Air Ambulance Gets the Couple Stuck in Peru Back

This is not the first time that we have discussed people stuck in foreign lands due to lack of travel insurance and air ambulance coverage. We’ve also seen that most cases end up in a financial tragedy, but not this one. Marie and Russell Luttrell hail from Texoma, Texas, and were on a visit to Lima, Peru, for two weeks. Air ambulance coverage and travel insurance was probably the last thing on their minds, even though Marie was pregnant. This is because she was just six-month pregnant and even the doctors had cleared her for the travel. They were visiting Peru for a friend’s wedding.

The Couple was Lucky to Have Great Friends

Things took a dramatic turn once they reached Peru. Marie suddenly started having contractions and finally had a baby around Christmas time. Russell realized that things work differently in Peru. He was asked to pay upfront before each procedure. Finances were least of his worries initially as the newborn and his wife were still recovering and their health was his main concern. The thought of money though had bothered him a bit later. Thanks to his friends, money just poured in for their support. However, the probability of having to fund the air ambulance transport was still there.

The Air Ambulance Company did not Ask for Upfront Money

To Russell’s delight, he was not asked for upfront payment by the air ambulance service. However, he will have to wait and watch whether the insurance would cover the US air ambulance cost. The point to be noted here is that air ambulance transport across borders usually costs a lot of dollars. The absence of adequate cover can result in a heavy financial burden later on, in case insurance does not cover the air ambulance expense.

For now, however, Russell is a happy man as his baby steadily grows in a Dallas medical facility.

Will Air Ambulance Drones Soon be a Reality?

The drone industry worldwide has been fast turning into a multimillion dollar industry, even as the US has struggled to catch up with the trend. The reason primarily has been the reluctance of FAA to allow the free use of drones in the US airspace. Even though there have been calls for use of drones as air ambulance, there has been little headway. However, it seems like air ambulance drones are now an inch closer to becoming a reality as FAA has agreed upon a few drone testing sites. It has also approved a few exceptions for commercial use of drones, although air ambulance is not one of them. Will air ambulance be one of these exemptions soon is what industry watchers are eagerly awaiting.

It’s No to Air Ambulance Drones for Now, but there’s Hope

The exemptions that FAA has approved currently does not include air ambulance drone use for commercial purpose, however, it has let drones in areas such as:

  • Flare stack inspections
  • Aerial photography and surveys
  • Film and television production

FAA is also in the process of developing regulations that will pave way for use of drones that weigh less than 55 pounds.

FAA had received 342 exception requests and only approved 24 out of them. It is to be seen whether it allows commercial air ambulance drones soon.

The Way has been Cleared for Air Ambulance Drone Testing

FAA has approved several sites for drone testing in the United States in conjunction with its partners, which include:

  • University of Alaska
  • State of Nevada
  • Griffiss Airport, New York
  • North Dakota Dept of Commerce
  • Texas A&M University
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
  • Alpena County Regional Airport, Michigan

The North Dakota site is already open for drone testing and commercial air ambulance drones can be tested here. However, the individuals and organizations that plan to test air ambulance or any other type of drones will have to seek permission from FAA first. It is believed that almost two-thirds of North Dakota will be open for testing soon – a great news for air ambulance drone developers. FAA has also opened testing sites which is another place that air ambulance drone developers can look at.

Will Air Ambulance Drones Ever Fly the US Skies?

We have heard of air ambulance drones delivering defibrillators. There have even been cases where air ambulance drones have rescued injured people when there was no other way of reaching them. Yet, one wonders why air ambulance drones are not adorning our skies? These tiny medical flights are much cheaper than a full-fledge air ambulance flight, even though they cannot actually perform all the tasks that they perform; however, even if they can eliminate the need for air ambulance services in a few cases, it can translate into a lesser cost burden both for individuals as well as insurance companies. So, why are air ambulance drones still not a common sight?

So, what’s Preventing the Use of Air Ambulance Drones in the US?

Federal Aviation Administration or FAA, which is the regulating body when it comes to airspace use, recognizes drones as aircrafts. So, if you are thinking these are nothing more than remote control planes, you’re mistaken. Earlier, the FAA had promised that it would come up with a set of regulations for drones in 2015 but the initiative has been delayed. FAA has now said that it will only come out with the regulations in 2017 creating an uncertainty over commercial use of drones.

How Can Air Ambulance Drone Help?

The possibilities are limitless. Apart from delivering qualified medical instructions to assist people in dire medical conditions in unreachable places, the air ambulance drones can also be used to assist people during natural disasters and even locate people caught in rubbles during building collapses. The delay in regulating commercial use of drones is going to discourage innovation in the field. Other countries like the UK, Australia and Canada already have regulations in place. It is hoped that the United States catches up with these countries soon. The regulations can also help create more jobs in the emergency response industry.

