Able Systems Staff Raise Funds for Air Ambulance Service that Saved Colleague’s Life

Staff from Able Systems, a firm based in Norwich, completed a triathlon and raised money for an air ambulance service. The staff’s efforts helped raise funds for North West Air Ambulance, which helped transport their colleague who had been in a motorbike accident.

Fundraising Triathlon Coincides with Firm’s Anniversary

Several staff members of Able Systems participated in the Cheshire Triathlon, which took place in Nantwich Pool and Barony Park. About a third of the company’s entire workforce participated. The triathlon also happens to coincide with the firm’s 35th anniversary. Participants had to go through a 500m swim and a 20k bike ride, as well as a 5k run.

Through this challenge the staff members were able to raise £1,100, which will be handed over to North West Air Ambulance. They also expect to receive more funds over the coming weeks, which will all go towards helping the air ambulance service.

Staff Chose to Help Air Ambulance Service that Saved Colleague’s Life

The reason the Able Systems staff chose to raise funds for North West Air Ambulance is because the air ambulance helped save their colleague’s life. A North West crew helped safely transport Deon Zwanepoel to a hospital after he was involved in a motorcycle accident the previous year.

Deon had suffered serious injuries but the air ambulance arrived promptly to the scene. They provided him with critical pre-hospital care. They then transported him to receive proper medical care at the Royal Stoke University Hospital. This played a huge role in saving Deon’s life.

The firm’s Managing Director, Derek Way also said that North West Air Ambulance is responsible for saving lives every day. The air ambulance helps provide critical emergency care and transport to patients who are in need.

California Air Ambulance Service at Risk Due to Finances

According to California air ambulance service providers, their service could be at risk due to funding issues. SkyLife Air Ambulance provides their service to patients all over the valley and transports those in need of life-saving medical treatments to hospitals in a quick and efficient manner. Now they’re facing a risk of cutting down their services due to a cut in state funding.

Air Ambulance Service by SkyLife Air Ambulance

According to SkyLife’s rep Lisa Epps, their air ambulance responds to calls on a daily basis, often flying out to rural or remote regions. Their patients are either seriously injured or critically ill. With quick and immediate transportation by SkyLife, these patients stand a better chance of survival.

Doctor Lawrence Sue of Community Regional Medical Center stated that time is crucial when someone’s bleeding. They have to receive treatment at medical facilities before they bleed out. And the helicopters from SkyLife Air Ambulance help solve this issue. When ground air ambulance vehicles can make the trip in 2-3 hours, the helicopters can make the same trip in less than 30 minutes.

State and Federal Efforts Fund The Operations

Their air ambulance service receives part funding from the EMATA or Emergency Medical Air Transportation Act.  Under this act, the state collects a fee of $4 on traffic tickets. This generates $8 million, which goes into funding the air ambulance operations in the state. The federal government matches this funding with another $8 million.

Currently, the EMATA faces a risk of non-renewal as it will be expiring this year. If it’s not renewed the SkyLife’s operations will no longer receive funding from the state. Jim Wood, a member of the California State Assembly, is pushing legislation to ensure that the air ambulance funding is renewed.

Air Ambulance Service Receives $20,000 to Enhance Pediatric Care

The Taranaki Air Ambulance Trust in New Zealand has recently received $20,000 from the Taranaki Patriotic Trust. The funds will help in making improvements to enhance the care provided by the air ambulance service to new-born babies.

How the TPT Decided to Help the Taranaki Air Ambulance Trust

The suggestion to help the air ambulance was made by the trustees of the Taranaki Patriotic Trust, Rev. David Self. The air ambulance transported his grandchild from New Plymouth several times to Hamilton Hospital. Although the baby didn’t survive in the end, Rev. Self decided that it would be helpful for the air ambulance if they had a new incubator or pod for new-born babies.

So when the Taranaki Patriotic Trust had some extra money to donate to worthy charities and causes in the region, he made the suggestion to buy one for the air ambulance service.

Enhanced Air Ambulance Service for Babies

According to a trustee of the Taranaki Air Ambulance Trust, David Drummond, the financial support from the Taranaki Patriotic Trust could make a difference between life and death. Through the Taranaki Hospital Board, they were able to buy a pod or incubator for premature babies to be used in their flights.

The old incubator they’re using was too heavy, weighing around 90 kilos. But a new and updated model would only weigh around 12-13 kilos. So this means the air ambulance will be able to transport more babies for medical treatment. The Taranaki Air Ambulance Trust has also expressed their willingness to lend the new incubator to the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter in case of emergencies.

Members of the Taranaki Patriotic Trust, including Rev. Self, presented a check of $20,000 to representatives of the Taranaki Air Ambulance Trust. The latter will be using the funds to enhance their operations.

Lincolnshire Air Ambulance Service to Get a New Aircraft

The Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance is all set to get a new aircraft for carrying out their air ambulance service. The new aircraft will be officially unveiled at the air ambulance charity’s launch pad located at RAF Waddington on June 13. Lincolnshire’s new air ambulance aircraft is an AugustaWestland 169 and will be replacing the current aircraft being used by the charity.

