Air Ambulance Service Suspended in 7 British Columbia Hospitals

Seven hospitals in British Columbia experienced a suspension of their air ambulance service for several days since Friday, 12th August. According to the service provider Helijet, they were informed by Transport Canada that their service wasn’t complying with federal regulations in regards to hospital landing pads. As a result, the provider had to withdraw its services from the seven hospitals located in Vancouver Island and the South Coast.

The Root of the Problem

According to Helijet’s Vice President, Rick Hill, this issue was caused by how officials interpreted the performance standards provided in the manufacturer’s manual. According to this manual, the helicopters used by the company don’t come with the performance capacity required to land at certain helicopter landing pads. These are the helipads classified as H-1 under Transport Canada. These come under the strictest standards as they are surrounded by numerous structures including buildings.

Hill further said that the Helijet helicopters have the performance capacity and this current error is a result of an administrative issue. Helijet looks forward to being able to resume its air ambulance service at the seven hospitals as soon as possible in order to save lives and help those in need.

Helijet Files for Temporary Exemption to Resume its Air Ambulance Service

Helijet appealed with Transport Canada to be able to get temporary exemption and resume its services shortly. Among the seven hospitals currently not being serviced by an air ambulance are B.C. Children’s Hospital, Surrey Memorial Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital, and Nanaimo General.

Although this temporary exemption won’t solve the issue, Helijet plans to address the problem and resolve the issue with Transport Canada along with the helicopter manufacturer, Sikorsky. Officials from the hospitals express their concern about lack of an air ambulance servicing their hospitals but also mentioned how safety shouldn’t be compromised.

Air Ambulance Service in Texas Celebrates Its 40th Year of Service

1976 saw Memorial Hermann Life Flight carrying out its first mission in Texas when Houston was lacking in an official ambulance system. Within just 10 years, the air ambulance service grew to become the nation’s largest civilian air rescue program. This year, Life Flight celebrates its 40th year of service and continues to serve as model air ambulance rescue programs within the U.S.

How the Air Ambulance Service Began

Life Flight started out with one helicopter as a result of efforts made by trauma surgeon and Army veteran Dr. James Duke. Duke saw how Houston was struggling with a proper ambulance program and he wanted to create something that would help increase the survival rates of people suffering from serious injuries. Knowing how military helicopters have been used to save lives on battlefields, he decided to start an air rescue program that would transport critically-injured civilians to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Growth for Life Flight

Since its inception, Life Flight has carried out more than 150,000 missions and has even been portrayed in a few television shows. Its first helicopter had been equipped with lifesaving equipment that fit inside one medical bag. But now, the air ambulance service has expanded its fleet to six helicopters, all of them being a Eurocopter EC-145 twin engine. These helicopters are state-of-the-art with two autopilot systems and two navigation systems each.

The Life Flight helicopters carry out missions within a 150-mile radius of the state medical center. So Life Flight provides its services to residents of Houston, Austin, and Corpus Christi as well as some parts of Louisiana. They have the capability of carrying up to two patients at a time in addition to the crew that comprises of a pilot, a paramedic, and a flight nurse.

Wales Air Ambulance Gets New Air Medical Transport Helicopter

To add to its current fleet, Wales Air Ambulance gets a new helicopter to provide air medical transport service. As the fourth of its fleet, this new helicopter makes the air ambulance operation the biggest in the U.K. During the second week of August, the new helicopter visited Wales Air Ambulance’s North Wales base as part of its familiarization flight.

Operations of the Wales Air Ambulance

Wales Air Ambulance was launched in 2001 and has managed to complete 24,000 flights since then. Although the charity receives no funding from the government, it has been able to carry out its operations smoothly with the help of public donations. On an average, the charity spends £1,500 for each mission and has to raise at least £6 million annually to keep its helicopters flying.

About 120 of the missions they carry out annually across Wales involve farming incidents. These incidents and road accidents tend to be the most critical cases the air medical transport crew has to respond to. With the ability to provide speedy transportation and medical care to patients in remote locations, Wales Air Ambulance proves to be crucial for rural regions like Conwy, Denbighshire, and Gwynedd.

New Air Medical Transport Helicopter to Expand the Fleet

Wales Air Ambulance service currently operates using three Eurocopter EC135 helicopters. These helicopters operate from three different bases – Caernarfon, Llanelli, and Welshpool. With the help of this fleet, the charity has been able to provide quick and efficient transportation to patients in life-threatening conditions or suffering from time-critical illnesses or injuries.

The fourth helicopter was used for training in July and the charity hopes to make it operational for missions by the end of August. It will be based in Cardiff, enabling Wales Air Ambulance to carry out more missions and help save even more lives across the country.

Cyclist Thanks Medical Flight Service that Saved His Life

A cyclist who survived a serious accident in 2009 has been reunited with the medical flight crew that saved his life. 49-year-old Robert Bryan was left with critical injuries including a collapsed lung, broken ribs, scarred heart, and cracked sternum when he fell from his bike and landed on rocks. The crew from the Great North Air Ambulance came to his aid and provided him with immediate medical attention after which they transported him to a hospital.

