Midlands Air Ambulance Receives £4,000 to Fund Their Air Ambulance Transport Missions

National Forest Adventure Farm, a popular tourist attraction, has raised thousands of pounds for Midlands Air Ambulance. Workers at the farm have organized several fundraising events to collect more than £4,000 to support the charity’s air ambulance transport missions.

Several Fundraising Events Organized

The farm workers organized several events to help raise funds for the air ambulance charity. In August 2017, guests at the farm were invited to a charity twilight maize maze event, from which they were able to raise £2,425. The event saw over 400 guests, who actively participated in navigating their way around a maize maze of 10 acres. The maize was designed with a pirate theme and took place at dusk.

In addition to the funds raised from this event, there were several other fundraising events that helped raise the amount donated. Some of the funds were collected through collection tins.

Funds to Support Future Air Ambulance Transport Mission

Tom Robinson, director of the National Forest Adventure Farm recently visited the Midlands base in Tatenhill to present the cheque. Paramedics Laura Rogers and Ian Lock were the paramedics who received the cheque on behalf of the charity.

Robinson has expressed their delight to have been able to raise funds for an important charity that’s vital for the community. For 2018, he stated that they have plans to focus their fundraising efforts towards helping the Burton Hospitals Charity, which is their chosen charity for the year.

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity’s fundraising manager, Katie West expressed the charity’s gratitude towards the National Forest Adventure Farm for having raised money to support their air ambulance transport missions. The funds donated by the farm would have a significant positive impact on their operations as they need to spend £2,500 on average for each mission.

Children’s Air Ambulance Service Receives Generation Donation from General Tire

With the support of Micheldever Tyre Services, General Tire has been able to raise £14,000 to support the Children’s Air Ambulance Service. The company has been raising funds for the charity since the past two years, when they formed a partnership.

Fundraising Events Resulted In Current Amount Raised

The current total funds have been raised through the on-going dedication of the MTS network, which is part of the General Tyres independent tyre dealers. The team has undertaken fundraising efforts at individual business sites. Some of the funds were collected through donations made at various General Tire events.

In October, there were two 4×4 driving experiences hosted by General Tire in support of the air ambulance service. Both events were hosted at exceptional off-road centers, which were located in the northern and southern parts of the country. MTS organized the events and saw about 60 independent tyre dealers participating in both of them. After both these events, participants attended a charity fundraising auction and dinner.

Air Ambulance Service Receives Massive Support

Dealers of General Tire were able to provide support to Children’s Air Ambulance by raising more than £1,800. According to MTS trade marketing manager, Lisa Marie Davison, General Tire has been able to host several fundraising activities for Children’s Air Ambulance since their partnership began in 2015.

She also thanked the independent tyre dealers who put in a lot of effort to help raise funds for the charity through various events. National partnership manager for Children’s Air Ambulance, Jo Payne took the time to thank General Tire and MTS as well as the dealers on behalf of the charity for the backing. With the funds raised through their efforts, the charity will be able to continue providing life-saving patient transfer service for critically ill babies and children.

Woman to Take on Dalai Lama Trek to Raise Funds for Air Ambulance Service

A woman has taken on the challenge to complete a trek through the Himalayan foothills in an attempt to honor the memory of her brother, Gerry, whom she lost in a car crash. Her attempt will also help raise funds for the air ambulance service that tried to save her brother’s life following the accident.

A Five-Day Expedition for Essex and Herts Air Ambulance

Nathalie Prodano, a technical coordinator for Barratt Homes, Watford, will begin her expedition on October 26. The Dalai Lama Trekking Challenge involves participants undertaking a daunting trek for 52kms for a period of five days. By taking on this challenge, Nathalie will be raising funds for the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, which played a huge role in trying to save her brother’s life.

The air ambulance service managed to save the life of her niece, Kamiylah. Although they also successfully transported Gerry to the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries after four and a half months. Nathalie has decided to honor his memory by going on a very personal journey, which they would often talk about together.

Attempt to Raise Awareness about the Air Ambulance Service

Nathalie said that in addition to honoring her brother’s memory, her effort is also intended for raising awareness about the life-saving service provided by Essex and Herts Air Ambulance. She explained that the charity continues to save lives despite the high cost of running their operations.

Before Nathalie departs for India, she will also ensure that Kamiylah reunites with the air ambulance team that saved her life. Those who wish to make a contribution to Nathalie for Essex and Herts Air Ambulance can do so through the official website of Virgin Money Giving, where she has set up a fundraising page.

Former Patient Prepares for Marathon to Thank Air Ambulance Service that Saved Her

A woman who has survived a freak fall is preparing to participate in a cycling marathon to help raise funds for the air ambulance service that came to her rescue. Karen Brooke suffered serious brain injuries when she slipped on ice two years ago. Luckily, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance responded immediately and transported her to Leeds General Infirmary for emergency treatment. She now wants to thank the air ambulance that helped save her life.

