Couple Shows Support for Air Ambulance Services by Raising £7,000

During 2017, a couple in their seventies has raised close to £7,000 to help fund air ambulance services in Oxfordshire. Ray and Janet Dawson have credited their fundraising accomplishment to the generosity of people who dropped their coins in the tin they have prepared for the occasion.

Donations Made to Thames Valley Air Ambulance Services

By the end of the year, the couple from Grove managed to raise funds amounting to £6,958.66. These funds will go to funding the operations of Thames Valley Air Ambulance. The couple went out on a regular basis to raise funds for the charity. They visited places such as Tesco stores, village co-ops, village fetes and fairs, etc. as part of their fundraising effort.

The 76-year-old grandfather, Ray Dawson has expressed his gratitude towards residents of Wantage and Grove as well as the surrounding areas. He also thanked all the shops that have shown support for the couple’s fundraising efforts.

Former Career Inspired Ray Dawson to Begin Raising Funds

Ray Dawson has had a career in emergency services, having served as a driver for fire a private ambulance. He has even served as a driver for a fire engine at the Crowley car works, which is based in Oxford. Having seen their work firsthand, this former career inspired Mr. Dawson to start raising funds for air ambulance services. His wife, Janet then decided to join him in his efforts.

According to Mr. Dawson, he has seen what these emergency services can do to save people’s lives. He also talked about how badly these services require financial support in order to continue their operations. He said that emergency services are what can get people “back to work” and are in vital need of their fundraising efforts.

Midlands Air Ambulance Receives £4,000 to Fund Their Air Ambulance Transport Missions

National Forest Adventure Farm, a popular tourist attraction, has raised thousands of pounds for Midlands Air Ambulance. Workers at the farm have organized several fundraising events to collect more than £4,000 to support the charity’s air ambulance transport missions.

Several Fundraising Events Organized

The farm workers organized several events to help raise funds for the air ambulance charity. In August 2017, guests at the farm were invited to a charity twilight maize maze event, from which they were able to raise £2,425. The event saw over 400 guests, who actively participated in navigating their way around a maize maze of 10 acres. The maize was designed with a pirate theme and took place at dusk.

In addition to the funds raised from this event, there were several other fundraising events that helped raise the amount donated. Some of the funds were collected through collection tins.

Funds to Support Future Air Ambulance Transport Mission

Tom Robinson, director of the National Forest Adventure Farm recently visited the Midlands base in Tatenhill to present the cheque. Paramedics Laura Rogers and Ian Lock were the paramedics who received the cheque on behalf of the charity.

Robinson has expressed their delight to have been able to raise funds for an important charity that’s vital for the community. For 2018, he stated that they have plans to focus their fundraising efforts towards helping the Burton Hospitals Charity, which is their chosen charity for the year.

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity’s fundraising manager, Katie West expressed the charity’s gratitude towards the National Forest Adventure Farm for having raised money to support their air ambulance transport missions. The funds donated by the farm would have a significant positive impact on their operations as they need to spend £2,500 on average for each mission.

724 Free Medical Flights Provided in One Month by Miracle Flights

Miracle Flights, the nation’s leading medical flight charity, has reported that they have carried out 724 free flights during the month of August alone. The charity provides free medical flights to critically ill patients who are in need of specialized medical care at a distant location. The August numbers are a significant increase from the previous year, when the charity carried out 599 flights in August 2016.

30+ Years of Free Medical Transport by Air

Miracle Flights, which is based in Las Vegas, has been providing free medical transport by air since 1985. Their services are mainly focused on patients who have rare, life-threatening conditions. They enable these patients to gain access to life-saving treatments, valuable second opinions, etc. that are not available nearby because their diagnosis is so complicated.

The charity provides patients and families with free plane tickets as often as they need. Over the last 32 years, they have flown in excess of 62 million miles and provided 111,397 medical flights for free. According to the charity’s CEO Mark E. Brown, Miracle Flights was started with the belief that distance shouldn’t be the reason why people cannot gain access to a cure.

Lives Saved Due to Free Medical Flights

With the help of the free flights provided by Miracle Flights, thousands of lives have been saved. An example of one of their patients is Riley, a 16-year-old who lives in Idaho. She suffers from a rare bone marrow condition known as Dyskeratosis Congenita. In 2015, Miracle Flights helped transport Riley to Boston Children’s Hospital, which is 3,000 miles away from her home.

She became the sixth patient to undergo an experimental transplant. Now Riley is a high school junior and is able to get involved in sports such as football, wrestling, and track. She was able to overcome incredible odds due to the charity’s service.

Exeter College Breaks Record with £21000 Raised for Air Ambulance Service

Devon Air Ambulance Trust has received a check worth more than £21,000, which was raised by students and staff at Exeter College. The college has broken a record as this is the most that has ever been raised for a college charity. They also managed to exceed their target to raise funds for their local air ambulance service.

Fundraising Target Exceeded by Exeter College

The staff and students at Exeter College had initially set a goal to raise at least £15,000 for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust. They began their efforts from September 2016, during which the entire college participated in organizing a wide variety of events. They were able to raise funds through the annual Festival of Carols in addition to traditional fundraising activities such as bake sales and fairs.

