New Dedicated Air Ambulance Service Introduced for Organ Transplant Patients

Intermountain Life Flight has partnered with Intermountain Donor Services to invest in a dedicated air ambulance jet for organ transplant patients. The jet is a Cessna Citation/CJ4 and costs $7 million. It will be used for collecting donor organs for patients who are in need of organs in Utah. The air ambulance service will also transport organ transplant patients as necessary.

Safer Patient Transport with New Jet

According to Intermountain Life Flight’s executive director, Pam Moore, the company has been receiving a lot more requests for patient transport across the country within the past couple of years. With the new jet, they will be able to fulfil those requests quickly and efficiently. They will also be able to provide a much safer environment for transporting patients in need.

The new jet is a lot faster than all the other aircrafts in their fleet. While turbopop aircrafts fly at a speed of 310 miles per hour, the new air ambulance service jet flies at 500 miles per hour. It can fly at a height of up to 45,000 feet, while the older aircrafts can only fly up to 30,000 feet. This means they will be able to avoid weather complications much more easily.

In addition to this, the new jet will be able to fly longer distances as it can fly for up to 2,100 miles without making a fuel stop. The turbopop aircrafts can only travel for 1,200 miles till it requires a refuelling.

Faster Air Ambulance Service for Organ Transplant

With the new jet being much faster, the company will be able to fly quickly enough to make organ deliveries when needed. They have been struggling with the issue of transporting organs for a while. The new jet allows them to reach organ recipients across the country much faster than before.

Deal to Expand Air Ambulance Service in the Works for UVM Medical Center

Burlington-based University of Vermont Medical Center could be seeing a lot more landings on their helicopter pad next year. Executives of the hospital are currently negotiating a contract with the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Advanced Response Team to expand their air ambulance service. According to UVM Medical Center’s president and COO, Eileen Whalen, they expect to complete the deal by the end of the month.

Scope of Expanded Air Ambulance Service

The service is intended to ensure that patients with acute health problems such as neonatal illnesses, heart attacks, or strokes can be provided with quick and high-quality medical care. It is intended to help save more lives. However, the service will not be extended to patients in emergency situations such as accidents.

At the moment, ground ambulances are used for transporting patients between all 13 hospitals covered within the service area of UVM Medical Center. With the expanded service, the hospital helipad will see an increase in air ambulance landings every year.

Agreement in the Works with DHARTS

To expand their air ambulance service, UVM Medical Center does not intend to buy a helicopter of its own. Instead, they will staff a helicopter provided by the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Advanced Response Team. This helicopter will be based out of Burlington and bear the logo of the UVM Health Network.

This new service will help UVM Medical Center in their attempts to restructure the options for emergency transport in their 40,000-square-mile service area covering New York and Vermont. For patients within this region, it is the nearest academic hospital that provides top-level trauma care in case of serious health issues.

It is yet uncertain whether or not the state Green Mountain Care Board will need to provide UVM Medical Center with regulatory approval.

Woman to Take on Dalai Lama Trek to Raise Funds for Air Ambulance Service

A woman has taken on the challenge to complete a trek through the Himalayan foothills in an attempt to honor the memory of her brother, Gerry, whom she lost in a car crash. Her attempt will also help raise funds for the air ambulance service that tried to save her brother’s life following the accident.

A Five-Day Expedition for Essex and Herts Air Ambulance

Nathalie Prodano, a technical coordinator for Barratt Homes, Watford, will begin her expedition on October 26. The Dalai Lama Trekking Challenge involves participants undertaking a daunting trek for 52kms for a period of five days. By taking on this challenge, Nathalie will be raising funds for the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, which played a huge role in trying to save her brother’s life.

The air ambulance service managed to save the life of her niece, Kamiylah. Although they also successfully transported Gerry to the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries after four and a half months. Nathalie has decided to honor his memory by going on a very personal journey, which they would often talk about together.