Details of the Accident

Robert Bryan was cycling through the Errlington Woods in eastern Cleveland with his son, Gary and his nephew, Darran. He rode up a 15ft ramp, which was a part of the cycling route, but ended up falling from his bike. After the medical team from the Great North Air Ambulance arrived on scene, they provided him with essential emergency care and then quickly transported him to James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. He then spent a week in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

Same Medical Flight Service Saved Bryan’s Mother

In addition to saving his life, the same medical flight service also came to the aid of Bryan’s mother in a separate incident where she got hit by a bus. 75-year-old Dorothy Bryan was transported to the hospital with critical injuries to the head and chest as well as pelvis. Although she was discharged after three months of being in the hospital, she sadly died after a week from a stroke and heart attack.

Robert Bryan expressed how thankful he is towards the Great North Air Ambulance because they gave him more time with his family and loved ones. He visited the GNAAS airbase located at Durham Tees Valley Airport, where he met Andy Mawson, the paramedic who treated his mother.

Possible European Expansion for Capital Air Ambulance Service

Capital Air Ambulance has recently announced that it is intending to expand its services into the European market. The air ambulance service, which is part of the Rigby Group’s aviation division, has been taking advantage of changes in the marketplace in the last few months to fuel its growth. Now the service has begun to operate out of a second base within the U.K. Additionally, the Capital Air Ambulance also provides services to transfer patients across Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

Capital Air Ambulance Service and Rigby Group

Two years ago, Capital Air Ambulance joined the Rigby Group. Since then, the air ambulance provider has been considered to exceed all expectations, as quoted by the group’s head of aviation division, Paul Southall. He added that there is a huge opportunity for British-owned air ambulance service providers to challenge its more established European counterparts. The operator will be making significant attempts to take up this opportunity in the coming months.

Growth for Capital Air Ambulance

Since joining the Rigby Group, Capital Air Ambulance has seen several growths especially in the area of resources. For instance, the service has invested in one custom-fitted LearJet 45. It has also added four King Air 200s to its fleet, which now totals to nine. With the LearJet 45, the service will find it much easier to carry out long haul repatriations to far-off countries. In fact, it has already served its purpose for one patient who was injured from a horse-riding accident that took place in Egypt.

With scopes of even more growth, the company continues to strengthen and expand its bases within the U.K. As of now, Capital Air Ambulance has expressed intentions to opening one base in the Europe in the near future.

Air Ambulance Service Receives Support from Craven Arms Brewery

Edward Wood, who runs a brewery in Craven Arms, has decided to show his support to Midlands Air Ambulance. During their 25th anniversary garden party, the air ambulance service will be unveiling a new beer known as Red Rescue, which is intended to help boost their funds. The brewery will be donating 5p for every bottle or pint of they sell over the coming months.

Why Wood Chose Midlands Air Ambulance service

Wood has a very good reason for choosing Midlands Air Ambulance as the charity of the year for the brewery. With help from the air ambulance service, his son Jonathan’s life was saved after a freak cricket-related accident. The flight transported Jonathan from Shrewsbury to Stoke to receive an emergency brain surgery. He was taken straight to the operating theatre, where the doctors proceeded with the life-saving treatment. Jonathan ended up making a full recovery.

Edward Wood has commented that without experiencing such situations, it’s difficult to realize the true value of services like the Midlands Air Ambulance. He also mentioned how the charity operated entirely with the help of donations. Realizing how every penny helps the service, he decided to come up with Red Rescue

About Red Rescue

The brewery came up with a pale ale called Red Rescue, which is a lot different than others of its kind. The 4.2% beer has a unique ruby glow that resulted from a red-colored malt. It’s already selling well across pubs in the West Midlands and in Shropshire.

The Midlands Air Ambulance charity carries out its services across six counties – Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, West Midlands, Worcestershire, and Staffordshire. On an average, the service receives around 2,000 callouts for emergency medical transport by air. Its base is located in Staffordshire at the Tatenhiil Airport.

Air Ambulance News From Around the World

Air ambulance services are always in for some action, regardless of their geo location. A lot of times, they are just there to avoid some serious fatality due to delay in medical care. Here, we bring you some newsworthy rescues that air ambulance flights were involved in.

Air Ambulance Rescue during Geyser Eruption in Iceland

Strokkur geyser in Iceland is a popular tourist attraction. However, recently, it gave out an unexpected and unpleasant surprise to its visitors when it erupted with no warning scalding two young children of a family. Thanks to the local air ambulance service, the children quickly got the medical care and are now safe. The air ambulance transferred them to a hospital in Reykjavik.

Air Ambulance and Seizure of 3-plus Tons of Marijuana

Arizona recently witnessed the largest single-day seizure of marijuana near Tucson. However, catching the culprits alive was crucial for further investigation. Following the leads, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department was able to zero down on a suspect who was suffering from serious heat-related issues in the desert. Air Ambulance was there on time to aid the Department and flew the suspect to the nearby hospital for treatment.

Air Ambulance Participates in Rescue of Troops in UK

About 20 UK military personnel were unfortunately a part of a collision between three troop carriers in Salisbury Plain. It was reported that at least 4 of the personnel involved suffered serious injuries that could change their lives. Air ambulances were again there on time to rescue the injured military men.

Ethiopian Air Ambulance Service Provider Increases Fleet Size

It is hearty to know that the health and rescue capabilities of Ethiopia is improving, especially considering the fact that it is the second most populous country in the African Continent. National Airways, which is a privately run airline, has acquired two new Beech 1900D aircrafts. The organization also runs air ambulance services. It is hoped that the airlines with the motto A Spirit of a Rising Nation stands up to its claims and serves the country’s population.