Midlands Air Ambulance Receives £4,000 to Fund Their Air Ambulance Transport Missions

National Forest Adventure Farm, a popular tourist attraction, has raised thousands of pounds for Midlands Air Ambulance. Workers at the farm have organized several fundraising events to collect more than £4,000 to support the charity’s air ambulance transport missions.

Several Fundraising Events Organized

The farm workers organized several events to help raise funds for the air ambulance charity. In August 2017, guests at the farm were invited to a charity twilight maize maze event, from which they were able to raise £2,425. The event saw over 400 guests, who actively participated in navigating their way around a maize maze of 10 acres. The maize was designed with a pirate theme and took place at dusk.

In addition to the funds raised from this event, there were several other fundraising events that helped raise the amount donated. Some of the funds were collected through collection tins.

Funds to Support Future Air Ambulance Transport Mission

Tom Robinson, director of the National Forest Adventure Farm recently visited the Midlands base in Tatenhill to present the cheque. Paramedics Laura Rogers and Ian Lock were the paramedics who received the cheque on behalf of the charity.

Robinson has expressed their delight to have been able to raise funds for an important charity that’s vital for the community. For 2018, he stated that they have plans to focus their fundraising efforts towards helping the Burton Hospitals Charity, which is their chosen charity for the year.

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity’s fundraising manager, Katie West expressed the charity’s gratitude towards the National Forest Adventure Farm for having raised money to support their air ambulance transport missions. The funds donated by the farm would have a significant positive impact on their operations as they need to spend £2,500 on average for each mission.

Air Ambulance Transport Provider and Air National Guard Perform Air Ambulance Transfer Drill

The Air National Guard teamed up with REVA Inc., which is the largest dedicated fixed-wing air ambulance transport provider in the Americas to perform an air ambulance transfer drill. The drill, known as Empire Strike, is a two-day exercise on medical evacuation and was carried out at the Schenactady County Airport, at which the REVA northeast base is located.

Wing-to-Wing Transfer Simulation Carried Out

The two teams carried out their exercise using REVA’s Human Patient Simulator, which was used as a mock patient. They practiced how to unload the patient from the C-130 personnel carrier owned by the Air National Guard. And they practiced how to transfer and load the patient onto REVA’s Learjet 35A air ambulance.

This cooperative training exercise was organized with the help of a year-long design effort made by Stephen Hallenbeck, who’s captain of the Air National Guard. Hallenbeck holds the position of a critical care RN at REVA and also the lead exercise planner of the 109th Airlift Wing’s 139th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron.

Cooperation from Air Ambulance Transport Team

Both teams were able to work together effortlessly also due to the assistance of REVA’s Field Training Officer, Robbie MacCue, who supported the planning effort. Hallenbeck had commented that the training was a unique opportunity for the two teams to build practical experiences and skills that they can use in real-world disaster scenarios.

According to Calvin Hargaray, REVA’s Safety Management Systems Manager, the drills involved mass casualty scenarios that helped the air ambulance transport team put their Emergency Response Program to the test. Hargaray said that overall the experience promoted the company’s safety culture, which is gradually growing and gave them clearer insights on what to expect.

This drill was the third one executed within the past six years. Hallenbeck has stated that they plan to conduct drills like these once every two years.

GAO Probes Rapid Rise in Air Ambulance Transport Costs

The U.S. Government Accountability Office released a report on July 25 about the rapidly increasing prices of air ambulance transport. Within a five-year period, the median price for travelling by an air ambulance helicopter increase from $15,000 to $30,000. This is about two-times increase in the cost of travelling by air ambulance.

Increasing Concerns Resulting in Probe

The study by the GAO started to evaluate the concerns of patients who received exorbitant air ambulance bills. These patients had little to no choice in getting transported by an air ambulance because of the emergency situations they were in. And they would then be hit with bills that have resulted in “devastating financial impacts” on them.

Air ambulance charges that have to be paid under Medicare are under a fee schedule control. But for non-Medicare patients, they can get billed the balance of the total bill and the payment made by their private health insurer.

Thorough Investigation on Air Ambulance Transport Costs

For their investigation, the office analyzed data collected between 2010 and 2014 regarding air ambulance prizes. The data was taken from a private health insurance database and from the Baltimore-based Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services. They also interviewed 26 stakeholders, which included eight air ambulance providers.

The office also interviewed officials from the U.S. Department of Transportation and from CMS to determine whether the federal government could make any changes and what are the potential actions to take.

The GAO report also found that this increase in air ambulance transport costs could be a result of market concentration of providers. It would be good to note that 3/4th of all the helicopters in the industry are operated by three large independent providers. And the increase in prices is also partly because companies would adjust prices to make up for the revenues lost in lower-paid transports that are covered by Medicare.

Air Ambulance Transport Cost to Increase for Travis County Residents

Starting August, the cost of getting air ambulance transport will become much more expensive in Travis County. On Tuesday June 20, the Travis County Commissioner’s Court gave authority to STAR Flight to make revisions to their current reimbursement practice. According to STAR Flight officials, this need for revision came about because they need to recover costs resulting from the existing low reimbursement rate.