Karen to Participate in Pedal for Pounds to Support Air Ambulance Service

Karen Brooke had been a keen cyclist before her accident. And now the 51-year-old has signed up for the 8th annual Pedal for Pounds. Pedal for Pounds is a charity bike ride in which participants will have to cycle for 260 miles. The ride will occur on the “Wagner Way”, which starts from Dortmund, Germany and ends at Huddersfield.

Made by Cooper will be sponsoring the event. Pedal for Pounds is part of the joint “Keep It Up” campaign by Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Huddersfield Town Football Club. The campaign was launched in 2009 and has since resulted in more than £1.4 million raised. The funds raised through the campaign are equally split between the air ambulance service charity and the HTAFC’s Academy.

Karen’s Training Ongoing Despite Limited Movement

Karen’s accident caused life-changing injuries and limited her movement. Despite being able to walk only short distances using a stick, she has continued her training for the marathon. She hopes to be able to cover 20-30 miles of the route every day using a tandem that has been provided to her by the community cycling project of Streetbikes.

Streetbikes will also be providing Karen with co-riders for the marathon. She trains every day using her home static bike and trains every week with Streetbikes. She also undergoes swimming and physiotherapy sessions regularly.

Wales Air Ambulance Service Receives Donation from Golf Club

Abersoch Golf Club has donated £3267 to the Wales Air Ambulance Service. The golf club has handed over a cheque to the crew of Wales Air Ambulance to support their operations. The funds were raised by the golf club through a tournament arranged by two club captains. John Brynmor Hughes and Elin Williams visited the crew at their Caernarfon Airport base located in Dinas to present the cheque.

Money Raised through Golf Tournament

The two club captains organized a Charity Golf Open AM, which proved to be successful in raising the funds for Wales Air Ambulance and another charity. The competition was open for both club members and visitors. There were a total of 136 people competing at the charity golf competition. Their collective efforts helped in raising the funds to support the two charities.

In addition to the golf competition, Abersoch Golf Club also organized an auction of promises, which took place in the evening of the competition. As a result of their efforts, the golf club managed to raise a grand total of £6530. The money was then split between two worthy charities –Wales Air Ambulance Service and Bloodwise.

Wales Air Ambulance Service gets a Visit from Two Club Captains

The two captains – John Brynmor Hughes and Elin Williams – paid a visit to the Wales Air Ambulance base to present the cheque. Their terms are coming to an end, so they took it upon themselves to personally hand over the donations to the charity. The cheque was received by the charity’s coordinator Eryl Jones and a paramedic for the air ambulance, Carl Hudson.

The two captains also expressed their gratitude towards everyone who supported their efforts and donated items to be auctioned. They also thanked the people who sponsored the holes on the day of the competition.

Air Ambulance Worker Raises Funds for Devon Air Ambulance Service with 1000 Push-Ups

Jonathan Rundle, an air ambulance worker has successfully completed the challenge of doing 1000 push-ups in one hour. The 54-year-old had been on a career break to build his house back in 2012. He then suffered multiple traumas when he fell through the first floor’s floor joists. He decided to take on the challenge in an attempt to raise funds for the Devon Air Ambulance Service, which helped save his life.

More about the Accident

Jonathan had met with the accident while building his house. It resulted in multiple traumas, fracturing most of his ribs and his skull. He also suffered serious injuries on his left scapula, left clavicle, and thoracic vertebrae. Due to the accident, Jonathan also experienced a collapsed lung, subdural bleeding, haemothorax, and pneumothorax. He was leaking spinal fluid and was experiencing severe blood loss.

Before the Devon Air Ambulance Service arrived, Jonathan was attended to by a Rapid Response vehicle and a land ambulance. He was then airlifted to Derriford Hospital. Jonathan expressed his gratitude towards the air ambulance because it played a huge role in his survival.

Jonathan Pays Back Air Ambulance Service that Saved his Life

Almost five years after the accident, Jonathan is gradually recovering and is now back working for the same air ambulance. He decided that he should start a fundraising event to help the service, which played such a crucial role in saving his life. So he chose to take up a challenge in which he will be completing 1000 push-ups within one hour.

He had initially aimed to raise at least £500 by taking up this challenge. But he managed to surpass his goal even before he started the challenge. As of 9 March, he had managed to raise £908.05 for the Devon Air Ambulance.

10-Year-Old Donates One Year’s Pocket Money to Thank Medical Flight Crew that Saved His Life

Dylan Kneebone, a 10-year-old boy from Cornwall, England has donated his entire year’s pocket money to Cornwall Air Ambulance. Dylan, along with his 6-year-old sister Kyrie, saved up £117.81 from their pocket money and decided to donate it to the medical flight crew that saved Dylan’s life in 2014. Crew members of the air ambulance charity have expressed their gratefulness for the kids’ generosity.

Cornwall Air Ambulance Helped Save Dylan’s Life in 2014

Back in 2014, Dylan had suffered from serious injuries after an accident. A had been run over by a horse box on his neck and chest. In addition to internal bleeding, he was suffering a collapsed lung that needed critical emergency service. That’s when Cornwall Air Ambulance came in with their air ambulance helicopter, which transported the critically injured boy to the nearby Royal Cornwall Hospital.

