Devon Air Ambulance Celebrates 25 Years of Medical Flight Service

Devon Air Ambulance is celebrating its 25th year of service this month. Since it started in 1992, the service has completed close to 25,000 missions, saving tens of thousands of lives. The medical flight service celebrated this huge milestone on September 9 at Topsham with a family day and some emergency displays.

Son’s Death Compelled Founder to Start Medical Flight Service

Devon Air Ambulance was pioneered by Dr. Ann Ralli, who lost her son Ceri Thomas in a car accident on Sidbury Hill. He was only 18 years old then. It took an hour for the ambulance to transport Ceri to the hospital but by that time, it was too late for the doctors to save him. Dr. Ann Ralli then asked one of the doctors if there was anything that might have saved her son. The answer she got was “only an air ambulance”.

Upon further research, she realized that for people in rural areas, it was a huge challenge to transport patients to the hospital during “the golden hour”. This compelled her to start a medical flight service that will provide emergency medical patients with quick and efficient transportation to the hospital so that they can get the lifesaving care they need before it’s too late.

Six Years of Fundraising Helped start Devon Air Ambulance

It took Ann six years to raise enough money so that she could launch the much-needed service. And it cost her around £500,000 to set the service up. Now that Devon Air Ambulance operates two helicopters, the service needs to spend £5.5 million per year in operation and maintenance. The public has helped in funding the cost of maintaining the service, which has proven crucial in saving the lives of thousands of people every year.

New Helicopter to Improve Medical Flight Service of Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance

The new helicopter acquired by Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance is now in service. With the new AgustaWestland 169 (AW169), the air ambulance team expects to provide better medical flight service due to more advanced features.

First AW169 to Provide Medical Flight Service in the UK

The new air ambulance helicopter is the first AW169 to be used in air ambulance operations in the U.K. And it’s a result of several years of development and planning by the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance team.

After an extensive evaluation process the air ambulance providers finally decided on the AW169. It is expected that the new aircraft will enable them to enhance the quality of service they provide to residents in the Dorset and Somerset regions.

New Aircraft Enables Easier Operation and Maintenance

According to Bill Sivewright, Chief Executive of Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, the new helicopter was carefully selected with patient benefit as their top priority. And the capability and flexibility of the AWB169 fully met their criteria, which led to their decision.

The AW169 is also safer and it provides ease of maintenance and operations as a result of the advanced technologies it uses. As for the medical equipment used in the aircraft, it will be as comprehensive as the equipment used in their previous aircraft.

The main difference between the AW169 and the air ambulance’s previous helicopter is the cabin space. Since the new aircraft is more spacious, it’ll enable the critical care team to provide better medical attention and care to patients as they will have complete access to the patient. So even in case the patient needs any medical treatment or intervention en route, they can easily administer it.

Sivewright also said that the air ambulance has always strived for clinical excellence with their medical flight service. And a combination of their critical care team’s expertise along with the advanced capabilities of the new aircraft will enable them to achieve those goals.

New Montana Medical Fight Service Base in the Works for Life Flight Network

Life Flight Network announced on June 29 that they will be opening a new base for their medical flight service helicopters in Bozeman, Montana. The new base is intended to be operational by September 1, 2017. It will be based in the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport and will make it easier for residents in the area to access ICU-level care.

Better Medical Flight Service for Southern Montana Residents

Justin Dillingham, Chief Customer Officer for Life Flight Network has stated that by opening the new base residents of southern Montana and northern Wyoming would be able to access high-quality medical care more quickly. This is crucial especially in time-sensitive situations such as heart attacks, traumatic injuries, strokes, etc.

Life Flight Network currently provides their service to Montana residents from bases in Missoula and Butte. The medical flight service also serves Idaho. Each of their helicopters can respond to incidents located more than 150 miles from the base. This makes high-quality medical care and transport more accessible to patients across the state.

With the opening of a new base in Bozeman, Life Flight will be able to further enhance the quality of service they provide. It will be especially beneficial to patients in southern Montana. The ICU-level care provided by Life Flight will be easier to access for communities like Bozeman, Big Sky, Big Timber, Ennis, Livingston, Ruby Valley, West Yellowstone, and White Sulfur Springs.

Details of the Upcoming Base

The new Bozeman base will house a 119Kx ‘Koala’ helicopter, which is particularly capable of flying in high altitude regions like Montana and handling long distances between hospitals. It will also be able to fly two patients at a time.

The new base will also bring development for the Bozeman region. Each base for Life Flight Network creates approximately 15 new jobs while contributing in excess of $1 million to the local economy annually.

Cornwall Air Ambulance Raises £30,000 through Celebrity Lunch Celebrating 30 Years of Medical Flight Service

This year, Cornwall Air Ambulance celebrates 30 years of medical flight service. It is the oldest air ambulance to be in service in the U.K. The air ambulance charity had an anniversary event back in April, which was attended by former patients and employees. Now Cornwall Air Ambulance has organized a celebrity lunch, which helped them raise more funds for their operations.