Attempt to Raise Awareness about the Air Ambulance Service

Nathalie said that in addition to honoring her brother’s memory, her effort is also intended for raising awareness about the life-saving service provided by Essex and Herts Air Ambulance. She explained that the charity continues to save lives despite the high cost of running their operations.

Before Nathalie departs for India, she will also ensure that Kamiylah reunites with the air ambulance team that saved her life. Those who wish to make a contribution to Nathalie for Essex and Herts Air Ambulance can do so through the official website of Virgin Money Giving, where she has set up a fundraising page.

Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance Service to Save More Lives with On-Site Blood Transfusions

The Lincs and Notts air ambulance service will start carrying blood supplies on board. This will enable them to carry out on-site blood transfusions and save more lives. This change is expected to significantly enhance the quality of pre-hospital care provided by the crew. Patients will now have an even better chance of recovery even in the most critical injuries.

One of Six Air Ambulance Helicopters to Offer On-Site Blood Transfusions

With the Lincs and Notts air ambulance helicopter carrying blood supplies on board there are now six air ambulance helicopters in the U.K. that can provide on-site blood transfusions. The implementation of the project is being overseen by Dr. David Cookson, who stated that the recent advances in devices have made it possible for air ambulance service crews to administer blood transfusions outside of a hospital environment.

In cases where the patient is bleeding heavily and has very low blood pressure, they have difficulty pumping oxygen to vital organs. So administering blood transfusion is a crucial step to providing treatment to these patients. This improves their chances of survival as they’re being transported to the hospital.

Specialist Training to Air Ambulance Service Crew

The Lincs and Notts crew has been provided a specialist training to carry blood supplies on board and administer it to patients in need. The blood supply is from Lincoln County Hospital, delivered on a daily basis by the Lincolnshire Emergency Blood Bikers.

The helicopter will be transporting the blood supply in thermostatically-controlled boxes              that were specially designed for carrying blood. The helicopter also has a machine to warm the blood so it can be administered at the correct temperature. The crew will be administering the blood to patients whose blood pressure is dangerously low and are suspected to be bleeding significantly.

Access Credit Union Commits to Raising $350,000 for STARS Air Ambulance Service

After announcing their decision to raise funds for STARS Air Ambulance, Access Credit Union has since increased their commitment amount to $350,000, $100,000 higher than the announced commitment. The credit union will be working towards raising the amount within the next five years in order to support the air ambulance service.

Events Underway to Raise Funds

Access Credit Union has already organized a few events to begin their fundraising efforts. On September 14, they organized a charity golf tournament that raised $36,424. ACU also added a direct $25,000 boost to these funds.

Myrna Wiebe, COO of Access, also made a contribution of $61,424 from the recently-held event known as Rescue on the Island. As a result of all these efforts, the organization ended up writing a cheque for $95,534 for STARS Air Ambulance Service. This contribution is on top of the $250,000 five-year commitment made by the credit union.

STARS Air Ambulance Service was Chosen for its Valuable Contribution

According to Larry Davey, CEO of Access Credit Union, the organization chose to raise funds for STARS because of the valuable contribution the service has made for the communities they serve and for the Manitoba region. As a credit union, Davey stated that they’re compelled to invest in causes that result in better lives for their members.

STARS is a non-profit air ambulance charity that provides life-saving transportation service to critically ill or injured individuals. The charity requires $10 million for its annual operations, which is entirely funded by the public. In return, the service saves hundreds of lives each year. The service was able to fly 619 missions in Manitoba during 2016 alone.

Access Credit Union has been known for its contributions to charitable organizations. They were the first organization in Manitoba to have their logo displayed on a Manitoba STARS aircraft.

Meducare Air Enters Agreement with Islands to Provide Coverage for Air Ambulance Service

Meducare Air has entered into an agreement with the Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island to provide country-wide membership coverage. As a result, residents of the two regions will have some assurance that they will be covered in case they ever require air ambulance service.