New Aircraft to Enhance Lincolnshire’s Air Ambulance Service

The Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance currently carries out their air ambulance operations using an MD Explorer aircraft. The new Augusta Westland 169 will be replacing this old aircraft to enhance the charity’s ability to provide transport and care.

According to a spokesman for the charity, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance will be getting a new state-of-the-art aircraft. This replacement will enable them to enhance the critical care they provide to patients on ground and in flight.

In addition to this, the new aircraft is also faster than the current one. It can fly at a speed of up to 190mph and can operate for more than four hours. This means they will also be able to transport patients more quickly to medical care facilities to receive the care they require.

About Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance

The Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance carries out about 1,000 missions every year. In order to carry out these operations, the charity requires an average of about £2.1 million. They collect these funds through donations from the public, their lottery, and their shops.

The charity also accepts the efforts of volunteers to help maintain their operations. Earlier this year, their headquarters was a target of burglars, who broke into the offices. But since they did not keep the money on site, they didn’t experience much loss except having to pay for the cost of a broken window.

First Flight Expands Its Air Ambulance Service Operations in San Angelo, Texas

First Flight has expanded its air ambulance service operations by opening a new base at the San Angelo Regional Airport in Texas. This base will support the air ambulance’s operations in the west and central regions of Texas. This facility will help the air ambulance company in providing their support to hospitals in smaller communities.

About First Flight and Their New Base

First Flight is a fully-licensed air ambulance company that provides round-the-clock medical transport with fixed-wing air ambulance aircrafts. Their service extends to both emergency and non-emergency patients.

The company has leased a 7,000-square-foot space at San Angelo Regional Airport for the company’s hangar and offices. The hangar will house the company’s King Air C-90 aircraft. First Flight started their San Angelo operations on May 15 with an aim to positively impact the community.

Staff Accommodations for Better Air Ambulance Service

Each First Flight aircraft has a crew comprising of pilots and highly-trainer paramedics and nurses. To ensure better efficiency of their San Angelo operations, the company will be setting up living quarters for the staff just outside the airport grounds. So crew members can quickly and easily reach the base in case of an emergency.

First Flight will have a crew on standby at all hours of the day. This will ensure that the helicopter takes flight within just 15 minutes of getting a call or a patient arriving. With speedy liftoff, the aircraft will be able to transport the patient for specialized care without losing time.

First Flight currently has four paramedics to man their operations in San Angelo. They intend to hire up to 12 employees this year to ensure better air ambulance service. This new base will help the air ambulance company in transporting patients in smaller communities to high-end medical facilities.

Wales Air Ambulance Service in Line to Win Charity Awards 2017

Wales Air Ambulance is among the shortlist to win the Charity Awards 2017. The air ambulance service made it to the shortlist because of its efforts in providing quick and advanced medical care to those in need. The Charity Awards made an announcement for their shortlist on 10 May.

About the Charity Awards

The Charity Awards is the longest-running and most renowned award in the charity industry. This year’s judges for the award are an independent panel comprising of leaders in the industry. These leaders have demonstrated outstanding practice in charity, which other organizations should be learning from.

Wales Air Ambulance Service is in line to receive the Charity Awards in the Healthcare and Medical Research category. It is also the only Wales-focused charity to have been shortlisted for the award. There are 10 categories overall. In addition to this, the event will give out the Daniel Phelan Award for Outstanding Achievement and the Overall Award for Excellence.

The winners of the 10 categories and the recipients for the two other awards will be announced on 8 June at the Tower of London grounds. BBC presenter Louise Michin will host the event.

About Wales Air Ambulance Service

Back in 2015, Wales Air Ambulance partnered with NHS Wales to launch a Flying Medics program, securing critical care practitioners and consultants on board their aircraft. As a result of this project, the air ambulance has been able to provide patients with advanced medical treatments.

In the first year of launching this program, the air ambulance administered 150 emergency anesthetics and carried out 47 blood transfusions. Wales Air Ambulance has since been making progress with their in-flight medical service. They even equipped one of their helicopters with an advanced baby incubator to enhance their post-natal patient care.

Annual Music Festival to Back Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service

The annual Towersey music festival this year will be backing the Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service. The festival will feature performances by famous artists including Newton Faulkner and KT Tunstall. The life-saving service in Thames Valley will be getting a shining endorsement from the festival, which will take place for three days in Thame.

Festival to Feature 100+ Acts

This year’s Towersey music festival will be held in the Thame Showground for a period of three days – from August 25 till August 28. There will be a dozen stages, which will feature more than 100 acts throughout these three days. In addition to performances my music artists, the festival will also have street theatres, gourmet street food, workshops for all ages, films, comedy, and other events.

According to the director of the Towersey Festival, Joe Heap, they will be continuing their support for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service. This support is mainly due to the life-saving service provided by the air ambulance across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire. Heap made this statement during his visit to the Thames Valley Air Ambulance base in RAF Benson.