In addition to this, they also took on cycle challenges and sponsored skydives all in an attempt to help raise funds for their local air ambulance service. The Exeter College Student Representative Committee played a huge role in organizing the fundraising events. The SRC comprises of students who have been elected as representatives of their student body. As a result of their efforts, they have managed to raise a total of £21,313.

Cheque Presented to Air Ambulance Service

The Exeter College student and staff recently presented the cheque to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust. According to the college’s Principal and Chief Execute John Laramy, this achievement proves how students at their college possess outstanding values and qualities. He also mentioned how these students have set a high bar for the next year.

Next year, Exeter College will be raising funds for another charity and has selected Mind as their chosen charity through popular vote. Mind is a charity that provides advice and support for those who are experiencing mental health issues.

Law Firm Receives Charity Partnership Award for Partnering with London’s Air Ambulance Transport

Hogan Lovells, a law firm, has been chosen for the Business Charity Awards under the Charity Partnership, Legal category. The firm’s recognition was a result of their partnership with air ambulance transport charity London’s Air Ambulance. The award recognizes outstanding partnership between a UK-based charity and a company operating in the legal sector.

About their Partnership

Hogan Lovells in 2014 chose London’s Air Ambulance as their local charity of the year. As a result of this decision, the charity was able to purchase a second helicopter, which was highly necessary for their air ambulance transport operations. Although this partnership was only supposed to last for two years, the firm decided to extend it for a third year.

The law firm actively helped London’s Air Ambulance during the search and acquisition of their second helicopter. They carried out all the legal work necessary on a pro-bono basis. They also helped the charity in a worldwide search for a suitable helicopter and provided advice on financing and loans. The charity managed to save more than £77,000 due to this support.

More help for the Air Ambulance Transport

In addition to these efforts, employees at Hogan Lovells also provided huge support in the fundraising efforts for the charity, organizing awareness campaigns and fundraising events. In 2016, they managed to raise £100,000 through a charitable giving program. Some of the events they organized included quiz nights, ballroom dancing contests, and wine tastings. They also sponsored runs and walks as well as absells.

During a period of three years, the Hogan Lovells staff raised £177,517. By acquiring the second helicopter, London’s Air Ambulance was able to reduce their downtime to just five days in one year. So the law firm’s contributions for this charity resulted in them winning the Business Charity Awards under the Charity Partnership, Legal category.

Wales Air Ambulance Service in Line to Win Charity Awards 2017

Wales Air Ambulance is among the shortlist to win the Charity Awards 2017. The air ambulance service made it to the shortlist because of its efforts in providing quick and advanced medical care to those in need. The Charity Awards made an announcement for their shortlist on 10 May.

About the Charity Awards

The Charity Awards is the longest-running and most renowned award in the charity industry. This year’s judges for the award are an independent panel comprising of leaders in the industry. These leaders have demonstrated outstanding practice in charity, which other organizations should be learning from.

Wales Air Ambulance Service is in line to receive the Charity Awards in the Healthcare and Medical Research category. It is also the only Wales-focused charity to have been shortlisted for the award. There are 10 categories overall. In addition to this, the event will give out the Daniel Phelan Award for Outstanding Achievement and the Overall Award for Excellence.

The winners of the 10 categories and the recipients for the two other awards will be announced on 8 June at the Tower of London grounds. BBC presenter Louise Michin will host the event.

About Wales Air Ambulance Service

Back in 2015, Wales Air Ambulance partnered with NHS Wales to launch a Flying Medics program, securing critical care practitioners and consultants on board their aircraft. As a result of this project, the air ambulance has been able to provide patients with advanced medical treatments.

In the first year of launching this program, the air ambulance administered 150 emergency anesthetics and carried out 47 blood transfusions. Wales Air Ambulance has since been making progress with their in-flight medical service. They even equipped one of their helicopters with an advanced baby incubator to enhance their post-natal patient care.

Air Ambulance Receives Freemasons Grant to Buy Vital Medical Flight Equipment

The Hampshire and Isle of Wright Air Ambulance have received a grant of £4,000 from the Hampshire and Isle of Wright Freemasons. This makes the financial support given by the Freemasons to the nation’s air ambulance charities since 2007 a total of £2.1 million. The funds will help the air ambulance in purchasing vital equipment for their medical flight.

Air Ambulance Charity to Purchase Equipment Using the Grant

The grant will help fund the purchase of syringe drivers for the Hampshire and Isle of Wright Air Ambulance. The syringe drivers will help the air ambulance’s Critical Care Team in delivering critical care drugs to patients who are seriously ill. A syringe driver helps medical care providers in continuously administering drugs at a controlled rate to their patients.

The air ambulance’s medical flight team will be able to use the syringe drivers for providing intensive care transfers as well as cardiac support. Syringe drivers are especially crucial in administering anesthesia to patients with critical injuries or serious medical conditions. In these cases, they need to give a continuous infusion of anesthesia, which only a syringe driver can do.

