Children’s Air Ambulance Service Receives Generation Donation from General Tire

With the support of Micheldever Tyre Services, General Tire has been able to raise £14,000 to support the Children’s Air Ambulance Service. The company has been raising funds for the charity since the past two years, when they formed a partnership.

Fundraising Events Resulted In Current Amount Raised

The current total funds have been raised through the on-going dedication of the MTS network, which is part of the General Tyres independent tyre dealers. The team has undertaken fundraising efforts at individual business sites. Some of the funds were collected through donations made at various General Tire events.

In October, there were two 4×4 driving experiences hosted by General Tire in support of the air ambulance service. Both events were hosted at exceptional off-road centers, which were located in the northern and southern parts of the country. MTS organized the events and saw about 60 independent tyre dealers participating in both of them. After both these events, participants attended a charity fundraising auction and dinner.

Air Ambulance Service Receives Massive Support

Dealers of General Tire were able to provide support to Children’s Air Ambulance by raising more than £1,800. According to MTS trade marketing manager, Lisa Marie Davison, General Tire has been able to host several fundraising activities for Children’s Air Ambulance since their partnership began in 2015.

She also thanked the independent tyre dealers who put in a lot of effort to help raise funds for the charity through various events. National partnership manager for Children’s Air Ambulance, Jo Payne took the time to thank General Tire and MTS as well as the dealers on behalf of the charity for the backing. With the funds raised through their efforts, the charity will be able to continue providing life-saving patient transfer service for critically ill babies and children.

Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance to Provide Medical Flight Service in Gothenburg

Residents of Gothenburg, Sweden will now get quality medical flight service with Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance being chosen to serve the region. Under the new contract, Babcock will operate an AW169 helicopter that’s been specially configured for carrying out patient transfers. It will be operating out of a new base that’s been set up in Gothenburg.

Babcock Signs Four-Year Medical Flight Service Contract

Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance will begin their operations in 2018, when the operation transfer from the current in-house provider transfer to them. The new contract is valid for four years and there’s an option to extend it for two years after that. The overall value of this contract is about 45 million USD.

Marius Hansen, Babcock’s managing director has expressed the company’s gratitude for having been chosen to provide critical medical flight service for the residents of Vastra Gotaland County. Under this new agreement, Babcock will be able to extend the coverage they already provide in Sweden. It is also a form of recognition of the reputation they have built for delivering a reliable critical service.

Babcock Prepared to Provide Specialist In-Flight Care

With the new contract, Babcock will be providing critical patient transfer from their new Gothenburg base. This will enable thousands of patients to gain access to quick and safe transport to specialist healthcare centers.

The helicopter will be operated by trained medical staff and has been equipped with high-quality onboard technologies. This will ensure that each patient receives specialist in-flight care that they require.

Babcock has provided helicopter emergency services in different countries including Finland, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. In addition to this, they’ve also carried out operations in Australia and the U.K. The company’s fleet of aircrafts have been able to execute approximately 63,000 missions every year.

Trinity Health Launches Air Ambulance Service to Serve Williston

Williston now has a fixed-wing aircraft providing residents with valuable air ambulance service. Trinity Health has launched NorthStar Criticair Fixed Wing Williston as an extension of their existing service based in Minot. This new service will be filling the void left by the move of ValleyMed’s service to a different area.

Service Became Operational on 13th

The NorthStar Criticair Fixed Wing Williston became available for transporting patients on the 13th of December. The plane is staffed by an experienced and well-trained team comprising of two pilots and two paramedics along with a flight nurse. It is the only air ambulance service operating out of Williston and is expected to be highly beneficial for the region’s residents.

The aircraft is a King Air 90 and is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment that will enable critical care teams to provide the kind of service required by their patients. It has been designed to fly patients who are critically ill or injured to medical facilities that are larger or more specialized. Requests for the service will be made through hospitals in the Williston area. The director of critical care service for Trinity Health, Lorrie Antos has stated that the service will fly patients anywhere they need to go.

24-Hour Air Ambulance Service

The aircraft will be operational for 24 hours a day throughout the week so as to ensure availability of service for patients in need at all hours of the day. It will be even be able to fly patients to hospitals outside of Williams County.

It will be available for transporting both adult and pediatric patients as well as pregnant patients who are in labor. Just like they’ve done with their Minot-based service, Trinity Health has collaborated with Executive Air Taxi Corp. for providing the aircraft along with pilots and maintenance experts.

New Medical Flight Service for Wisconsin Residents

Residents of central Wisconsin will once again be able to gain access to a 24-hour medical flight service as a result of a new agreement formed by Marshfield Clinic Health Systems. The clinic made an announcement on the 12th that they have partnered with Life Link III, which is based out of Minneapolis in Minnesota.

New Base of Medical Flight Service Operations Set Up

Marshfield Medical Center’s medical director, Brian Hernaman has stated that the new base of operations for Life Link has been established in what was once the “Spirit of Marshfield” hangar at St. Joseph’s Hospital. They will be using the existing facility in the campus such as the fuel system facility and the office space.