The Connection Between Meducare Air and AirMedCare Network

Meducare Air is a provider under the AMCN (AirMedCare Network), which is the largest network for air ambulance memberships in the country. Participating providers under AirMedCare Network expand across 39 states in which they have a total of more than 320 air medical bases. And these providers help patients with life-threatening illnesses or injuries with life-saving air ambulance service.

How Air Ambulance Service Under Meducare Air works

When Meducare Air transports an insured island resident with a serious illness or injury, the provider will work out a payment for the flight with your benefits provider. The same holds true for any participating provider under AirMedCare Network. And the coverage will apply for any response conducted within the Charleston County.

Whatever payment made by the patient’s benefits provider will be considered as full payment. This will tackle the issue of unexpected out-of-pocket charges that some air ambulance providers expect from insured patients. In case the patient is uninsured during the time of transport but have Meducare Air coverage, they will be billed the “Medicare Allowable Rate” by the Med-Trans Corporation.

Island residents can also upgrade to a full AirMedCare Network Membership, which will be provided at a discounted rate. With this membership, they will be able to get full coverage and there will be no restrictions in terms of insurance coverage and pickup location. This means even in case they end up requiring the service while travelling out of the county, they will still get coverage from Meducare Air.

Financial Difficulties Compel Air Ambulance Service in Wiregrass to Shut Down

Wiregrass Life Flight, which provides air ambulance service to the Wiregrass area, has shut down their operations in Dothan due to financial difficulties. As a result of this, a new partnership has formed between Haynes Life Flight and Pilchers Ambulance Service. The partners will be replacing Wiregrass Life Flight in providing service to the Wiregrass area.

Low Reimbursement Rates Led To Financial Issues

Statements made by Wiregrass Life Flight suggest that their business couldn’t continue being financially viable because of the low reimbursement rates from insurers in the region. They claim that Alabama Medicaid and Blue Cross Blue Shield provided low reimbursement rates for the company’s services.

According to Wiregrass Life Flight, these low reimbursement rates made it difficult to balance their operations. And they were no longer able to provide sufficient transport volume, rendering them non-viable.

New Partnership to Provide Air Ambulance Service to Wiregrass Area

Despite this discontinuation of service by Wiregrass Life Flight, a new partnership has formed to cater to the needs of residents in the Wiregrass area. Pilcer Ambulance Service and Haynes LifeFlight will be providing critical air ambulance service in the region.

This partnership will begin their operations from September 1 from a base in Dothan. Until then, the partnership will be providing their services from facilities based in Troy.

Haynes LifeFlight carries out their operations using an ASTAR 350 B3 helicopter. The helicopter is being operated by a team of pilots and critical care nurses as well as paramedics. It is equipped with advanced medical equipment, which includes advanced medication, ventilators, blood transfusion equipment, and advanced intubation equipment.

The previous provider, Wiregrass Life Flight had been established in 2015 and has been transporting patients from accident scenes and homes to hospitals. Their services were available to residents in southeast Alabama, north Florida, and Southwest Georgia.

New Acquisition for AMR Air Ambulance Service

AMR Air Ambulance, which belongs to American Medical Response, has acquired Life Guard International, a Las Vegas-based fixed-wing air ambulance service. The air ambulance provider made their announcement early in July and this acquisition is meant to offer a flying ICU service to their patients. This will help them fulfill their commitment to patients in need and provide more reliable and timely transportation services.

Strong Reputation for Life Guard International

According to AMR Air Ambulance’s executive director of medical operations, John Paladino, they chose Life Guard international because they have built a strong reputation for providing safe and high-quality services among patients and clients as well as industry leaders.

Life Guard’s established air ambulance service will combine with AMR’s ground ambulance service to provide a comprehensive medical transport service to their patients. Their services will be available for residents in Last Vegas and Southern California as well as Arizona.