The helicopter managed to transport Dylan for emergency pediatric care within four minutes. He was then transferred to Bristol Royal Infirmary to receive lifesaving surgery at the specialist children’s unit. Mick McLachlan, one of the medical flight crew members, expressed his delight to see the boy full of energy and running around considering the severity of his injuries two years ago.

Siblings Opt to Help Medical Flight Crew with their Savings

Last year, Dylan had bought a new bike after saving up his pocket money. But this year, he and his sister decided to do something special for the air ambulance charity that helped save the boy’s life. So instead of buying something for themselves, they donated their entire savings to the charity. The donations will be put towards funding the operational costs of the charity, which requires £3 million annually to keep their helicopters flying and saving lives.

London Marathon Runner Shows Support for Air Ambulance Service

Alec Lodge, who ran the Virgin London Marathon, has shown his support for the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust. He took the opportunity to raise funds for the air ambulance service and hopes to do it again for the 2017 London Marathon. He urges his fellow marathon runners to do the same and put in their efforts to raise funds for air ambulance charities.

Reason Behind his Support

Lodge participated in the Virgin London Marathon this year and raised thousands to support the air ambulance charity. The marathon runner spoke up about his decision to support the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust and talked about how the service was responsible for saving the life of his uncle. Back in 2015, Lodge’s uncle was trampled by cows and was in need of immediate medical care.

EHAAT arrived promptly and treated him on scene. Due to the severity of his injuries, he couldn’t be transported immediately so the crew decided to provide him with emergency care. He was then transported to Addenbrookes after several hours. During the 2016 Marathon, which took place in April this year, Lodge was able to raise more than £1,600 for the air ambulance service.

About the EHAAT Air Ambulance Service

The Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust is an air ambulance charity and operates solely on donations from the public. The charity’s fundraising and events administrator, Angela Byrne expressed how thrilled they were to have people supporting them at a prestigious event like the Virgin London Marathon. She also encouraged marathon runners participating in the 2017 London Marathon to raise funds during the event.

Alec Lodge was one of the 16 people from Essex and Hertfordshire who participated in the 2016 London Marathon. He has now urged his fellow participants to help support the air ambulance charity in next year’s event.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service Receives £2,000 from Gliding Club

Wolds Gliding Club has handed over £2,000 in charity funds to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service. The gliding club raised the amount after conducting several fundraisers to support the air ambulance charity. Yorkshire Air Ambulance has received support from the gliding club for two years.

Wolds Gliding Club Organized Multiple Fundraisers

In order to come up with the £2,000 they donated to Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Wolds Gliding Club had to organize several fundraisers. The first was through a two-seater competition that was held in Pocklington. They managed to raise almost £1,400 through this competition.

Annette Bendelow, whose husband is a member of the gliding club, participated in the fundraising efforts by running the York Marathon series. She also ran three 10k races and two half marathons to show her support for the air ambulance service. Annette managed to raise more than £400 through her Just Giving page.

Continued Fundraising Efforts for Air Ambulance Service

Annette Bendelow’s Just Giving page will be having a free draw for everyone who contributed. As a prize for this free draw, Wolds Gliding Club has donated a voucher for a glider flight. As of writing this article, the free draw is still open for all who wish to contribute to support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

In addition to these efforts, Wolds Gliding Club also auctioned and raffled donated prizes to raise the additional funds. Sponsors and donors for the two-seater competition included local businesses such as Alpine Foods, Judson’s Bar, KP Club, and the Gait Inn.

Along with all these and the funds from individual donations from club members and competitors, the club was able to donate £2,000 to David Hebden, a representative of Yorkshire Air Ambulance in Pocklington. The representative visited the Wolds Gliding Club offices to thank the members while collecting the donation.

Truckers Lend a Helping Hand to Lincolnshire Air Ambulance Transport Service

Two truckers from Boston have decided to start their second fundraiser to help out air ambulance transport services in Lincolnshire. This year, their efforts will be for the benefit of the Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Services or LIVES. The two lorry drivers, Paul Smith and Toby Cooley, managed to raise £2,500 the previous year for the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance.

How it all Started

Toby Cooley had suffered a heart attack in November last year and LIVES came to his rescue. He commented that the crew from LIVES is always there to help others in their free time. Being lorry drivers, Toby and his friend Paul witness accidents on a day to day basis. Paul added that there’s no knowing when they’ll need the air ambulance transport service. So they wanted to give more recognition to LIVES and lend a helping hand by starting a fundraiser.

Fundraising to Help an Air Ambulance Transport Service

Toby and Paul will be organizing a rock ‘n’ roll night on 22nd October at the Hubberts Bridge Community Centre. The event starts at 7pm and will also include a disco, auction, buffet, and raffle. The duo have arranged for live musical performances that will showcase the talents of local musicians. Some of the local musicians who will be performing at the event include The Last Chance and Bob Garrett.

In addition to this, the event will also witness appearances by guest stars Russell Oliver, of UK Shipping Wars and Rick Yemm, who stars in Ice Road Truckers. Tickets for the variety fundraising event for LIVES air ambulance will cost £10 for each person and must be bought in advance. Proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards funding the operations of the air ambulance.