Air Ambulance Fundraiser Fined for Drunk Driving

We’ve always spoken highly of United Kingdom’s efforts at fund raising for air ambulance organizations. The latest news, however, was a bit disappointing. Lisa Blezard is employed as a fund raiser with Yorkshire Air Ambulance. At present, Lisa is on maternity leave. She was arrested on January 22 of this year and tried on February 8. She was found to have a blood-alcohol level less than twice the permissible limit. She was driving a Nissan Juke at the time. Lisa had been reported by Asda security personnel.


The Defence by Air Ambulance Employee’s Prosecution

Lisa pleaded guilty of the charge and did not contest it in the court, which was appreciated by the judge. The judge also noted that she was only 32 and the possibility of a dent in her reputation is a great punishment in itself. Toni McCann who was her defence lawyer said that Lisa did not believe that she was drunk enough not to drive and was in good senses. Predictably, this argument was not accepted by the judge and she was fined 500 British pounds and banned from driving for 17 months.

Lisa revealed that she was on a food-replacement milkshake and that might have impaired her capacity to metabolize alcohol.

Lisa May Lose Her Job with the Air Ambulance Company

Although Yorkshire Air Ambulance has not yet taken a decision on Lisa, it is possible that she may be sacked from her job as a fund raiser for the charitable organization, where reputation can mean everything. However, there is also the concern that she is a new mother and needs to take care of her newborn and herself.

Lisa said that she had been to her friend’s house and had three glasses of wine with her. She had set out on her car to a nearby store to buy something for her child who was irritable. She wanted to get something to soothe her teething baby.

AirMule – The Air Ambulance Drone

We had reported early last year that a world-class air ambulance drone, AirMule is in the making in Israel. Approximately a year down the line, the drone is almost ready and has successfully completed its maiden ride. The air ambulance drone has made some major changes, while maintaining its agility. Considering that the company only plans to mass produce the drone in 2020, the development has been pretty swift.

The Utility of the Medical Drone

It would easily be able to carry two people at a time. It is equipped to carry about 992 pounds in total. This is a drastic improvement from its previous capacity of 880 pounds. The speed initially was 140 miles an hour; however, whether the new weight would impact the speed is not still clear. The good news is that the drone has been cleared by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel.

The unmanned medical flight has been designed for use in extreme circumstances like the battle field and can easily negotiate sharp maneuvers. While it will be highly useful in extracting wounded soldiers in the battlefield, it will find immense utility in the urban and rural settings too. The drone can easily course through mountains and thick forests and is capable of vertical take off.

The Future of Air Ambulance Drone

AirMule is certainly not the first of its kind. In fact, eHang 184 has already been built in China and is slated to be used as an unmanned taxi. This, of course, means that it can easily be converted into a medical flight drone.

AirMule is now awaiting approval by the country’s Civil Aviation Authority for continuous and unhindered flight testing. The decade long development of the air ambulance drone now seems to be yielding fruits for its developers. The medical flight industry is certainly watching this development keenly.

Prince William, the Air Ambulance Celeb, Stuns School Children!

What can be more surprising than bumping into a prince in your school canteen? Hardly anything, especially if you’re in your teens or pre-teens. Well, a surprise of this magnitude was awaiting the pupils of John Henry Newman School in Stevenage, United Kingdom. The prince was taking a break from his hectic air ambulance duties to quickly grab something to eat. William had recently returned to his air ambulance duties after the Christmas break where he spent time with his family. He has been a part of East Anglian Air Ambulance since last year.

What Did the Star Air Ambulance Pilot Do in the Canteen?

Most pupils felt that the royal air ambulance pilot was down to earth and mingled freely with the pupils who had some curious questions for him. One of the students wondered how his Christmas went to which the prince replied that he had a “lovely” time with his family. The East Anglian air ambulance pilot had cauliflower cheese and roast chicken in the canteen. He is believed to have relished his food and even complimented the school chef on the taste. However, he stopped short of having the pudding according to a student. Many students had clicked “selfies” with Prince William in the view and shared it on social media. Some even commented saying the prince had made “my year.”

The School Staff was Equally Surprised by the Air Ambulance Pilot

Even the school authorities were unaware that Prince William was among the pilots of the air ambulance that had landed in their playground. The head-teacher of the school said that they always extended the courtesy of offering refreshments to the air ambulance pilots who often land in their playground. They were surprised to find Prince William among the air ambulance crew members. The Prince was initially seen donning a high-visibility jacket in the school’s playground.

New Air Ambulance Service in Wyoming

We’ve constantly brought you updates on the air ambulance industry development over the years. One thing that has been increasingly apparent in the recent times is that air ambulance companies throughout the United States have been expanding their business in this highly competitive industry. In keeping with the industry trend, REACH air ambulance has now expanded its service to Wyoming through its King Air B200 aircraft. It is expected that by the end of this month, the air ambulance company would have a base in Cody, Wyoming and shortly thereafter another base in Greybull, Wyoming.