About the Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service

Thames Valley Air Ambulance has also expressed their gratitude towards the Towersey Festival organizers for their support. The charity’s Senior Fundraising Manager, Ruth Dunkin, has stated that they have exciting plans they will be revealing soon. The Towersey Festival hopes to raise some funds to help fund the air ambulance’s operations.

The Thames Valley Air Ambulance team provides life-saving support to patients in the region. On an average, their helicopters respond to three incidents per day. The elite crew can perform various life-saving procedures such as treating major traumas, open heart surgery, and inducing coma. Their helicopters are equipped with high-end equipment like defibrillators and chest compressors.

Three People Killed in an Air Ambulance Service Plane Crash in Texas

Three people have been killed after an air ambulance service plane crashed in Texas. The crash took place around 12:30 AM on April 30. According to the state’s Department of Public Safety, the crash site is located between Interstate 40 highway and Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. There were no survivors in the crash.

No Patients Aboard Crashed Air Ambulance Service Plane

The air ambulance operator, Rico Aviation has issued a statement to confirm that all three who were killed in the crash were crew members. However, they are yet to release the identities of the three crew members. It’s not yet known whether there were any other people on board the plane. Their statement also expressed their grief over the loss of their team members. Rico Aviation has notified the families of respective crew members.

Investigations to Determine Cause of Crash

The single-engine plane crashed soon after takeoff due to undetermined reasons. Although the Amarillo Police Department is yet to release an official statement as of writing this report, it’s expected that the National Transportation Safety Board will immediately start their investigations. The probe will hopefully determine the cause of the crash that killed three air ambulance service crew members.

According to a statement made by Lynn Lunsford of the Federal Aviation Administration, the air ambulance was heading for Clovis in New Mexico. Lunsford also stated that the plane was a single-engine Pilatus PC-12, which was manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft, a Swiss manufacturer.

Despite there being no official cause of crash determined, local reports have speculated that inclement weather may have played a role. Around the time of the crash, areas surrounding the airport experienced wind speed of around 50 miles per hour. This could have resulted in the crash of the air ambulance plane.

Colchester Half Marathon Helps Raise £60,000 for Air Ambulance Service

Essex and Herts Air Ambulance became the recipient of £60,000 in donations, raised through a half marathon. The half marathon took place in Colchester in March and nearly 3,000 people participated to do their part for the air ambulance service. The organizers of the half marathon have proclaimed this year’s marathon as the most successful one they’ve had.

Funds to Support 22 Missions for Essex and Herts

The funds raised through the Girffin Chapman Colchester Half Marathon will help the air ambulance charity in carrying out their missions across Essex and Hertfordshire as well as their surrounding areas. It is estimated that the amount is sufficient to fund at least 22 missions in the region. The Colchester Colne Round Table hosted this year’s event, which took place on March 12.

The event received massive support from residents of the areas serviced and almost 3,000 people took to the streets to show their support. The charity’s mascot Pilot Pete stood near the finish line, welcoming and cheering each and every runner who successfully crossed it.

Air Ambulance Service Expresses their Gratitude

Essex and Herts Air Ambulance’s fundraising manager, Sabi Stafford has expressed the charity’s appreciation towards everyone who participated in the event. The air ambulance service also had their own team of runners, which included staff and air crew as well as former patients of the charity and their families.

Stafford also stated how working with the Colchester Colne Round Table was such a pleasure. The charity also stated that there aren’t enough ways they could thank the round table for choosing Essex and Herts as their nominated charity. With the £60,000 raised through the half marathon, Essex and Herts Air Ambulance will be able to save more lives and transport patients living in the Essex and Hertfordshire regions.

South Central Air Ambulance Service Paramedics Now Equipped with Live Streaming Cameras

Paramedics working at the South Central Air Ambulance Service have now been equipped with cameras for live streaming. These cameras are aimed at enhancing the quality of emergency service provided by the air ambulance company. Along with the paramedics, local hospital consultants at the Thames Valley Air Ambulance will be equipped with the live streaming cameras.

What it Means for the Air Ambulance Service

With this new equipment, the service’s clinical coordination center under the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service desk will be able to view the live footage when an emergency air ambulance team responds to an incident. This will assist in better coordination between the HEMS team and the air ambulance crew.

By actually seeing the patient, the HEMS will be able to provide more accurate advice. As a result of this, the air ambulance team will be able to save plenty of time especially in life-threatening emergency cases. And this will in turn improve the quality of service they provide.

Other Benefits of Live Streaming Cameras

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, live streaming cameras have plenty of other benefits for an air ambulance service. For example, it can be an effective training aid for paramedics and doctors who are just beginning their service in the air ambulance industry. It could provide the service with the ability to review selected cases and apply certain improvements to their procedures.

They can also help the HEMS staff to arrange for any crucial medical supplies that might be needed for restocking the air ambulance. For example, a live feed of the incident might be able to tell them whether they need to pre-order items like plasma packs, which have been used to treat the patient. Doing so will help them prepare ahead for the air ambulance’s next mission.