They can also use the syringe drivers to infuse adrenaline for resuscitating cardiac arrest patients. And the equipment also enables medical care teams to transfer patients from one special unit to another while ensuring that they’re stable and asleep.

About the Medical Flight Charity

The Hampshire and Isle of Wright Air Ambulance provide critical care and advanced medical support to residents of the Hampshire and Isle of Wright regions. Since they began their operations back in 2007, the charity has managed to carry out more than 7,000 missions. In many cases, they were the main reason the patient’s life was saved. The charity currently requires more than £9,000 to carry out their life-saving services for a day.

Medical Flight Staff Honored with Award for Saving Man’s Life

Two air ambulance staff members have been recognized with a prestigious award after they helped save the life of a man who suffered a cardiac arrest. Dr. Ali Husain, an air ambulance doctor, and Jenny Conway, a critical care paramedic for a medical flight were presented with the Excellence in Community award from the West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Award to Recognize the Staff’s Role in Saving Cardiac Arrest Patient

The Excellence in Community award was given to the two staff members to recognize their clinical skills as well as all round team work. It was in recognition to their efforts in saving the life of a man in his 40s, who had collapsed at a rugby club in Coventry. The man had been suffering a cardiac arrest. With the crew’s quick-thinking and life-saving action, the man was able to make a good recovery.

The Excellent in Community award is just one of the several excellence awards given out by West Midlands Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust. The air ambulance’s Director of Operations, Richard Clayton, has expressed how proud they are of the medical flight team that received the award.

Medical flight Team’s Access to Critical Care Equipment Helps in Saving Lives

The air ambulance team has been able to provide critical pre-hospital care to patients on-board their aircraft. The doctors and paramedics have access to drugs and equipment to be used for critical care and are normally only available at the hospital emergency. This highly-trained team was able to make use of the necessary equipment to help save the man’s life.

The charity does not receive government funding and survives mainly on donations from the generous public. They have to raise an additional £200,000 every year to ensure that their operations run smoothly.

Car Enthusiast Leaves £500,000 Ferrari to East Anglican Air Ambulance Service

Richard Allen, a car enthusiast has left a 1964 Ferrari 330GT worth £500,000 to the East Anglican Air Ambulance Service. The funds received from the sale of the car will help fund a new hangar for the service’s helicopter. Allen, who died last November at age 78 decided to leave the car to the air ambulance charity in his will as a way to say “Thank You” for saving his friend’s life.

More about Richard

Originally from Suffolk, Richard Allen had been a car dealer and owned the Allen’s Ford chain of dealership. It was during the late 1970s that he bought his first Ferrari and has since grown to love the make so much so that he even became a chairman of the Ferrari Owners’ Club at one point. He regularly competed at the club’s racing series driving his Ferrari 328.

Before his death, many of his cars were auctioned off for the benefit of various charities. The car he now donated to the East Anglican Air Ambulance Service was his most prized Ferrari. He had bought it back in the 1990s in Italy and became closely attached to it. Instead of driving it on the road, he chose to have it displayed at various Ferrari events in the country.

Car to be Sold for Benefit of Air Ambulance Service

Richard Allen decided to leave the car to the East Anglican Air Ambulance in his will. The air ambulance charity will be selling the Ferrari donated by Allen through H&H Classics auctioneers. The auction will take place at the Imperial War Museum, located at Duxford Cambs. Proceeds from the sale will be put towards building a new hangar for the charity’s helicopter. It will also help them in carrying out more life-saving services.

Midlands Celebrates 25 Years of Lifesaving Medical Flight Work

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity has been celebrating 25 years of their lifesaving work throughout the last 12 months. For their celebrations, the charity decided to launch a year-long campaign to raise funds for their operations. The Lye-based organization’s “Air25” campaign has been its most publicly supported charity campaign to date. All the funds raised will go into supporting their medical flight missions.

Charity Events Help Raise Funds for Midlands

The “Air25” campaign included a host of fundraising events such as a birthday garden party, which took place at Hagley Hall and had the Countess of Wessex attending. All of the events during their 25th anniversary year campaign saw more than 42,000 participating. Midlands managed to raise £250,000 in the campaign and will be able to execute 100 medical flight missions using these funds.

Midlands also made a public appeal to their former crews and patients, which helped in making the campaign a success. Some former members of the original “Air5” air ambulance even got in touch to tell their stories and support the charity’s 25th anniversary campaign. The air ambulance charity took the opportunity to highlight their 25 years of lifesaving work across the Midlands. They raised awareness amongst the public about how the charity has impacted people’s lives during those 25 years of operations.

Help from Medical Flight’s Corporate Partners

For their “Air25” corporate partners, Midlands Air Ambulance Charity worked with Midland Expressway. The company supported the charity in their fundraising efforts to help them raise enough funds for carrying out 100 air ambulance missions.

Despite “Air25” being a great success, it served as a reminder for its corporate partner of the need for on-going fundraising to fund the charity’s operations. During their year-long “Air25” campaign, Midlands Air Ambulance carried out missions for more than 2,000 people with each mission costing them £2,500.