A Successful Lunch Attended by Celebrities

To celebrate the air ambulance charity’s 30th year of operations, John Casson, a resident of Cornwall, decided to host a fundraising lunch on 14 June. To attract interest to the event, he invited journalist and talk show host Sir Michael Parkinson.

This helped attract lots of interest to the event and all tickets were soon sold out. The event was attended by 60 guests, who enjoyed a champagne reception and a three-course lunch. During the lunch, they also had an auction to help raise funds for the medical flight service. Sir Michael also had a fun question-and-answer session as other guests enjoyed their lunch.

All in all, the event managed to raise £33,000, which will help fund the operations of Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Medical Flight Service Expresses Gratitude to Sir Michael

James Oxley with Cornwall Air Ambulance expressed the air ambulance’s gratitude to both John Casson and Sir Michael Parkinson, who each made valuable contributions for supporting their service. Every year, they carry out 700 missions during which they provide urgent and critical medical care to those in need.

And since they’re a charity, they have to rely on the generosity of others to maintain their operations. The fundraising lunch helped meet some of the financial needs of the air ambulance. With the funds raised at the event, they will be able to save more lives.

New Helicopter for Maine’s Medical Flight Service

LifeFlight, which provides medical flight service in Maine, has acquired a new helicopter to expand their operations. This is the third helicopter to join the LifeFlight fleet and has enhanced features to ensure better medical care to patients. In addition to these three helicopters, the air ambulance provider also has a fixed-wing aircraft to carry out its operations.

Enhanced Capabilities for Better Medical Flight Service

The new helicopter for LifeFlight is an Agusta 109 and has some advanced features that the older helicopters don’t. Along with improved avionics, it has been equipped with the latest medical equipment that can improve the quality of service they provide.

The new Agusta 109 for LifeFlight has the latest global navigation system. It’s also faster and is powered by a more advanced engine. Additionally, it will be able to carry more weight compared to the two older helicopters. The interiors of the aircraft have been designed specifically to accommodate high quality medical care.

According to LifeFlight’s spokeswoman Melissa Arndt, the new aircraft will enable LifeFlight to carry out hundreds more operations per year. This is crucial since the demand for their medical flight service has increased by 43% within the past four years.

New helicopter Funded by Individual Donations

LifeFlight’s new helicopter costs approximately $6 million. And the air ambulance provider was able to make this purchase from individual donations made by almost 700 people. They unveiled the new helicopter on June 9 at its base in Central Maine Medical Center, Lewiston.

LifeFlight will now carry out their operations using three helicopters and one fixed-wing airplane. The LifeFlight Foundation intends to enhance their service further by replacing the older helicopters. They plan to collect enough funds within the next three years to fund this replacement.

LifeFlight is a nonprofit run by the joint efforts of Central Maine Healthcare Corporation and Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems.

Iowa Couple Starts Nonprofit to Provide Free Medical Flight Service

Doug and Robyn Pralle, two Hampton, Iowa residents, have started a nonprofit to transport people requiring medical treatment without any charge. Named Compassion Flights, the nonprofit medical flight service began their operations in January 2017. Compassion Flights will transport Iowa residents who have to travel a long distance for medical treatments.

Past Experience Inspires Doug

When Doug was younger, he had a good experience of people doing nice things for him and his family as his father received cancer treatment in Chicago. He and his mother even received tickets to a Chicago Cubs game from doctors at the hospital.

From this experience, Doug was inspired to also do something to help people requiring medical treatment. So he decided to provide a free medical flight service to North Iowa residents who need to travel to other states for medical treatment.

Donations Fund Operations for Medical Flight Service

Doug Pralle is a licensed pilot and owns a Cessna 183, which he uses for the Compassion Flights operations. Even before Compassion Flights received nonprofit status, he had flown several people needing medical treatment to hospitals in other states.

Donations fund the operations of the nonprofit. Recently, they had even received a grant of $5000 from the Franklin County Community Foundation. The Pralles will be using these funds to remodel an unoccupied avionics shop just next to the hangar they use. The renovated space will serve as office space for the nonprofit.

The couple works jointly to make the nonprofit operational. While Doug flies the plane, Robyn does the paperwork and handles the applications for flights. Compassion Flights also has a board of directors responsible for choosing whose applications would be approved.

The Pralles intend to enhance their operations further and are currently on the lookout for more pilots and volunteers to be a part of their organization.

Department of Defense Honors Medical Flight Service CEO with Patriot Award

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance’s CEO, Jason Siegert received the Patriot Award under a Department of Defense program. The award was presented by Carol Smetana, a representative of the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve on April 20. Through this award, the medical flight service CEO was recognized as a supervisor who supports service members of the National Guard and Reserve.

More about the Patriot Award

The Patriot Award is given out by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve program under the Department of Defense. The award is an award of recognition for supervisors who show their support for service members of the National Guard and Reserve. In order to qualify for the award, employees or family members of employees who serve in the National Guard or Reserve have to nominate you because of your support for military service.

Employers can show their support through a wide variety of methods such as flexible schedules, granting necessary leaves of absence, time off before and after deployment, etc. And the medical flight service headed by Jason Siegret adopted several of these measures to support their service member employees.