Air Ambulance Plays a Part in the World’s Most Expensive Sex!

The sexual escapade of Peter Cousins, a citizen of UK, has cost him over $250,000. It all started when he along with his partner Dawn Reed decided to make love in hot springs in remote Nevada Desert. The excitement of the whole act was too much for Cousins, who first complained of left arm pain and subsequently collapsed. Of course, air ambulance had to be called in to evacuate him to the nearest hospital, where he ended up having a stent placed.

The Moments Before Air Ambulance Was Called

According to Reed, the couple had found a natural hot spring in a remote part of Nevada Desert. Although they had taken a dip in the hot pool before, on that fateful day, they decided to strip down and indulge in lovemaking, and the tragedy ensued. Let alone reaching an air ambulance, Reed had to run for over three miles to ask for help as there was no phone signal in the vicinity. She had finally managed to ask a trucker for help who in turn contacted an air ambulance via satellite phone.

Air Ambulance and Hospital Bill is Huge but Cousins has No Regrets

Cousins who is currently in the United Kingdom to arrange for finances to pay the hospital and air ambulance bills, says he has no regrets and that the “session” was worth it. He admitted he had imagined that the bill would amount to no more than $5000 but was taken aback when he was presented with a $250,000 bill. To add to his misery, he has now broken up with his partner, Reed, who is still in the United States.

Prior to the “tragedy,” the couple was working together as chefs at a cowboy ranch in the desert. Cousins who is 55 had no travel insurance, let alone coverage for air ambulance expenses. The couple was travelling the world and had stopped to work in the ranch for a short duration.

Prince William’s Air Ambulance Charity Gets a Naked Boost

East Anglian Air Ambulance has already shot to fame with Prince William becoming a part of it, or rather an employee of it. Well if you thought that was all, wait until you hear this. The local women between ages 19 to 50 have decided to come up with a unique calendar to raise money for the air ambulance charity. They’ve all shed their cloths for the cause. The proceeds from this 2015 calendar will go entirely to East Anglian Air Ambulance. The lovely ladies with the golden heart have resolved to send a copy to the Duke of Cambridge. We just hope that he likes it enough to hang it in one of the walls of his royal home.

The Calendar Meant for Air Ambulance Charity has an Interesting Theme for Each Month

The “models” for the calendar hail from the country side. The calendar captures these country lasses in riding boots – well just the riding boots most of the time. They even have a Christmas themed portion for the December of 2015, with the embellishment of a Santa’s cap in addition to the boots. For pages of other months, the ladies are found cutting wood, in the barn, and plainly walking through the woods. The photographs were shot by Julie Ayres as well as Stevie Thory, who have supposedly captured the moments beautifully. Julie revealed that she really hopes that the Prince likes the calendar.

A Little about East Anglian Air Ambulance Charity

Last year East Anglian Air Ambulance carried out about 1440 missions and helped over a 1000 patients. Of these, 414 people had been affected by traffic accidents. Photographer, Julie, further revealed that the fantastic work caried out by the air ambulance charity was the reason why the women had volunteered for the job. Being from the countryside herself, Julie said, they understood the importance of air ambulance services in the region such as theirs. She also revealed that the calendars could be preordered by emailing her at

India Set to Join the International Air Ambulance Scene

It seems like international air ambulance scene is fast evolving. After the most populated country in the world, China, adopted air ambulances, it is now the turn of the second most populous country in the world, India, to do so. Recent reports have suggested that India would soon get a nationwide air ambulance service. The signing of a tripartite agreement between India-based Aviators Air Rescue and the US-based Air Medical Group Holdings and Airbus Helicopters has marked the beginning of the new service which could certainly have a positive impact on the international air ambulance scenario.

A Huge Country like India Demands Several Air Ambulances

The air ambulance service providers have recognized the fact that they would need to have a good reach for the venture to be successful. Initially, three EC135 T3/P3 choppers would be put into action. The plan is to increase the fleet by 11 choppers a year. The services will initially be limited to the southern Indian states. The expectation is to cover the entire country within three years of commencement of air ambulance services. The venture is slated to take off by the end of 2015.

There is an Effort to Make Air Ambulance Services Affordable

There has been a concerted effort on the part of air ambulance service providers to take the services to the not-so-rich people of India. Efforts are being made to tie up with hospitals throughout the country and more importantly, health insurance providers. Of course, people would have to purchase the additional coverage to avail the services. The aim is to make the additional insurance cover affordable to common man in India. The initial investment on the three choppers has been about $60 million. The air ambulance service providers, however, will not be compromising on quality of medical services. Each air medical flight would be operated by two pilots along with two qualified medical crew members.

