Cornwall Air Ambulance Service Awarded with New Quality Standard

Cornwall Air Ambulance Service has received the prestigious Investing in Volunteers award, a quality standard recognizing the work it’s doing with volunteers. The first Cornwall-based organization to receive this national award is Coastline Housing, Cornwall Air Ambulance being the second. In order to qualify for the award, the charity had to prove its excellence in every aspect of its work with volunteers.

Volunteers Play a Vital Role in the Operations of Cornwall Air Ambulance

According to the air ambulance’s volunteer manager, Jackie Eastwood, the organization refers to their volunteers as their ground crew. This title is well-deserved as the volunteers play a vital role in ensuring that the air ambulance is operational. They enable the air ambulance service to complete 700 life-saving missions every year.

Eastwood also referred to the air ambulance’s volunteers as “the heartbeat” of their charity. She expressed her delight in being recognized for providing these volunteers with an environment where they can thrive.

Different Roles Undertaken by Volunteers at the Air Ambulance Service

Volunteers at Cornwall Air Ambulance play a wide variety of crucial roles. Some of them work in charity shops across the country, ensuring that the charity receives the funding it requires to remain operational. Some volunteers are in charge of collecting money jars and counting them, contributing to the proper funding of the charity.

The charity’s volunteers are also in charge of giving presentations that educate community organizations and schools about the life-saving work carried out by the air ambulance. Some volunteers help in staffing events, while others handle the administrative work at the charity’s headquarters. Even the trustees of the charity are volunteers.

Cornwall Air Ambulance is always on the lookout for people to fill up their volunteer positions. They are currently looking for volunteers for HQ reception, events volunteer, charity shop assistants, jar collectors, speakers for community talks, and count room volunteers.

Wales Air Ambulance Service in Line to Win Charity Awards 2017

Wales Air Ambulance is among the shortlist to win the Charity Awards 2017. The air ambulance service made it to the shortlist because of its efforts in providing quick and advanced medical care to those in need. The Charity Awards made an announcement for their shortlist on 10 May.

About the Charity Awards

The Charity Awards is the longest-running and most renowned award in the charity industry. This year’s judges for the award are an independent panel comprising of leaders in the industry. These leaders have demonstrated outstanding practice in charity, which other organizations should be learning from.

Wales Air Ambulance Service is in line to receive the Charity Awards in the Healthcare and Medical Research category. It is also the only Wales-focused charity to have been shortlisted for the award. There are 10 categories overall. In addition to this, the event will give out the Daniel Phelan Award for Outstanding Achievement and the Overall Award for Excellence.

The winners of the 10 categories and the recipients for the two other awards will be announced on 8 June at the Tower of London grounds. BBC presenter Louise Michin will host the event.

About Wales Air Ambulance Service

Back in 2015, Wales Air Ambulance partnered with NHS Wales to launch a Flying Medics program, securing critical care practitioners and consultants on board their aircraft. As a result of this project, the air ambulance has been able to provide patients with advanced medical treatments.

In the first year of launching this program, the air ambulance administered 150 emergency anesthetics and carried out 47 blood transfusions. Wales Air Ambulance has since been making progress with their in-flight medical service. They even equipped one of their helicopters with an advanced baby incubator to enhance their post-natal patient care.

Nominations Open for Medical Escorts and Air Ambulances Awards

The ITIJ (International Travel and Health Insurance Journal) is gearing up for their 2017 Industry Awards. The award will include categories for medical escort and air ambulance providers. And nominations are now open for all the categories in the award. Air ambulances will be able to submit their nominations to become the Air Ambulance Company of the Year.

Air Ambulance Company Award Open to Fixed-Wing Aircraft Operators

For the Air Ambulance Company of the Year award, nominations are open only for providers who own or operate a fixed-wing aircraft. However, air ambulances that do not have a fixed-wing aircraft still have a chance of being nominated for other categories. They can submit their nomination for the Medical Provider award as long as they offer medical services and are in the industries of travel and health insurance.

New Nomination Process Offers Chance of Recognition for Air Ambulances

With the new nomination process, companies can participate in the awards in order to promote their services. According to ITIJ’s title editor Many Langfield, the ITIJ Industry Awards aim to reward companies that are worthy of recognition yet often fail to get it. By organizing the awards on an annual basis, travel and health insurers as well as their supporting companies get a chance to showcase their importance.

The 2017 ITIJ Industry Awards are scheduled to be presented during the International Travel and Health Insurance Conference. The conference will take place on 9 November in Barcelona, Spain. European Air Ambulance was named the 2016 Air Ambulance Company of the Year. REVA Air Ambulance, AMREF Flying Doctors, and Skyservice Air Ambulance were amongst the finalists in the category.

As for the Medical Provider of the Year award, Jackson Memorial received the honors. Sharp Healthcare and Commercial Medical Escorts were among the finalists in this category.