More about the Medical Flight Service CEO

Angel MedFlight’s CEO, Jason Siegret expressed his gratitude for receiving the award. He stated that their company does their best to support every associate, especially those who serve or have served the country. He also mentioned how their efforts were nothing in comparison to the service these people have provided to the country.

Jason has been leading the executive team of Angel MedFlight since 2014, first serving as President. More recently, he became the Chief Executive Officer. Before working with Angel MedFlight, he worked for Health Management Associates as the Director of Operations Finance.

Cornwall Air Ambulance Celebrates 30 Years of Medical Flight Service

On April 6, Cornwall Air Ambulance celebrated 30 years of providing medical flight service. The charity celebrated its anniversary with 200 crew, staff, and volunteers as well as patients who have been served by their air ambulance. The first pilot for Cornwall Air Ambulance, Geoff Newman and the first paramedic, Paul Westaway were also part of the service.

First Medical Flight Service in the U.K

Cornwall Air Ambulance was the first air ambulance provider in the U.K. Since their establishment 30 years ago, they have inspired 20 other providers to save lives through medically-equipped flights. The emergency service receives funding from the residents of Cornwall and completes around 700 missions every year.

Since its launch in 1987, Cornwall Air Ambulance has completed in excess of 26,300 missions. To celebrate their 30th year of service, the charity launched the “30 for 30” campaign to raise funds. The goal of this campaign is to encourage people to participate in fundraising events centered on the number 30. For instance, people could raise funds by going on a 30km run or volunteering for 30 hours.

Cornwall Air Ambulance Continues to Grow

During the anniversary celebration, Geoff Newman and Paul Westaway shared their stories and how they decided to begin the charity. Paul Martin, CEO of the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust, took the time to thank the two men who pioneered a medical flight service in the U.K. Since their launch, the charity has experienced massive growth and intends to further enhance the quality of their service.

Their future growth plans include investing in a next generation aircraft to carry out emergency flights. The charity also aims to provide outstanding emergency care to their patients during the first few hours of the incident, which can be crucial for saving lives.

Ex-Soldier Raises Funds for Medical Flight Service that Saved Friend’s Life

Adam White, a 36-year-old ex-military has raised thousands of pounds to donate to the air ambulance responsible for saving his friend’s life. The funds for the medical flight service were raised through a coast-to-coast run spanning across 300 miles. Adam began his run from St. David’s in Wales and finished in Skegness within a span of two weeks.

Funds for Medical Flight Service that Saved Friend’s Life

Adam decided to raise the funds for the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance, which saved his friend Jamie Broom’s life. 35-year-old Jamie was knocked unconscious when he fell down some stairs in 2016. The air ambulance airlifted him to a hospital, where an emergency surgery had to be performed to remove blood clot in his brain.

The two friends met in 1999 while serving in the British Army. Adam stated that the air ambulance played a crucial role in saving his friend’s life. So he wanted to do something to show his support for the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance. That’s when the Long Eaton resident decided to go on the 300-mile run to collect donations.

Adam’s Run a Success

The ex-serviceman’s decision to go on the 300-mile run helped him gain focus while he’s fighting his battle against PTSD. In addition to raising funds for the medical flight service that saved his friend’s life, the run was intended to inspire people to gain physical and mental health through exercise. Adam successfully raised more than £3,600 through his Just Giving page.

Along with donations through his Just Giving page, Adam has received around £1,400 through separate donations. So in total, he has raised about £5,000 to help the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance with their air ambulance operations. The air ambulance charity’s community fundraiser, Karen Carter has expressed her gratitude towards Adam.

New Kansas Base in the Cards for LifeTeam Medical Flight Service

LifeTeam has expressed their intention to open their sixth air ambulance helicopter base in Kansas. The company is based in Newton and provides medical flight service to those in need. The new base will be located at the Citizens Medical Center in Colby, which is in northwest Kansas. If everything goes as planned, the new base will be opened in early spring.

New Base will House LifeTeam’s New Helicopter

LifeTeam has acquired a new helicopter to add to its fleet. The Bell 407 LongRanger is being turned into an aircraft fit to carry out medical flight service. According to the company’s director of business operations Courtney Bachrodt, the base will function with the help of 15 staff members. They will comprise of several pilots, registered nurses, and paramedics.

Bachrodt also stated that the new Kansas base will operate 24/7, with their services available around the clock. In case of severe weather, the company will be able to house their helicopter at a hanger located in Colby Municipal Airport. LifeTeam chose Colby as their next base because they felt that the area was in dire need of an air ambulance.

Medical Flight Service for Colby Residents

Based on the need of the patients, the service will be able to transport them from Colby to hospitals located in Denver or Wichita. LifeTeam currently has its main base in Newton. Their other bases are in Dodge City, Emporia, Garden City, Hastings, and Hutchinson. Their fixed-wing bases are located in McCook, Neb and Liberal, Garden City.

LifeTeam has also partnered with American Medical Response to provide their services in Austin, Denver, and Hawaii. American Medical Response is a company that provides medical transportation nationwide. With their new base in Kansas, LifeTeam will be able to expand their services further.