, jar collectors, speakers for community talks, and count room volunteers.

Department of Defense Honors Medical Flight Service CEO with Patriot Award

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance’s CEO, Jason Siegert received the Patriot Award under a Department of Defense program. The award was presented by Carol Smetana, a representative of the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve on April 20. Through this award, the medical flight service CEO was recognized as a supervisor who supports service members of the National Guard and Reserve.

More about the Patriot Award

The Patriot Award is given out by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve program under the Department of Defense. The award is an award of recognition for supervisors who show their support for service members of the National Guard and Reserve. In order to qualify for the award, employees or family members of employees who serve in the National Guard or Reserve have to nominate you because of your support for military service.

Employers can show their support through a wide variety of methods such as flexible schedules, granting necessary leaves of absence, time off before and after deployment, etc. And the medical flight service headed by Jason Siegret adopted several of these measures to support their service member employees.

More about the Medical Flight Service CEO

Angel MedFlight’s CEO, Jason Siegret expressed his gratitude for receiving the award. He stated that their company does their best to support every associate, especially those who serve or have served the country. He also mentioned how their efforts were nothing in comparison to the service these people have provided to the country.

Jason has been leading the executive team of Angel MedFlight since 2014, first serving as President. More recently, he became the Chief Executive Officer. Before working with Angel MedFlight, he worked for Health Management Associates as the Director of Operations Finance.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance Service Shortlisted for National Award

Wiltshire Air Ambulance found great success in their fundraising efforts the past year. This success has received recognition in the form of a national award nomination. The air ambulance service is in line to win a national fundraising award from the Institute of Fundraising. The winner will be announced on November 29.

Operational Changes and Fundraising Efforts for the Air Ambulance Service

In 2015, Wiltshire Air Ambulance saw fundamental changes in their operations. While they previously shared one aircraft with Wiltshire Police, they received a new helicopter for a stand-alone air ambulance. So their operational costs went up to from £700,000 to £2.5 million per year.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance also celebrated its silver jubilee the same year and did so with several fundraising events. Through these fundraising efforts, the air ambulance service was able to raise £3.06 million and surpassed its target for the year.  Other changes for WAA included carrying blood on board, which enabled its crew to carry out critical blood transfusions for patients.

Successful Fundraising and Standing in Line for a National Award

Wiltshire Air Ambulance is currently in line to win an award under the fundraising charity of the year (small) category. Rebecca de la Bedoyere, the charity’s fundraising manager, has expressed their excitement to be shortlisted for this prestigious award. The charity is one of four charities in the country that have been shortlisted for this award.

Earlier this year, Wiltshire Air Ambulance also won an award for lottery operator of the year, given out at the Lotteries Council Awards 2016. The charity has received immense support from Wiltshire residents and the neighboring counties. Bedoyere thanks all their supporters, as they are the ones helping them stay operational and saving the lives of critically ill and injured people in the region.

Veteran Air Ambulance Warriors “Dustoff” Nominated for Congressional Medal

This is one bill that will probably go completely unopposed. Senators Joe Manchin and John Cornyn have recently introduced a piece of legislation that will allow the much deserved honor to the Vietnam veterans who were part of the air ambulance crew that saved hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the war-torn country. The elite group of brave air ambulance warriors will be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.

The Bravery of These Air Ambulance Greats Goes Back to WW II

These soldiers had the reputation of flying the air ambulance in the most treacherous and deadly zones. Every air ambulance that flew was unarmed and only hosted the medical and flight crew members. According to one estimate about 900,000 lives were saved by these air ambulance warriors.

Their job was to ferry the wounded soldiers to the nearest United States medical facility so that they get appropriate treatment. Often times, the rescue meant putting their own lives to risk. These air ambulance crews had been in actions since the World War II and had continued their brave efforts during the cold war.

The Senators on the Air Ambulance Warriors

The air ambulance crews of the bygone era were popularly known as the Dustoffs. The bill that was introduced by the two senators was heartily welcomed by Vietnam Dustoff Association and Dustoff Association. They felt it was long-due recognition for the air ambulance warriors. Senator Cornyn termed their jobs as the most dangerous in the “deadliest” war zones in the “modern era”. Senator Manchin was also praise for the “resilience” and “courage” displayed by these life savers under fire.

The bipartisan bill has received immense support from various quarters including

  • Army Aviation Association of America
  • Association of the United States Army
  • American Legion
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars

Air Medical Transport Paramedic Gets National Safety Award

Bill Landon who is associated with Care Flight, which is an air medical transport company, was recently awarded the Lynn Stevens Excellence in Safety award by ASTNA or Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association. The event was held on October 21 of this year in Long Beach, California.