Base rate for Air Ambulance Transport to Change after Revision

After the revision of the current reimbursement practice, the air ambulance base rate will change. This is the main reason why the cost will increase. The new base rate will be set at $200 per mile or $15,500. As a result of this base rate change, Travis County residents will likely see an $11,00 increase in cost for an air ambulance.

For Travis County residents, the current base rate stands at $4,500. For patients who aren’t residents of Travis County, the base rate is $9,500. In each case, the rate per mile is $165. Starting from August 1, the revision will take effect and STAR Flight will follow the new base rate system of $200 per mile or $15,500.

More Details about the Revision

The fees revision will also bring about several other changes in addition to the base rate increase. After the revision, STAR Flight will only issue a bill in cases where a patient has been transported to a hospital. They will not issue a charge for other instances like response, law enforcement, search and rescue, or fire suppression.

For example, if someone gets rescued in a flood situation and is dropped off with law enforcement, family, or EMS; they will not get billed. And in spite of this revision, STAR Flight will still make accommodations in case of patients who can’t afford the air ambulance transport cost.

Law Firm Receives Charity Partnership Award for Partnering with London’s Air Ambulance Transport

Hogan Lovells, a law firm, has been chosen for the Business Charity Awards under the Charity Partnership, Legal category. The firm’s recognition was a result of their partnership with air ambulance transport charity London’s Air Ambulance. The award recognizes outstanding partnership between a UK-based charity and a company operating in the legal sector.

About their Partnership

Hogan Lovells in 2014 chose London’s Air Ambulance as their local charity of the year. As a result of this decision, the charity was able to purchase a second helicopter, which was highly necessary for their air ambulance transport operations. Although this partnership was only supposed to last for two years, the firm decided to extend it for a third year.

The law firm actively helped London’s Air Ambulance during the search and acquisition of their second helicopter. They carried out all the legal work necessary on a pro-bono basis. They also helped the charity in a worldwide search for a suitable helicopter and provided advice on financing and loans. The charity managed to save more than £77,000 due to this support.

More help for the Air Ambulance Transport

In addition to these efforts, employees at Hogan Lovells also provided huge support in the fundraising efforts for the charity, organizing awareness campaigns and fundraising events. In 2016, they managed to raise £100,000 through a charitable giving program. Some of the events they organized included quiz nights, ballroom dancing contests, and wine tastings. They also sponsored runs and walks as well as absells.

During a period of three years, the Hogan Lovells staff raised £177,517. By acquiring the second helicopter, London’s Air Ambulance was able to reduce their downtime to just five days in one year. So the law firm’s contributions for this charity resulted in them winning the Business Charity Awards under the Charity Partnership, Legal category.

Hospital Plans to Replace Old Air Ambulance Transport Helicopter

The Kalispell Regional Medical Center is still using a 17-year-old helicopter to carry out air ambulance transport. The helicopter operates under the hospital’s ALERT (Advanced Life Support and Emergency Rescue Team). And now the hospital is expressing their intention to purchase a new helicopter by the summer of 2017 to replace the aging helicopter.

High Maintenance and Repair Costs for Old Helicopter

According to statements made by Tagen Vine, who’s with the Kalispell Regional Medical Center, the ALERT helicopter needs frequent and expensive maintenance due to its old age. In 2016 alone, the helicopter was grounded for 105 days because it needed either maintenance or repairs. And their expenses on this amounted to about $200,000.

A new helicopter will cost them approximately $4million. But there will be lower maintenance and repair costs. This means the hospital will be able to carry out crucial emergency transport service more efficiently. With the new helicopter, the hospital intends to improve the quality of service they provide.

New Air Ambulance Transport Helicopter to Prevent High Air Ambulance Fees

The Kalispell Regional Medical Center’s air ambulance helicopter is nonprofit and serves the Northwest Montana region. Since the ALERT helicopter is frequently down for repairs, the hospital often leases helicopters from private services. And this results in high air ambulance costs, which they plan to prevent with the help of a new helicopter.

In addition to the high lease costs, the need for a new air ambulance transport helicopter arose due to the new rules implemented by the Federal Aviation Administration. Although their current ALERT helicopter meets the new regulations, the hospitals leased from private services do not. This means if their helicopter is down for repairs, they won’t be able to provide any sort of service to patients in need.

How to Improve the Decontamination Process of Air Ambulance Transport Vehicles

Due to years of lifesaving services, Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance crew has been hailed as rural heroes of the nation. The charity launched in 2013 and has since completed more than 1,330 missions throughout Scotland. The team has provided air ambulance transport not only in the Scottish mainland but also across all the islands.

Air Ambulance Transport a Boon for Rural Areas

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance provided quick paramedic care and swift transportation of patients to medical facilities. In many cases, their rapid response made all the difference between life and death. The case is especially true for patients in remote and rural regions. As a result of this, the charity has been declared “a crucial lifeline” that the nation desperately needs. They received recognition at the Scottish Rural Awards held in Edinburgh.

Unanimous vote for Air Ambulance Crew

The air ambulance transport crew was unanimously chosen by the judges to receive the Rural Heroes Award. Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance is currently operated by five paramedics and two pilots. According to the awards’ judges, the services provided by the crew were truly remarkable and could potentially benefit every resident of Scotland.

