Medical Flight Service Celebrates Its 10th Year of Service

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance is celebrating its 10th year of starting its air ambulance operations. During this period, the medical flight service carried out more than 7000 missions, saving patients from life-threatening situations. The charity will be celebrating its tenth anniversary by unveiling a new logo and extending its services to ground-based operations.

New Look for HIWAA

The medical flight service has also decided to reinvent its look by unveiling a new logo to coincide with their tenth anniversary celebrations. The new logo for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance reflects the update in their services, since their air ambulance is now available all day and night throughout the year.

With the update of their service, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance is among the first air ambulance operators to provide their services at night. This new look will reflect on the air ambulance and on their new vehicle dedicated for crucial care. Their critical care team vehicle will begin its operations this week.

According to Alex Lochrane, the charity’s CEO, they wanted their brand identity to keep up with the developments in their service. They wanted to update the original logo so that their new look reflects the charity’s commitment to providing high-quality pre-hospital care and transport throughout the year.

HIWAA to Add New Ground Operations besides Its Medical Flight Service

In addition to their medical transport service via air ambulance, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance will also begin providing ground ambulance service to mark its 10th year of service. The charity is dedicated to providing the highest level of medical care outside of a hospital while transporting patients to dedicated medical facilities. Lochrane also expressed his gratitude to the community, which has enabled them to continue their services in the region.

Capital Air Ambulance to Extend Its Medical Flight Service Globally

The UK-based medical flight service company, Capital Air Ambulance has made an announcement about their intention to provide their services globally. The company will now be able to provide medical and repatriation services globally with the help of their recently-acquired Learjet 45. Capital Air Ambulance acquired the new fixed-wing air ambulance from Rigsby Group’s aeromedical division.

Aircraft to Perform International Missions Immediately

According to Capital Air Ambulance, the aircraft has successfully completed a mission to India and one to the UAE. It will be able to carry out international missions right away. In addition to this new aircraft, the company would also need more manpower to carry out the additional duties resulting from this expansion of service. For this, they now have 40% more staff members than they did in mid-2016 and should be able to provide better medical flight service globally.

Capital Air Ambulance Equipped to Provide International Medical Flight Service

Capital Air Ambulance’s manager, Lisa Humphries has stated that the addition of the Learjet 45 to their air ambulance fleet has helped them achieve a huge milestone. The new aircraft provides them with the ability to expand their reach globally, which is significant for achieving their expansion goals. The acquisition of the new fixed-wing aircraft is in line with the company’s strategy for expansion.

Capital Air Ambulance now carries out its services with five aircrafts in active service. They operate out of two bases in the U.K. Their staff comprises of more than 100 highly-trained medical professionals such as paramedics and doctors. The air ambulance company is also the only operator in Britain to be Eurami-accredited. The company is currently in a position to provide high-quality yet cost-effective aero-medical service within the U.K and to the rest of the world.

New Jet Air Ambulance to be a Game-Changer for Medical Flight Service in New Zealand

Hawkes Bay Air Ambulance in New Zealand announced that they will be commissioning a new Cessna Mustang jet to serve as an air ambulance aircraft for their service. The decision was made in partnership with Skyline Aviation and is expected to be a game-changing move for the medical flight service. The company expects to be able to cut down on flight times and deliver more efficient service with the help of this jet air ambulance.

Reduction in Flight Times with New Jet Air Ambulance

With the help of the Cessna Mustang jet, Hawkes Bay Air Ambulance expects to reduce their flight times by approximately 35%. According to their predictions, they should be able to travel between Napier and Wellington in just over 35 minutes. The distance between Napier and Auckland will be covered in about 40 minutes and Napier to Christchurch will take them about an hour to travel.

Flight Efficiency Expected to Deliver Higher Level of Medical Flight Service

Skyline Aviation’s managing director, Mike Toogood stated that this is a game-changing move for the community. The Mustang will not only be able to cut down on flight time but also on flight costs. And all this would be achieved while enhancing patient safety, comfort, and welfare at a higher level. So overall, it could immensely improve the level of medical flight service provided to people of the region.

The new jet air ambulance can fly up to 21,000 ft and still maintain sea-level cabin pressure. It is expected to be able to operate optimally despite weather and turbulence issues. It is also equipped with synthetic vision and electronically controlled engines as well as safety features that only airliners are equipped with. Now the air ambulance operation will be able to fly patients to specialty medical facilities comfortably and efficiently.

New Cork-Based Medical Flight Service to be Operational by Spring 2017

The Irish Community Rapid Response service is coming up with a new helicopter medical support unit to provide invaluable service to Kerry residents. The medical flight service will be based in Cork and is expected to be operational by spring of 2017. The helicopter will be servicing the regions of Kerry and Munster.

ICRR is Raising Funds to Launch the Unit

The Irish Community Rapid Response was founded in 2009 by John Kearney, who is also the CEO of the service. Kearney says that they still need to raise €1 million in order to launch the helicopter medical support unit, which they describe as a unit for “mobile intensive care”. It will be a challenge to raise such a large amount in just a few months since the service is relying on public funding.

Kearney also stated how the Kerry community is badly in need of a medical flight service. The helicopter will be able to reach the more secluded parts of the region so that residents can get prompt and efficient medical care and attention. The service is intended to complement the existing National Ambulance Service of Ireland and the coast guard helicopters servicing other parts of the country.

An EC 135 Helicopter to Provide Medical Flight Service in Kerry

The ICRR intends to purchase a new EC 135 helicopter to fulfill its requirements for a helicopter medical support unit. The unit will require €2 million annually to operate but the service is currently focusing on the €1 million needed to launch the unit.

As of now the ICRR has more than 100 GPs and five level-4 clinicians. This planned service is intended to provide a whole new level of medical care for the people of the region. Donations are open to the public and you can donate €4 to the service by sending DONATE to 50300.