Winners Announced for Association of Air Ambulances Awards

The Association of Air Ambulances honored notable members, clinicians, and aviators at its annual awards ceremony. The ceremony was held on 14th November at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London. It saw more than 250 people showing up to witness the awards being handed out. During the awards ceremony, 11 awards were handed out to both individuals and teams who made a noteworthy contribution in the world of air ambulance operations.

HIOWAA Receives Air Ambulance Campaign Award

The renowned award ceremony was hosted by Sophie Long, who is a reporter and presenter for BBC News and Rav Wildling, Helicopter Heroes presenter. And they presented the Air Ambulance Campaign Award to Hampshire and Isle of Wright Air Ambulance for their “999 Be a Hero” campaign.

The campaign received an Association of Air Ambulances award because it was geared towards educating young individuals about responding in an emergency. The campaign, designed for children between the ages of 5 and 11, helped in showcasing the importance of air ambulance operations and other emergency services.

Other Air Ambulances and Medical Caregivers Honored at the Ceremony

In addition to the Air Ambulance Campaign Award, other awards handed out were Innovation of the Year, bagged by Devon Air Ambulance. Several individuals were honored during the ceremony with Dr. Mark Wilson from London Air Ambulance being named Doctor of the Year. The Paramedic of the Year was Erica Ley with Essex and Herts Air Ambulance.

Pilot of the Year was Steven Norris, who works for the East Anglican Air Ambulance. The association even handed out a Lifetime Achievement award, which went to Alastair Wilson, who works as a medical director for the East Anglican Air Ambulance. The award was given to him due to the outstanding contributions he has made for UK HEMS charities.

REVA Air Ambulance Wins the Coveted ITIJ Awards 2015

Air ambulance industry insiders have long held that REVA Air Ambulance deserves the ITIJ (International Travel & Health Insurance Journal) award, which has now become a reality. In an award function held in Megaron Athens Concert Hall, the Air Ambulance of the Year award was handed over to REVA. This is the 13th year that the awards have been presented to those companies that have contributed positively and meaningfully to the global health insurance and travel industry. The other finalists were Tyrol Air Ambulance, FAI and ER24. The finalists had been announced earlier this year. The award was sponsored by US San Diego.

REVA Air Ambulance has Been Nominated Before

In fact, REVA air ambulance has been nominated twice before for the award. It was first nominated in the year 2012 but fell short of winning the award. REVA was nominated again last year but fell short of winning the award by a whisker. The year 2015, however, has proved lucky to the air ambulance company and it has finally bagged the award.

REVA is Well Established in the Air Ambulance Industry

The company’s operation spans the US and the Caribbean and is among the largest fixed wing air ambulance service providers in the region. The company prides itself on its extensive service of having conducted over 25,000 missions all over the world. REVA has achieved all this with a 100% safety record, which is highly commendable. The air ambulance service provider has also been bestowed with the AAMS Fixed Wing Award of Excellence. The company also enjoys several recognized accreditations such as:

  • National Accreditation Alliance of Medical Transport Applications
  • ARGUS Gold
  • International Assistance Group
  • The European Aeromedical Institute

REVA is recognized by FAA, CTAIL and is permitted to offer services in eight Caribbean islands, apart from US Treasury Cuban operation authorization.

The award was presented on the 5th of November.

ITIJ Announces Air Ambulance of the Year Award Finalists

It’s that time of the year again when air ambulance companies are honored for their dedication to saving lives. The International Travel and Health Insurance Journal (ITIJ) has recently announced the finalists for the year 2015. There are four frontrunners currently. The award takes into consideration international air ambulance companies; however, only fixed-wing air ambulance service providers are taken into consideration.

The Editor in Chief of ITIJ, Ian Cameron revealed that the competition this year was pretty tough with several international air ambulance companies vying for votes from colleagues as well as industry partners. He also opined that choosing the ultimate winner is going to be a tough choice this year.

The List of ITIJ Air Ambulance of the Year Award Finalists

  • REVA – based in the United States
  • FAI – based in Germany
  • ER24 – based in South Africa
  • Tylor Air Ambulance – based in Austria

It’s worth nothing here that REVA had been nominated in 2012 and again in 2014. Last year, REVA lost the coveted award to AMREF Flying Doctors. However, the air ambulance company seems to be the forerunner this year around.

Venue of the Air Ambulance Awards

Last year, the award ceremony was held in Venice, Italy. This year, the awards would be hosted at the Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall. The event would be streamed via internet this year too. The live streaming would start at 9:30 PM on November 5 of this year and can be viewed at

A Little About ITIJ Air Ambulance Award

ITIJ has been recognizing air ambulance companies since 2002. The finalists are chosen based on factors such as quality of service, innovation and achievements. The finalists are chosen by the subscribers of ITIJ through votes. The ultimate winner is chosen by a distinguished panel of judges who come from the air ambulance industry.