Impressive Fleet for Quality Air Ambulance Service

Life Guard International’s Flying ICU is being operated by almost 50 employees, which includes in-flight nurses and paramedics, perfusionists, and physicians. They carry out their operations through four contracted aircrafts, which includes three Beechcraft King Air turboprops and a Learjet 35A.

Flying ICU has a license to operate in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. They arrange for residents in the southwest to receive emergency fixed-wing medical services in cases where the distance is too long to be covered by an air ambulance helicopter.

Since the base is strategically located, AMR Air Ambulance will now be able to respond to calls more quickly and efficiently. They will no longer have to keep pulling resources from their other base. The partnership is likely to ensure that medical patients receive high-quality medical care and quick transport, increasing their likelihood to survive even in case of emergencies.

Air Methods Partners with Rico Aviation to Provide Quality Air Ambulance Service

Air Methods has struck up a partnership with Rico Aviation to expand their critical care reach. The partnership has resulted in the adoption of a new Bell 407 helicopter to provide quality air ambulance service. With rotor wing capabilities, the new helicopter will help Rico Aviation in providing better service to residents in the Texas Panhandle as well as Eastern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.

Texas-based Air Ambulance Service to Create 15 New Jobs

The helicopter air ambulance is based at Dalhart in Texas. Rico Aviation provides the clinical staff including flight paramedics and flight nurses. The Air Methods emergency medical services provide staffing for pilots and mechanics. This base has created 15 new jobs.

The Bell 407 helicopter has been equipped with all the essential supplies to provide critical care just as they would in the intensive care unit of a hospital. This means the helicopter carries everything from oxygen and air resuscitation equipment to heart monitor/defibrillator and suction. It also carries the essentials like IV pump, fluids, ventilators, emergency medications, and specialized monitoring and testing equipment.

Largest Air Ambulance Provider has Catered to 2 Million Patients

Air Methods is currently the largest air ambulance provider in the United States. With almost 40 years of experience in the industry, they have provided valuable air ambulance service to more than 2 million patients. The provider’s reputation and core values are among the reasons why Rico Aviation wanted to partner with Air Methods.

The new helicopter is the fourth among the Rico Aviation fleet. Aside from it, they carry out their operations using two fixed wing air ambulance aircrafts and one charter jet. And they will continue to operate under the same Rico Aviation team that has carried out operations in Amarillo since the past 21 years.

Montana Insurance Company Reaches Network Agreement with Air Ambulance Service Provider

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana has reached a network agreement with Life Flight Network. This agreement will provide residents of southern Montana with critical air ambulance service. The insurance provider provides coverage to almost 300,000 Montana residents. They also have network contracts with several hospital-based air ambulance providers.

Agreement Resulting from New Legislation

This agreement between the two parties came about after the passing of a new legislation by the Montana Legislature. According to the bill, insurance provides will have to negotiate ambulance bill settlements with air ambulance providers. If necessary, they may even have to negotiate on a case-by-case basis. Patients will only be responsible for deductibles and copays.

The Montana State Legislature passed the bill after hearing the testimonies of several patients who had been hit with sky high air ambulance bills. These patients were charged tens of thousands of dollars for getting transported by air ambulance helicopters.

Lower Air Ambulance Service Fees for Patients

According to the Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Chief Medical Officer Monica Berner, the new agreement will reduce the chances of their members getting hit with massive air ambulance bills. Before the passing of the bill, patients were stuck with sky high bills. While insurers claimed that air ambulance service providers were unwilling to make negotiations, air ambulance providers claimed that insurers were low-balling them.

And the state governments were helpless as the federal Airline Deregulation Act prevents them from regulating the prices, routes, and services of air ambulance providers. With the new legislation in Montana, other insurers and air ambulance providers are also negotiating network agreements. Pacific Source Health Plan, which previously had a network agreement with Life Flight, has made arrangements with REACH Air Medical Service in early June.