Due to their dedication, the crew has been able to provide emergency medical care to the seriously ill or injured especially in rural areas. David Craig, Chief Executive of the charity stated that their air ambulance crew played a major role in saving the lives of rural residents.

The team believes they’re just doing their jobs and do not consider themselves as heroes. But Craig stated that the team’s job involves a high level of skill and dedication as well as mental and physical endurance. Because of the team’s ability to deliver on these requirements, it’s not an overstatement to call them heroes.

Montana Senate Passes Bill to Prevent Huge Air Ambulance Transport Costs

For several weeks, the Montana Senate has been dealing with a bill that would prevent air ambulance patients from getting charged excessively. Earlier this month, a special committee gave the bill a go-ahead and sent it to the full Senate for approval. On Friday February 24, the Senate finally passed the bill that would prevent huge air ambulance transport costs for patients.

Unanimous Approval of Bill

Before the Senate went on its mid-session break, they voted 50-0 to have the bill passed on February 24. The bill will now go to the House for consideration. This unanimous vote from Senate members proves how effective the testimony from former air ambulance patients affected their decision. In the past weeks, former air ambulance patients had given their testimonies about receiving tens of thousands of dollars in air ambulance bills because they used a provider that wasn’t within their insurance network.

More Measures to Control Air Ambulance Transport Billing

With the new bill, air ambulance providers will have to negotiate the cost with insurance companies instead of obliging patients to pay for the entire cost. The bill, which was introduced by Senator Gordon Vance, will also prevent overcharging of air ambulance transport in several more ways. For instance, if patients had to make a payment for the transport, they would only be responsible for deductibles and co-payments.

The Montana Senate also took other measures to prevent excessive air ambulance costs and incessant bill collection for patients. The new bill also prohibits air ambulance providers from communicating with credit agencies when a patient has failed to pay a bill. All of these measures should have a significant impact on residents of Montana who are in need of emergency medical transportation by an air ambulance.

Wiltshire AA Prepares for a Christmas Raffle to Fund Air Ambulance Transport Operations

Wiltshire Air Ambulance continues to make waves with its fundraising efforts as it prepares for this year’s Christmas raffle. The charity comes up with an annual raffle in addition to several fundraisers to find its air ambulance transport operations. For this year’s Grand Christmas Draw, Wiltshire Air Ambulance is offering a total of £3,000.

Christmas Raffle Raises Vital Funds for WAA

According to Rebecca de la Bedoyere, who is the charity’s senior fundraising manager, the Grand Christmas Draw brings in vital funds for Wiltshire Air Ambulance. The charity requires at least £3.25 million to keep their aircrafts flying to save lives. And this Christmas raffle often makes up for a large part of that fund requirement.

To participate in the raffle, people can buy tickets worth £1. Entering the draw gives participants a chance to win £3,000 as the top prize. In addition to this, there’s a £500 second prize and a £100 third prize. Five people will win consolation prizes of £50. Entering before November 30th gives people an entry into the Early Bird draw, for which they can win a £100 voucher for Marks & Spencer.

For those who are interested in supporting the air ambulance transport operations, people can call 01380 739453 to purchase tickets to the draw. In order to participate, players need to be at least 16 years of age and must enter the draw before January 2nd.

WAA Continues to Upgrade its Air Ambulance Transport Operations

Wiltshire Air Ambulance has been making innovative steps in improving their operations. Last year, they started carrying blood supply on board their emergency transport aircrafts and vehicles. Their efforts at fundraising have made notable waves with the charity being shortlisted to win a national-level fundraising award.

Truckers Lend a Helping Hand to Lincolnshire Air Ambulance Transport Service

Two truckers from Boston have decided to start their second fundraiser to help out air ambulance transport services in Lincolnshire. This year, their efforts will be for the benefit of the Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Services or LIVES. The two lorry drivers, Paul Smith and Toby Cooley, managed to raise £2,500 the previous year for the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance.

How it all Started

Toby Cooley had suffered a heart attack in November last year and LIVES came to his rescue. He commented that the crew from LIVES is always there to help others in their free time. Being lorry drivers, Toby and his friend Paul witness accidents on a day to day basis. Paul added that there’s no knowing when they’ll need the air ambulance transport service. So they wanted to give more recognition to LIVES and lend a helping hand by starting a fundraiser.

Fundraising to Help an Air Ambulance Transport Service

Toby and Paul will be organizing a rock ‘n’ roll night on 22nd October at the Hubberts Bridge Community Centre. The event starts at 7pm and will also include a disco, auction, buffet, and raffle. The duo have arranged for live musical performances that will showcase the talents of local musicians. Some of the local musicians who will be performing at the event include The Last Chance and Bob Garrett.

In addition to this, the event will also witness appearances by guest stars Russell Oliver, of UK Shipping Wars and Rick Yemm, who stars in Ice Road Truckers. Tickets for the variety fundraising event for LIVES air ambulance will cost £10 for each person and must be bought in advance. Proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards funding the operations of the air ambulance.