The medical flight service will be overseeing scene responses in and around the Marshfield campus. It will stretch to the north of Wasau and past Wisconsin Rapids in the south, and extend all the way towards Tomah. With the existing Life Link III base in Rice Lake, the service will basically cover the entire service area of Marshfield Clinic Health Systems.

Life Link III to Use its One-Call System

Life Link III will continue using its one-call system, which involves collaboration with other air ambulance providers and dispatch centers in the county and municipality. The goal would be to dispatch the most appropriate helicopter for each patient in need of transport by air.

They will have operators standing by and taking calls from local EMS to find the closest helicopters to dispatch even if it’s not a Life Link helicopter. So if a Life Link helicopter isn’t going to be able to reach the patient in time, the operator will send the quickest and nearest helicopter to transport the patient. This could save many lives as the service is working towards doing what’s best for the patients.

Cornwall Air Ambulance Service Awarded with New Quality Standard

Cornwall Air Ambulance Service has received the prestigious Investing in Volunteers award, a quality standard recognizing the work it’s doing with volunteers. The first Cornwall-based organization to receive this national award is Coastline Housing, Cornwall Air Ambulance being the second. In order to qualify for the award, the charity had to prove its excellence in every aspect of its work with volunteers.

Volunteers Play a Vital Role in the Operations of Cornwall Air Ambulance

According to the air ambulance’s volunteer manager, Jackie Eastwood, the organization refers to their volunteers as their ground crew. This title is well-deserved as the volunteers play a vital role in ensuring that the air ambulance is operational. They enable the air ambulance service to complete 700 life-saving missions every year.

Eastwood also referred to the air ambulance’s volunteers as “the heartbeat” of their charity. She expressed her delight in being recognized for providing these volunteers with an environment where they can thrive.

Different Roles Undertaken by Volunteers at the Air Ambulance Service

Volunteers at Cornwall Air Ambulance play a wide variety of crucial roles. Some of them work in charity shops across the country, ensuring that the charity receives the funding it requires to remain operational. Some volunteers are in charge of collecting money jars and counting them, contributing to the proper funding of the charity.

The charity’s volunteers are also in charge of giving presentations that educate community organizations and schools about the life-saving work carried out by the air ambulance. Some volunteers help in staffing events, while others handle the administrative work at the charity’s headquarters. Even the trustees of the charity are volunteers.

Cornwall Air Ambulance is always on the lookout for people to fill up their volunteer positions. They are currently looking for volunteers for HQ reception, events volunteer, charity shop assistants, jar collectors, speakers for community talks, and count room volunteers.

Special Designation Awarded to Wellmont’s Air Ambulance Service

Wellmont’s dedicated air ambulance service, WellmontOne Air Transport, has managed to achieve a special designation to recognize the quality of its service. The company has been delivering emergency care and transport in the region for nearly a decade. WellmontOne Air Transport has been provided with full accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems for the next three years.

WellmontOne’s Preparation Paid Off

The air ambulance service has been thoroughly preparing for almost a year. And after making a rigorous, two-day site visit the evaluators have deemed the program worthy of granting full accreditation. The Commission inspected and examined several aspects of WellmontOne’s operations. It also ensured that the service has a dedicated support structure and comprehensive safety services before deciding on granting the service with this status.

The COO and EVP of Wellmont Health System, Eric Deaton has expressed the company’s admiration for WellmontOne’s medical staff and pilot and their relentless commitment. The team has been able to provide exceptional care to patients experiencing medical conditions that are potentially life-threatening.

Thorough Inspection of Air Ambulance Service

During their on-site visit, the evaluators carefully reviewed the aviation and safety processes of WellmontOne as well as its quality assurance. They inspected the way they stock their supplies in the helicopter, ensuring that the helicopter is fully equipped with all the medication and critical care equipment required for providing patient care.

The evaluators also found it crucial to analyze the quality improvement standards of WellmontOne. According to the director of flight services for WellmontOne, Anita Perry, a major strength is the kind of support provided for the program by top administrators in the health system.

The base for WellmontOne is at Bristol Motor Speedway. The program has catered to the emergency service requirements of residents in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee since 2008.

REACH Air Medical Services to Discontinue Helicopter Services from North Bend Air Station

REACH Air Medical Services have decided to discontinue their emergency helicopter service from their North Bend Air Station this month. The North Bend Air Station was once used for both their airplane and helicopter emergency transportation services. Starting this month, it will only be providing airplane services.

Shift in Location for Helicopter Air Medical Services

However, this doesn’t mean that REACH will no longer be providing their helicopter service for residents in Coos County. Instead, they will be moving their helicopter services to Roseburg. According to Anna Blair, vice president of business for REACH, they’ve found it inconvenient to combine their airplane and helicopter service in one location.

Now with a dedicated helicopter team located in Roseburg, REACH will be providing a 24-hour service to residents in the surrounding regions. This includes not only the Coos County area but also Bay Area Hospital. The previous helicopter service operating out of North Bend wasn’t available for 24 hours a day.