The New Air Ambulance Service will Help Reach Rural Areas

It’s no secret that rural United States has difficulty getting adequate healthcare on time. The President of REACH revealed that the main aim of expanding to Wyoming is to reach the rural areas surrounding the Bighorn Basin. The air ambulance company would be stationing a chopper in Cody and an airplane in Greybull. The company plans to add additional support when needed through its Colorado and Montana bases. The VP of the company revealed that they were delighted to serve the rural areas in their continued efforts to make healthcare accessible throughout Western United States.

Preparation is in Full Swing in the Air Ambulance Bases

The medical director of Cody base, Dr. David Fairbanks, would also be the medical director of the air ambulance company for the region. The efforts are on to train a medical team currently. This team would be in action once the current training process is over. The team would comprise of nurses and paramedics with a combined experience of well over a decade in critical care. Dr. Fairbanks would also be a flight team member, which means he would fly with the team when need arises. The air ambulance company is a part of AirMedCare membership program.

Veteran Air Ambulance Warriors “Dustoff” Nominated for Congressional Medal

This is one bill that will probably go completely unopposed. Senators Joe Manchin and John Cornyn have recently introduced a piece of legislation that will allow the much deserved honor to the Vietnam veterans who were part of the air ambulance crew that saved hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the war-torn country. The elite group of brave air ambulance warriors will be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.

The Bravery of These Air Ambulance Greats Goes Back to WW II

These soldiers had the reputation of flying the air ambulance in the most treacherous and deadly zones. Every air ambulance that flew was unarmed and only hosted the medical and flight crew members. According to one estimate about 900,000 lives were saved by these air ambulance warriors.

Their job was to ferry the wounded soldiers to the nearest United States medical facility so that they get appropriate treatment. Often times, the rescue meant putting their own lives to risk. These air ambulance crews had been in actions since the World War II and had continued their brave efforts during the cold war.

The Senators on the Air Ambulance Warriors

The air ambulance crews of the bygone era were popularly known as the Dustoffs. The bill that was introduced by the two senators was heartily welcomed by Vietnam Dustoff Association and Dustoff Association. They felt it was long-due recognition for the air ambulance warriors. Senator Cornyn termed their jobs as the most dangerous in the “deadliest” war zones in the “modern era”. Senator Manchin was also praise for the “resilience” and “courage” displayed by these life savers under fire.

The bipartisan bill has received immense support from various quarters including

  • Army Aviation Association of America
  • Association of the United States Army
  • American Legion
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars

REVA Air Ambulance Wins the Coveted ITIJ Awards 2015

Air ambulance industry insiders have long held that REVA Air Ambulance deserves the ITIJ (International Travel & Health Insurance Journal) award, which has now become a reality. In an award function held in Megaron Athens Concert Hall, the Air Ambulance of the Year award was handed over to REVA. This is the 13th year that the awards have been presented to those companies that have contributed positively and meaningfully to the global health insurance and travel industry. The other finalists were Tyrol Air Ambulance, FAI and ER24. The finalists had been announced earlier this year. The award was sponsored by US San Diego.

REVA Air Ambulance has Been Nominated Before

In fact, REVA air ambulance has been nominated twice before for the award. It was first nominated in the year 2012 but fell short of winning the award. REVA was nominated again last year but fell short of winning the award by a whisker. The year 2015, however, has proved lucky to the air ambulance company and it has finally bagged the award.

REVA is Well Established in the Air Ambulance Industry

The company’s operation spans the US and the Caribbean and is among the largest fixed wing air ambulance service providers in the region. The company prides itself on its extensive service of having conducted over 25,000 missions all over the world. REVA has achieved all this with a 100% safety record, which is highly commendable. The air ambulance service provider has also been bestowed with the AAMS Fixed Wing Award of Excellence. The company also enjoys several recognized accreditations such as:

  • National Accreditation Alliance of Medical Transport Applications
  • ARGUS Gold
  • International Assistance Group
  • The European Aeromedical Institute

REVA is recognized by FAA, CTAIL and is permitted to offer services in eight Caribbean islands, apart from US Treasury Cuban operation authorization.

The award was presented on the 5th of November.

Life and Death of Air Ambulance Great – Alan Purwin

September 11 was an unfortunate day for the entire aviation industry. Alan Purwin was killed in the crash on that fateful day onboard a Piper Aerostar. He was on his way to Medellin, Colombia. He had just finished shooting for Tom Cruise’s latest flick Mena. Alan, although a trained pilot was a passenger as another pilot was flying the chopper. The pilot too lost his life in the crash.


Alan Purwin was Involved in Air Ambulance Aid

It was in 1998 that Alan Purwin had set up an air ambulance service for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He had, years later, revealed that he knew nothing about children’s hospital or medical care b ut was moved by the urgency of the need that the hospital had. He found the situation so compelling that he asked on the spot what the hospital needs and ended up providing them with an air ambulance. He had initially given the hospital a Agusta A109 but later upgraded the air ambulance to Sikorsky S-76. This air ambulance had given the hospital the capability to fly long distances.

