Hangar Underway for CanWest’s New Air Ambulance Service

CanWest Air Ambulance will soon have a new hangar to house their aircraft as its construction is well underway. The building alone is expected to be finished by the end of January, after which the air ambulance service will have to make some more additions to complete the hangar.

Construction Began Shortly After Approval of Lease Agreement

Officials from the city of Medicine Hat and CanWest Air Ambulance had a meeting on December 18, during which they approved a lease agreement for the air ambulance. This agreement involves providing CanWest with the permission to develop their hangar space at the airport. The next day, contractors began their work on the site to finish the project as quickly as possible.

Workers on the site have cleared ground for the foundation of the building. They have also put grade beams on the construction site. According to CanWest’s CEO, Jake Fehr, there is currently no issue from their end or from the contractors’ and they should expect to get a new hangar by April 1. They expect to have the walls of the building up by January 25.

New Air Ambulance Service to Replace Integra Air

The province of Alberta awarded CanWest with a contract to provide the Medicine Hat region with air ambulance service and replace Integra Air. Their service extends to several communities in the province such as Calgary and Edmonton.

In December, CanWest narrowed down on a 1.09 acre site to build their hangar at the Medicine Hat Regional Airport. After the walls of the hangar are finished, they expect to complete working on the interiors by February. They also plan to build a taxiway that will connect the hangar to the airport’s runway.

With the lease agreement they have with CanWest, the city of Medicine Hat will be able to generate approximately $18,750 a year in rent payment.

Alberta Woman, Amy, Still Struggling with Air Ambulance Cost to Get her Baby Home

A while back we had reported about Amy Savill who was struggling to pay two air ambulance bills. She had first availed an air ambulance service to deliver her baby after she went into early labor. After the uncomplicated delivery, the question of paying for the next air ambulance flight arose. Her newborn, Amelia, needs to be transported back to Alberta. The baby was born when Amy was vacationing in Ontario. The child now needs an air ambulance that has neonatal intensive care unit facility and this facility does not come cheap.

The Cost of first Air Ambulance Flight was Covered

Amy had gone into labor when she was visiting Ontario and had to be transported via air ambulance to Sudbury from Timmins. This was because the hospital in Timmins did not have level-2 neonatal intensive care unit. Initially, there was some confusion among Ontario and Alberta administrators regarding footing the air ambulance bill. However, they later came together and decided to share the air ambulance cost.

Amy’s Air Ambulance Cost Woes aren’t Done Yet

Amy is now facing the problem of getting her newborn back to Alberta. The flight from Ontario to Alberta will cost roughly about $550,000. Peterborough-based social organization called Global Angel is helping the family raise the funds necessary for air ambulance transport. So far, the total donations have come up to $17,000 only. The family is under immense stress currently, wanting to take the little baby back home in Alberta.

The donations too have started dwindling with the Alberta and Ontario governments covering the initial air ambulance costs. What potential donators have not realized is the fact that the family still needs a lot of funds to get back to Alberta via an air ambulance that has neonatal intensive care unit. Global Angel is making appeals to citizens of United States, England and Canada but help is only trickling in.

Alberta Mom has to Bear Double Medical Flight Costs

Amy Savill, originally from High Prairie, was having a great time vacationing in Ontario this summer with her family, when things suddenly started taking a turn. Amy, an expecting mom, went into labor two months prior to her actual due date. Her worried family wasted no time taking her to a local hospital in Timmins, but were told that the medical facility was not equipped to handle premature births of under 32 weeks. The family was forced to take Amy to Sudbury and were expecting a bill anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000.

The Initial Medical Flight Costs were Less than Expected

It was a welcome relief for Amy Savill when the medical flight bill arrived. Although the bill still ran into a few thousand dollars, Amy reported that it was still less than what she was expecting. She had initially hoped that either the Alberta or Ontario administrations would take care of the medical flight bill, only to be told later that she would have to fend for herself.

Support Poured in for Amy’s Medical Flight Plight

Ontario’s Council of Hospitals came out openly in support of Amy. Eric Newstadt who is a part of the Council said that she should not have been compelled to pay in the first place and no Canadian should. He opined that the medical flight bill was in clear violation of Canada Health Act that ensures portable healthcare within Canadian provinces.

Amy’s Medical Flight Woes are Not Done Yet

Amy is now faced with a new problem. She has to fly her infant girl back home to Alberta. The medical flight is going to cost her $55,000. An Ontario-based group by the name Global Angel has come forward to help Amy by collecting funds for the medical flight. So far, the group has been able to garner $15,000. The last few weeks have been full of anxiety for Amy and her family.