Medical Air Transport Helicopter Crashes in Perry County Pennsylvania

The Federal Aviation Administration has released a preliminary report for a helicopter crash that occurred on Saturday, July 1 in Perry County, Missouri. According to their report, the medical air transport helicopter was experiencing engine issues that resulted in the crash.

No serious injuries on passengers

The helicopter, known as KidsFlight 1, was owned by Air Methods Corporation a Colorado-based air ambulance provider. The passengers included the company’s three-man transport team and their 5-year-old patient. They were on their way to transport the patient to St. Louis Children’s Hospital from Cape Girardeau when the helicopter ended up crashing.

The medical air transport helicopter crashed into a soyabean field and rolled over on its right side. The patients did not suffer any serious injuries, according to the county Sheriff Gary Schaaf. Investigators from the FAA immediately began their preliminary investigation the next day and were able to file their preliminary report on Monday, July 3.

More details on the medical air transport helicopter crash

The Air Methods helicopter was a twin-engine MBB/Kawasaki BK 117. The aircraft developed some engine issues mid-flight and had to crash land on a nearby field. The BK 117 helicopters have been involved in 16 other accidents since 1995. Out of these crashes, 6 of them ended up with fatalities.

The hospital’s Critical Care Transport Team has refused to reveal the identities of the flight team that was involved in the crash. According to a post on their Facebook page, they confirmed that it was indeed their team that was involved. They also said that the crew only suffered bumps and bruises and no serious injuries.

The Critical Care team had initially planned to add two new aircrafts – both Airbus EC145 helicopters – to their fleet on Monday. The plans have been currently put on hold.

Three People Killed in an Air Ambulance Service Plane Crash in Texas

Three people have been killed after an air ambulance service plane crashed in Texas. The crash took place around 12:30 AM on April 30. According to the state’s Department of Public Safety, the crash site is located between Interstate 40 highway and Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. There were no survivors in the crash.

No Patients Aboard Crashed Air Ambulance Service Plane

The air ambulance operator, Rico Aviation has issued a statement to confirm that all three who were killed in the crash were crew members. However, they are yet to release the identities of the three crew members. It’s not yet known whether there were any other people on board the plane. Their statement also expressed their grief over the loss of their team members. Rico Aviation has notified the families of respective crew members.

Investigations to Determine Cause of Crash

The single-engine plane crashed soon after takeoff due to undetermined reasons. Although the Amarillo Police Department is yet to release an official statement as of writing this report, it’s expected that the National Transportation Safety Board will immediately start their investigations. The probe will hopefully determine the cause of the crash that killed three air ambulance service crew members.

According to a statement made by Lynn Lunsford of the Federal Aviation Administration, the air ambulance was heading for Clovis in New Mexico. Lunsford also stated that the plane was a single-engine Pilatus PC-12, which was manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft, a Swiss manufacturer.

Despite there being no official cause of crash determined, local reports have speculated that inclement weather may have played a role. Around the time of the crash, areas surrounding the airport experienced wind speed of around 50 miles per hour. This could have resulted in the crash of the air ambulance plane.

North Memorial Air Ambulance Transport Helicopter Crashes; Three in Critical Condition

Three people are experiencing critical injuries after the air ambulance transport helicopter from North Memorial Health Care crashed early on Saturday, 17th September. The crash occurred while the helicopter was on its way to the Alexandria airport. All three injured were crew members of the air ambulance and no patients were on board the flight.

Details of the Crash

Investigations are being carried out to determine the reason for the crash. In the meantime, reports from the National Weather Service showed that there wasn’t any increase in fog that would reduce visibility at the time of the crash. According to a statement made by North Memorial Health Care, the crash occurred at 2:07 AM.

The 911 call received by the Douglas County Sheriff’s office was shortly after 2 AM and cited a possible helicopter crash. The staff at Douglas County Hospital was able to activate their Emergency Response Plan immediately after being notified of the air ambulance transport helicopter crash.

In addition to the deputies from the sheriff’s office and the hospital staff, the Alexandria Fire Department and the Alexandria Police Department also responded. The injured crew members were then transported to the Douglas County Hospital, after which they were moved to the North Memorial Medical Center.

Actions post Air Ambulance Transport Crash

Authorities blocked access to the crash site on Saturday while investigations were being carried out. The crash site is determined to be somewhere east of Lake Winona and near the north of Alexandria Municipal Airport.

North Memorial Health Care has notified both the National Transport Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration about the crash. The National Transport Safety Board has sent out an investigator to begin collecting information to perform its investigations about the crash.

Air Ambulance Transport Crash-Lands in Delhi with Zero Casualties

An air ambulance carrying seven passengers crash-landed in an open field in Delhi, India on 24th May. The passengers included three crew members, a patient suffering from a neurological stroke, and three patients’ attendants. All were rushed to a nearby hospital by first responders with the help of local residents. The air ambulance transport was on its way to Delhi from Patna when it encountered a technical problem that resulted in the need to crash-land.

Details of the Crash

The Beech King Air C-90A was flying over the village of Najafgarh Kair, which is around 10 km from the airport when it experienced an engine failure. Surender Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police in South-West Delhi reported that all passengers were safe. According to witness reports, the plane was descending rapidly and crash-landed in a nearby field. The tires had broken off and the plane skidded for at least 200 meters before it finally stopped.

The air ambulance transport was on its way to transport 42-year-old Virender Rai, a patient suffering from a neurological stroke, to Gurgaon’s Medanta Medicity. The rest of the passengers included Rai’s son and daughter, an in-flight doctor, a pilot, a co-pilot, and a technician. They were all rushed to the nearby Rao Tula Ram Memorial Hospital. A spokesperson for Medanta Medicity also reported that the patient has now been brought in to the hospital and is being looked after by neurologists and experts in critical care in the intensive care wing.

Investigations Underway for Air Ambulance Transport Crash

The final investigation into the crash would be conducted under the Ministry of Civil Aviation by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB). According to Mahesh Sharma, the Minister of State for Civil Aviation, officials from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation have visited the crash site to conduct a probe. Run by Alchemist Airways in Chennai, the air ambulance craft had been purchased in 1989.

Life and Death of Air Ambulance Great – Alan Purwin

September 11 was an unfortunate day for the entire aviation industry. Alan Purwin was killed in the crash on that fateful day onboard a Piper Aerostar. He was on his way to Medellin, Colombia. He had just finished shooting for Tom Cruise’s latest flick Mena. Alan, although a trained pilot was a passenger as another pilot was flying the chopper. The pilot too lost his life in the crash.


Alan Purwin was Involved in Air Ambulance Aid

It was in 1998 that Alan Purwin had set up an air ambulance service for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He had, years later, revealed that he knew nothing about children’s hospital or medical care b ut was moved by the urgency of the need that the hospital had. He found the situation so compelling that he asked on the spot what the hospital needs and ended up providing them with an air ambulance. He had initially given the hospital a Agusta A109 but later upgraded the air ambulance to Sikorsky S-76. This air ambulance had given the hospital the capability to fly long distances.

Alan was Well Known for his Work during Hurricane Katrina

Apart from the air ambulance, perhaps Alan’s most charitable work was when he brought the plight of people in New Orleans before the world. He along with his camera operator JT Alpaugh had set their HD equipment ready to capture the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. He had later distributed the footage to all major news networks at no charge. Many believe that the footage was the reason why New Orleans received the aid and attention that it deserved at that time. This air ambulance legend was born in a family that loved flying. His father too was a pilot. He has been part of shooting blockbusters like The Italian Job, The Transformers, and Pearl Harbor. The air ambulance industry will miss this entrepreneur and aviator with a golden heart.