REACH Expects to Deliver Better Service

With this change from North Bend to Roseburg, REACH Air Medical Services hopes to be able to deliver better service. According to Blair, this change results in more available membership coverage. This will enable them to be in the position to save more lives in the long run.

In the recent months, their emergency coverage in the southern Oregon region has significantly improved as well. In addition to providing emergency helicopter transport services, REACH also takes upon organ transports.

REACH’s sister company, Cal-Ore Life Flight is also expected to open up a new air station in Brookings this month. This new station will have a Bell 407 helicopter operating out of it. And for the first time, there will be a dedicated helicopter emergency service for Curry County.

New Landing Site Makes Night Flights Possible for Devon Air Ambulance Service

Devon Air Ambulance joins the growing list of air ambulance service providers who are extending their services to provide night flights. A new community landing site has been prepared at the Broadclyst Recreation Field, so that the service’s helicopter will be able to land safely at night.

Lighting Installed at New Landing Site

The new landing site at the Recreation Field has been fitted with lighting that will facilitate emergency night operations for the air ambulance service. The lighting will be remotely operated by the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services. Broadclyst Parish Council will be looking after the new landing facility.

A part of the funding for this new facility has been covered by the Parishes Together Fund, run by the Devon County Council and the East Devon District Council. Devon Air Ambulance also received funding from fines through the Bank Libor. These banking fines were able to cover part of the funding for the facility as well.

Essential Night Time Air Ambulance Service for Broadclyst

According to statements from a member of the decision making panel of the Parishes Together Fund, the floodlit landing site will ensure that paramedics can safely reach the heart of the Broadclyst community and deliver crucial medical transport service even at night. The panel has expressed their excitement to provide the project with necessary funding.

Devon Air Ambulance’s Community Landing Sites Officer, Toby Russell expressed the team’s delight for the night landing site, which is now operational. The air ambulance crew will be able to provide emergency service till midnight every day. They also expect to provide their services for longer when they further extend their operations in the future.

Since the project has received sufficient funding from Libor bank fines and the Parish Together Fund, it has been nearly cost-neutral for the community.

Three New Medical Flight Helicopters Added to Mercy Flight Fleet

Mercy Flight will be able to enhance the quality of their service after upgrading their fleet with three new medical flight helicopters from Bell. The medical care provider will also benefit from the approval it received from Washington to operate under bad weather using instrument flight rules. These three new helicopters will be replacing the older helicopters they’re currently using.

New Helicopters to Replace Older Medical Flight Helicopters

Mercy Flight currently operates four older helicopters, which are getting costly to maintain. The three new helicopters will eventually replace these older choppers. Mercy Flight had to borrow $23 million to purchase these new helicopters. The first one is expected to begin operating in late spring of 2018.

The new helicopters purchased by Mercy Flight can fly faster than the older ones. Their vibration is also milder, which will be more comfortable for patients. The new models are fully equipped to provide the same level of care as provided in emergency rooms. The crew will be able to give blood transfusions to not just one but two patients at a time.

As a result of this high-end equipment and upgraded machinery, the new helicopters will be able to help the Mercy Fight crew in saving more lives. The medical flight crew will be able to ensure that patients have a better chance of survival, as well as prep them for surgery immediately after their arrival at a hospital.

Combination of High-End Helicopters and Skilled Crew to Save More Lives

Mercy Flight helicopters are operated by a team of highly-skilled medical crew. A combination of their expertise and the high-end helicopter functionality is expected to be highly beneficial for patients. Since the crew will now be able to administer blood transfusions to more than one person at a time, they won’t have to decide which patient to prioritize.

Safer Landing for Air Ambulances Due to Donation from the HELP Appeal

Air ambulances in Yorkshire will now be able to extend their flying hours and benefit critically ill or injured patients in the region thanks to a significant donation made by the HELP Appeal. The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust received £123,000 from the Helicopter Emergency Landing Pads Appeal.

Funds to be Used for Equipping Leeds General Infirmary Helideck

The funds received from the HELP Appeal will be used to equip the Leeds General Infirmary helideck with critical lighting equipment and fire fighting equipment. This will enable air ambulances to land here much later into the evening and transport patients to and from the Leeds Major Trauma Center.

This will enable the center’s medical staff to quickly intervene and save the lives of seriously ill or injured patients. Leeds Major Trauma Center is among England’s 22 major trauma center that provide round-the-clock medical care. Their service extends to adults located in the West Yorkshire region and children from other regions.

HELP’s Donation Enables Air Ambulances to Save More Lives

The Helicopter Emergency Landing Pads Appeal is a national charity, which was set up with the main purpose of funding new or upgraded equipment for Major Trauma Centres and enable night landing. According to the charity’s chief executive, Robert Bertram, people can suffer from illnesses and injuries at any time – regardless of whether it’s night or day.

And with winter coming, there’s less daylight for air ambulance helicopters to make safe landings at hospital helipads. With the new lighting equipment they’ve funded, the Leeds General Infirmary will be able to solve this problem and enable helicopters to land on their helipad even at night.

Along with the state-of-the-art lighting equipment, the funds will help provide for a static fire-fighting system. This equipment will make it easier to extinguish fires efficiently.