A Little About the Air Medical Transport Paramedic

Bill gave wings to his career in 1998 when he became a part of the air medical transport industry in Greenley, Colorado. He became a part of Care Flight, five years later, in 2003. However, one of his biggest achievements came in 2005 where he was instrumental in bringing a safety committee into existence.

This committee is made up of managers, maintenance professionals, communication specialists, pilots and medical personnel. Bill is the chairperson of this committee at present, which meets twice a month to review the safety situation of the air medical transport company that employs him.

A Bit More About Bill Landon

Bill is well qualified for his job having attained various academic credentials. He has received education pertaining to safety and critical care from University of Maryland in Baltimore. He has been certified by Board of Critical Care Transport Paramedic.

Apart from that he has been certified by Air and Surface Nurses Transport association along with Association of Air Medical Services Safety Management Training Academy. His credentials make him perfect to take care of safety standards.

His exemplary work in the field is what has won him the award which is presented annually to those personalities who have positively contributed towards safety initiatives that impacts the transport community in totality.

Care Flight Air Medical Transport itself has been in the industry for over 35 years providing critical care to north-eastern Sierra and Nevada with several bases in the regions. It is a non-profit air medical transport company.

REVA Air Ambulance Wins the Coveted ITIJ Awards 2015

Air ambulance industry insiders have long held that REVA Air Ambulance deserves the ITIJ (International Travel & Health Insurance Journal) award, which has now become a reality. In an award function held in Megaron Athens Concert Hall, the Air Ambulance of the Year award was handed over to REVA. This is the 13th year that the awards have been presented to those companies that have contributed positively and meaningfully to the global health insurance and travel industry. The other finalists were Tyrol Air Ambulance, FAI and ER24. The finalists had been announced earlier this year. The award was sponsored by US San Diego.

REVA Air Ambulance has Been Nominated Before

In fact, REVA air ambulance has been nominated twice before for the award. It was first nominated in the year 2012 but fell short of winning the award. REVA was nominated again last year but fell short of winning the award by a whisker. The year 2015, however, has proved lucky to the air ambulance company and it has finally bagged the award.

REVA is Well Established in the Air Ambulance Industry

The company’s operation spans the US and the Caribbean and is among the largest fixed wing air ambulance service providers in the region. The company prides itself on its extensive service of having conducted over 25,000 missions all over the world. REVA has achieved all this with a 100% safety record, which is highly commendable. The air ambulance service provider has also been bestowed with the AAMS Fixed Wing Award of Excellence. The company also enjoys several recognized accreditations such as:

  • National Accreditation Alliance of Medical Transport Applications
  • ARGUS Gold
  • International Assistance Group
  • The European Aeromedical Institute

REVA is recognized by FAA, CTAIL and is permitted to offer services in eight Caribbean islands, apart from US Treasury Cuban operation authorization.

The award was presented on the 5th of November.

Kauai Man Sues Over Air Medical Transport Bill

In another case of air medical transport cost turning out to be unbearable, Toby Sidlo of Kauai has filed a class-action lawsuit after he received a $36,000 bill. In the Hawaiian Islands, air medical transport is often a necessity as patients have to be flown from one island to another. It is common for patients to be transported to the capital, Honolulu as most islands do not have necessary medical facilities.

The Charges of Air Medical Transport Vary Depending on the Company

Hawaii Life Flight and AMR Air Hawaii are the two major air medical transport companies that operate in the region. While Hawaii Life Flight claims that it only charges standard industry rates. The charges are believed to have skyrocketed after its merger with AirMed Hawaii back in the year 2010. An emergency air medical transport from Hilo to Oahu can cost a whopping $54,000 as the company charges a base rate of $16,000 and the mileage charge comes to $54,000.

AMR Air Hawaii covers the same distance for a base rate of $14,000 and additional $25 per mile, taking the total charge of air medical transport to $20,000. Unfortunately for Toby Sidlo, the doctors had chosen Hawaii Life Flight.

The Air Medical Transport Bill has Resulted in a Class-Action Lawsuit

Toby had initially fallen into a bonfire sustaining injuries that required him to be transported to Honolulu for adequate treatment. However, he has filed a class-action lawsuit after receiving the huge air medical transport bill.

In the lawsuit, Toby has held the Kaiser doctor responsible for making the decision to opt for Hawaii Life Flight. Kaiser, however, has refrained from commenting on the issue as the litigation is still pending in the court. On their part, doctors have said that it is not their responsibility to check the cost of air medical transport during emergencies. It is always the first available air medical transport company that they look at.