Another Air Ambulance Drone that’s Making News

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman.” “No, it’s actually an air ambulance drone!”

After the air ambulance drone by Urban Aeronautics in Israel, it’s now the drones with built-in automatic external defibrillators that are making the news. The air ambulance drone has been designed by Alec Mont who is a student at Delft University in Holland. Don’t be surprised if you find drones flying in packed sports venues or traffic jams in the near future. The air ambulance drone is capable of covering an area of 12 square kilometers within a minute. Now, that’s a huge achievement considering the long delays that often result in loss of life during cardiac emergencies.

The New Air Ambulance Drone Sports an Intelligent Design

The drone, apart from the built-in defibrillator, also has a webcam, microphone and audio equipment. This means a paramedic can give life-saving instructions to bystanders from a remote location while viewing the patient and ascertaining the situation realtime. The drone itself is highly portable and light making it easy to carry from the landing site to the patient. The propellers actually fold back while using the defibrillator so that it does not hinder the defibrillator use. The air ambulance drone comes with labels that can enable anyone to use it efficiently.

The Lifesaving Air Ambulance Drone May Hit the Markets Soon

With the government looking to clear obstacles for civilian air space use, these lifesaving air ambulance drones may soon become a must-have for hospitals around the United States and beyond. The cost too is not prohibitive considering that it is slated to be sold at 15,000 Euros (about $18,800). This would be a small price to pay for saving thousands of lives in “unreachable” circumstances such as lack of transport facilities or traffic jams. This truly international air ambulance drone is capable of achieving a top speed of 60 miles per hour.

Would You Fly in this Air Ambulance used to Ferry Ebola Patients?

The Gulfstream air ambulance that has been used to transport several patients infected with the deadly Ebola virus is fast developing a name for itself. This state-of-the-art air ambulance has carried “Ebola Heros” like Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, the American missionaries who contracted the virus earlier in August. Recently, the air ambulance was again used to carry Nina Pham, the nurse who was caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, the first US Ebola patient. While Pham is now out of danger, Duncan was not as lucky as he succumbed to the killer disease on October 10.

About Gulfstream Air Ambulance that is Now Gaining Legendary Status

From the outset, you will be forgiven to mistake this air ambulance for a luxury aircraft that carries the celebrities. However, the inside of the air ambulance tells a totally different story. Built to accommodate some of the most modern medical equipment, this air ambulance has been designed by the best minds in the medical industry. It also hosts one of the very few Ebola testing facilities that exist today.

How Does the Air Ambulance Ensure Crew Safety?

Ebola is not spread through air. One can contract the disease only if he or she comes in contact with the bodily fluids of the infected person such as blood and other fluids. The air ambulance is designed to completely contain the Ebola suspects and patients in isolation, keeping rest of the crew safe. The crew has a separate area where they can change into “moon suits” before treating the patients inside the containment area. There is even a specially designed toilet exclusively for the patient. The air ambulance is filled with medical equipment with every inch being used in the most efficient manner. The air ambulance is capable of handling the various bodily reactions that Ebola virus is known to trigger.

The Gulfstream air ambulance is owned by Air and is playing a major role in protecting American citizens helping out in Ebola-affected areas around the globe.

Air Ambulance World Sees a New Celebrity Entrant

The Kensington Palace in United Kingdom has recently announced that Prince Williams will soon be a helicopter pilot delivering air ambulance services throughout the country and beyond. The royal who is all but 32 years of age has recently been in the news for all the right reasons. The Prince is believed to be all set for the training which is slated to start coming fall. The place of choice has been Norwich and Middleton airports. It has been speculated that this move has been to ensure that he is close to his infant son, Prince George, and better half, Kate Middleton.

The Prince’s Initiative will Boost the Air Ambulance Sector

Prince Williams is the first of the Royal Family to have been employed by a civilian company. While it has been a tradition to serve the Royal defenses, the current initiative has been a path breaker by the Duke of Cambridge. It is certainly a boost for the air ambulance sector as the move sheds more light on the service. It has been announced that he would not be profiting through this employment and instead would be donating the salary to a charity.

The Royal will Formally Train for Air Ambulance Services

Prince Williams will be training for about 5 months, and as is the tradition with the East Anglo Air Ambulance pilots, he will later seek employment with Bond Air Services. His role will tentatively start somewhere in the spring of 2015. He would begin as a co-pilot but upon commencement of training is expected to qualify to be a helicopter commander. Although this would be his primary occupation, he is expected to balance his work and his duty towards the Queen. The Prince’s experience in the Royal Air Force would definitely come handy in his new job as the air ambulance pilot. He was part of the search and rescue operations, and is believed to have conducted over 150 operations successfully in the past.