Alan was Well Known for his Work during Hurricane Katrina

Apart from the air ambulance, perhaps Alan’s most charitable work was when he brought the plight of people in New Orleans before the world. He along with his camera operator JT Alpaugh had set their HD equipment ready to capture the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. He had later distributed the footage to all major news networks at no charge. Many believe that the footage was the reason why New Orleans received the aid and attention that it deserved at that time. This air ambulance legend was born in a family that loved flying. His father too was a pilot. He has been part of shooting blockbusters like The Italian Job, The Transformers, and Pearl Harbor. The air ambulance industry will miss this entrepreneur and aviator with a golden heart.

Air Ambulance Market Oversaturated Says CEO of Air Methods

Aaron Todd is the CEO of the largest air ambulance company that we know of and in a frank revelation recently, Aaron stated that the air ambulance market today is oversaturated and that profits are being hit due to this reason. However, for patients availing air ambulance services this is both a good and bad news. Let’s touch upon the effects of oversaturation in some details below.


What Does it Mean for the Air Ambulance Consumers?

For one, there are probably more ambulances available per person in the United States than anywhere else in the world. This means more people have easy, quick and efficient access to very high level of care. Medical facilities and trauma care centers can be reached quicker than ever before.

Aaron also revealed that an air ambulance chopper that would fly at least two patients each day, hardly flies one patient a day these days owing to stiff competition. This has adversely affected the patients as the increased overhead costs are being passed off to patients and insurances are just not willing to share the burden entirely. To make the matters worse, patients or their loved ones, usually are not in a position to decide on the service provider or opt out of air ambulance service for ground ambulance services. The decision is usually taken by the treating physicians.

Air Ambulance Companies are Still Expanding

The oversaturation of the market has not stopped huge air ambulance companies like Air Methods from further expanding its fleet. You may wonder why, but the answer is simple if you understand the business. Air ambulance companies try to cover as many cities and towns as possible. Failing to achieve this would result in the competition gaining a stronger foothold in such regions.

Currently over 82 million people in the United States have access to air ambulance services.

The Story of a Storyteller and Air Ambulance

Brian Major has been a travel writer for over 30 years and prides himself for having taken hundreds of flights during this time. He gleefully remembers the time when smoking was allowed onboard aircrafts and goes on to say that he was a frequent flier when flying was considered a “classy thing to do.” Brian chronicles his experiences with aircrafts beautifully in his recent article.


Brian had to take a New Kind of Flight Recently

Having been a smoker for long, the habit had finally taken a toll on him. While in Panama City and travelling by a taxi, he had felt a sudden unease in his chest and asked the taxi to take him to a local hospital where he found out that he had a collapsed lung.

Suddenly, Brian had found himself in a foreign land and healthcare he wasn’t very confident of. All he wanted was to be closer to home. Thanks to a wise decision taken just a few months back Brian was well-covered for this eventuality. He had recently bought an insurance that not only covered his emergency medical costs up to $10,000 but also air ambulance charges up to $20,00 and he was well on his way home in no time.

It was a Reassuring Journey Onboard REVA Air Ambulance for Brian

Aboard a Lear Jet and strapped to a stretcher, Brian was leaving Panama City and heading towards Miami in no time, thanks to REVA air ambulance. In his own words, the flight was extremely smooth and the air ambulance crew was professional and friendly. He felt an immense sense of relief aboard REVA air ambulance he writes.

Brian goes on to write that he underwent a surgery just a few hours later. Thanks to his insurance cover and quick service by the air ambulance provider, Brian is on his path to fully recovery now.

India on the Path to Reducing Air Ambulance Cost

If you thought it was only the US which was grappling with the increasing air ambulance cost, think again. Even India is facing the same problems. However, since the regulation that guides air ambulance services in India differ from that of the US, it looks like there is hope for India, which is much poorer than the US.

The Doctors have Asked the Government to Exempt Air Ambulances from Service Tax

The air ambulance companies are charged a service tax in India. While it is not fair to ask the air ambulance companies to reduce the charges, the doctors appealed to the Union Health Ministry to wave off air ambulance service charges. Recently, an air ambulance was used to transport a heart meant for transplant via air ambulance. To make the cost bearable for the patients, the doctors have requested this exemption from the central government.

CSR and Air Ambulance Services

The doctors are looking at corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the large Indian companies. They are expecting these corporate giants to come forward and foot the air ambulance bills, which are quite often beyond what a common Indian can afford.

Indian hospitals have seen a lot of organ transplants recently. Often, the situation demands that the organ is delivered to the hospital within a gap of as little as 4 hours. With the poor Indian roads and the vastness of the country, this is highly impossible if not for air ambulance services. The doctors feel that there is hope for patients if the corporate bodies and the government come to together to make air ambulances more affordable.

It must be noted that health insurance is just catching up in India and most of the population does not have health insurance. Currently, an air ambulance cost in India can be 700,000 rupees or $10,500.