ITIJ Announces Air Ambulance of the Year Award Finalists

It’s that time of the year again when air ambulance companies are honored for their dedication to saving lives. The International Travel and Health Insurance Journal (ITIJ) has recently announced the finalists for the year 2015. There are four frontrunners currently. The award takes into consideration international air ambulance companies; however, only fixed-wing air ambulance service providers are taken into consideration.

The Editor in Chief of ITIJ, Ian Cameron revealed that the competition this year was pretty tough with several international air ambulance companies vying for votes from colleagues as well as industry partners. He also opined that choosing the ultimate winner is going to be a tough choice this year.

The List of ITIJ Air Ambulance of the Year Award Finalists

  • REVA – based in the United States
  • FAI – based in Germany
  • ER24 – based in South Africa
  • Tylor Air Ambulance – based in Austria

It’s worth nothing here that REVA had been nominated in 2012 and again in 2014. Last year, REVA lost the coveted award to AMREF Flying Doctors. However, the air ambulance company seems to be the forerunner this year around.

Venue of the Air Ambulance Awards

Last year, the award ceremony was held in Venice, Italy. This year, the awards would be hosted at the Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall. The event would be streamed via internet this year too. The live streaming would start at 9:30 PM on November 5 of this year and can be viewed at

A Little About ITIJ Air Ambulance Award

ITIJ has been recognizing air ambulance companies since 2002. The finalists are chosen based on factors such as quality of service, innovation and achievements. The finalists are chosen by the subscribers of ITIJ through votes. The ultimate winner is chosen by a distinguished panel of judges who come from the air ambulance industry.

Air Ambulance Service Nominated for Pride of Reading Awards

A ruptured spleen, broken teeth, swollen brain and bruised lungs – these were just some of the injuries sustained by Arron Jackson who met with a serious biking accident. The unfortunate accident had occurred a few months back on March 6th of this year. Miraculously 21-year-old Arron is back on his feet, thanks to the timely rescue by Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service.

The Air Ambulance Service Took Arron to Radcliffe Hospital

Biker, Arron, was taken to Radcliffe Hospital immediately for treatment of his life-threatening injuries via air ambulance service. The young man was immediately put in induced coma as part of his treatment. The combination of quick evacuation and great treatment worked in his favor and today, Arron is back on his feet and hopes to resume duties working for his employer soon.

The Parents were Grateful to the Air Ambulance Service

In a surprising coincidence, Arron’s parents had set up a lottery for the benefit of air ambulance service about six months prior to the accident. The parents said that they were extremely pleased that they had taken the initiative. The couple were able to raise about 500 pounds so far.

The Air Ambulance Service Deserves the Award

Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service has been serving the local community for the past 15 years and undertakes over one thousand life-saving missions each year.

Pride of Reading Awards is held annually and honors individuals and institutions in the local community that display extraordinary compassion and courage against adversities.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service which has been serving the residents of Reading over 15 years is definitely a worthy nominee. It was Arron’s family that nominated the air ambulance service this year. Kate Martin, who is the fund-raising manager for the company said that the nomination has been a great honor.

It certainly is a nice display of gratitude towards the charitable air ambulance service.

This Air Ambulance Paramedic has been Part of Over 2000 Rescues

Mark Fuszard has been among the many unsung heroes who don’t think twice before risking their lives to save someone else’s, but not any longer – at least not Mark Fuszard. This air ambulance paramedic has been the recipient of National Paramedic of the Year Award recently, which was held in London, UK. The award was presented during the Air Ambulance Awards of Excellence ceremony. The event is organized each year by UK’s Association of Air Ambulances.

The Air Ambulance Awards Ceremony had All the Bling

The event saw celebrities such as Louise Minchin who hosts the BBC Breakfast and also Robert Llewellyn of the Red Dwarf fame. The grand event saw over 250 guests and was celebrated in style. Mark Fuszard has been part of Cornwall Air Ambulance (a charity) and has been one of its longest serving crewmembers, being with it for over eight years, participating in over 2000 rescues. During the event, Mark received accolades not only for his huge number of rescues but also his dedication to serve the sector beyond the call of duty. It is estimated that he has raised over 25,000 pounds for Cornwall Air Ambulance over the years that he has been part of it.

This Air Ambulance Expert is Also an Adrenaline Junkie

Skydiving is just one of Mark’s many interests. He has taken part in extreme adventure events to raise money and has been a regular at that. He has participated in the London Marathon, Namib Desert Ultra Marathon, and hopes to be part of an ultra-marathon soon. Last year, he had been part of 6633 Arctic Challenge but could not complete it due to an injury sustained during the event. If you thought Mark is an overachiever, wait until you read this. He also organizes training sessions on a regular basis for lifeguards of the region so that they can efficiently coordinate with air ambulance crewmembers during emergencies. With all these achievements to his name, Mark is definitely a worthy recipient of the award.